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Poetry, Anticipation, and Information

I’m currently reading Lean Days by Steve McOrmand (a poetry book I found for free thanks to the Free Table at DIY Fest), and I found this amazing poem that I’d like to share with you:

Departure sensitive (for Janet)

These days, each window casts a rhombus of sunlight on the floor, brightens, dims, then brightens again, glowing like tungsten.

Love’s horrible. All you can think about is fucking that person. Or you catastrophise. The future’s an unreleased Russian film, storms of Stalin and wheatfields, wheatfields flattened under books. Worst case scenarios when you’re conspicuous by your absence.

You asked last night, ‘Are you fearless?’ I was trying to seduce you to stay and I laughed, ‘I am full of fear.’

Do you know your hands flit and rest a moment on my shoulders and I can’t think of pain and a time after pain? Only now and now – no, I’m lying. I’m a chipmunk filling his cheeks for the long winter ahead. I store you up in my memory, in my mouth and skin, in case things don’t work and I’m cold, starving.

It took a tall drunk guy in a blue dress to tell me I have great lips. It took you to show me who they were made for. You came and you said, ‘I am for you, for now.’ You came and said, “I will be everything you asked for, and else, and more.’

Today, lying on my back, I’ve decided I will be fearless. So the future’s a Russian flick. I will not go to see it. The window’s open. This wind that licks my skin and runs its fingers through my hair is warm without a hint of winter. And if I get up and go to the window…Yes. (31)

So amazing. That’s all I can say about that.


I played the baritone sax with a trombone part in the Jazz Band class. What a fun instrument. All saxes are all built the same, it just takes a different embouchure to get it to work. I officially have a schedule now, which is nice. I know where I’m supposed to be, rather than following Courtney around or having to run all the way back up to 2nd floor and finding out from my work partner.

Speaking of work partners, tonight is the Katima-Welcome Party. It started snowing halfway throughout the day, so it seems highly unlikely that anyone will show up, but then again, it IS the Prairies and they are probably used to the snow. We got enough fresh baked bread, home-made tortilla chips and salsa and vegan muffins to feed the town.


We placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of the raging snow that was outside. 4 people showed up: 2 billet families. One of the families works at Oak Hammond Marsh, and we were invited to participate in a Swimwear Fashion Show on Sunday, featuring the Parrot Club of Winnipeg (there are going to be a lot of parrots at this fashion show/summer party thing. I think I may have to rock one as an accessory, like Jennifer Love Hewitt did). I’m going to be wearing a surfer wet-skins outfit, and 2 different types of board shorts. There will be pictures.


Today I played an alto sax in band, got invited to help out the Senior Choir, and bought a portable, roll-able piano! You better believe I’m excited to get it tomorrow! I’ll get someone to take pictures or record a video of me playing it, because IT IS AWESOME. *ahem* I also went swimming with the Special Ed. kids today. It was so much fun! I got to play ball, tag, and float around the pool for an hour. Afterwards I took 10 minutes to myself in the sauna. It was glorious.

When we returned to the school, we discovered that someone had smeared their own feces on the walls of a boys bathroom. This incident happened last week when someone did the same thing in a girls washroom. In order to find the culprit, there will be a lock-down on the bathrooms during breaks. Loks like people are going to have to hold it until lunch or the end of the school day. This all reminds me of Woodingford a little, only more messy. Should be an interesting next couple of days.

Now it’s time for…

21-40 Things About Me:

21. I’m blunt to a fault sometimes. I’ve gotten better at not being that way though. Living with 10 other people cures you of that habit quickly.

22. I would take an one-on-one interview over a group interview any day.

23. Lucky Charms cereal is so good. I think the love for the super-sugary cereals comes from not having those cereals when I was a child. I was also deprived of Sodalicious, Fruit By The Foot, and other fun-time treats that would get traded over elementary lunches. 

24. I’m a sucker for Major 7th chords.

25. I find it easy to predict a chord progression of a song.

26. I enjoy lazy male vocals and female vocals with vibratos. I can”t understand what’s being said in screamo songs. Can anyone?

27. I have never had a pen explode on me and make an embarrassing stain on my pants or shirt.

28. I don’t have much of a problem walking around the house in my underwear, unless there are guests in the house.

29. Every time I watch the movie Amélie, I always find something I missed the previous times I watched it.

30. I prefer form fitting or tight yet comfortable clothes over loose clothing any day.

31. I don’t care much for beer. Everything else alcoholic is great, and I’ll force down a beer if I have to, but I will never ask for one.

32. I love Easter chocolate. It’s my most favourite time of year because the weather is warm and the chocolate is cheap and delicious. (As I write this, I am eating a Rolo Egg. It’s pretty delectable.)

33. I am a mouth breather, according to my friend/model/dental hygienist.

34. I will defend friends if they are being put down behind their backs.

35. I read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings when I was 10. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the movie. Although, I do think I would enjoy watching the Hobbit. Bilbo… Bilbo Baggins… only three feet tall…

36. I love it when I start singing a song and then someone in the house will finish it and vice versa.

37. However, I find it annoying when people who are not performing with me start trying to add in bad harmonies or vocal acrobatics in the middle of my songs. You have to start at the beginning of a song and build up to it, not just jump in there and add in whatever you want.

38. I’m a nerd. But I didn’t take programming in high school or university, so I don’t know how to hack into your computer, or physically put together your hard drive. But I can fix your computer in other ways. I’m handy with printers and photo-copiers as well.

39. I think the Microsoft Office Assistants are annoying. I don’t want to see you pop out and ask me, “Oh, it looks like you’re writing a letter! Want me to help you with that?”. No, thank you. I’m capable of doing it myself.

40. The greatest compliments I have ever received were after my performances. People would come up to me and say, “Thank you, your songs made me feel like this, or made me think of a time in my life.” I love knowing that the music that I play makes others feel good.


    Something about other people and 1-20 things about me

    Sometimes the actions of other people astound me.  For example, just now, I found a book cover that my room-mate made  himself and decorated with stuff about sex rights.  On the front it says “Write for yourself, write for change”.  My room-mate is not the greatest writer in the world.  He always writes quotes that are about peace, love, acceptance, etc. and it comes across as promoting his stereotype.  My quotes are at least funny sometimes.  His hippie-ness skews his writing (and he spells the word “hippie” as “hippy”).  I learned that he plans on writing “random things that he believes in” in his book.  We’ll see where that goes.

    I was reading through a blog and I found the customary blog meme “100 Things About Me”.  It reminded of me when I did that same meme a long time ago.  Too bad I can’t find it now, it would have been really interesting to compare the two.  Since this quiz has not graced the pages of this blog, I present to you my 100 Things About Me (Questions 1-20):

    1. I don’t doodle or draw all over things.  Right now, I’m using a laptop that my room-mate used to own (he was going to toss it out because the monitor didn’t work.  I fixed it by attaching a monitor cord to it) and he doodled all over the keyboard with sharpie.  I find doodling all over something makes it more ugly.
    2. I am spontaneous sometimes.  Not in the “Let’s pack our bags right now and go on a trip to Cuba for a week” spontaneous, but in the “I saw something that was so you that I just have to tell you about it and I haven’t talked to you in a while” kind of way.  I found a book sitting in the bookshelf a few seconds ago and it was Oscar Wilde’s classic The Picture of Dorian Gray.  I called Mik (who loves the book to death) to tell him that I found a copy and thought of him.  That, and to say hi.
    3. Poetry books are my guilty pleasure.  Some people have Nick Carter, others have watching bad soap operas, some may even have reading Perez Hilton (not guilty) at work, but mine is well written poetry.
    4. I am on a never-ending quest to create a wardrobe of my own that has clothes that are unique, interesting, and, of course, fashionable.
    5. Sad novels, movies, and pictures can make me tear up, but have never pushed me to crying.  Music, on the other hand, can and did, twice.
    6. If I am performing a song in public, I always make sure that I know the words the song.  There isn’t anything more embarrassing than forgetting the words to a song in front of an audience.
    7. I want to try para-sailing.
    8. If my skin was clearer, I would be insanely confident all the time.
    9. I enjoy all types of music.  I used to say that exact phrase and add in, “except honky-tonk country music”.  But then that wouldn’t be true, would it? Being here in the Prairies has allowed me to enjoy it a little.
    10. It irks me to see things spelled wrong (see earlier in the post with hippy and hippie).
    11. As I help out high-school students with their school work, I realize that their work isn’t so bad and it can be done relatively quickly if you just focus.  Why it took me two years of University and Katimavik for me to figure that out, I do not know.
    12. I yawn a lot.  When I think about yawning, or someone mentions it, it happens.  You aren’t boring me, I’m just lacking oxygen.
    13. My hands are almost always cold.  Cold hands, warm heart, my mother used to say.
    14. I was born 4 months pre-mature.  I should of been born in March, but I had other plans.
    15. Religion is fascinating to me, but I do not follow a certain one (unless Tolerance is a religion now).
    16. I know that I will inevitably become a full-time musician one day.  It is just a matter of when I have enough money to support myself while pursuing my dream.  For now though, I will be a gerontologist which is I love as well.
    17. I have seen sides of people that very few other people get to see.  I am easy to open up to and trust.  I keep confidentiality.
    18. I leave messages on phones and I am not very fond of texting (something that my parents have beat into me because texting is expensive, and words alone can be so impersonal and misinterpreted).  I would rather hear or see a person face-to-face than exchange pleasantries over the Internet.
    19. When I eat chocolate, I have to remind myself to savour the chocolate and not just bite down and finish it in 2 seconds.
    20. Sometimes I will write little witty notes on tests that I mark.  For instance, on a psych test I marked on Friday, a student wrote, “I don’t know, lol!”.  I wrote underneath, “lol, don’t write that.  It is bad form.  kthx.”

    Et voila.  1-20 Things About Me.  The rest of the meme will follow in other posts.

    Gerund Thing in 777 words

    I haven’t done an -ing thing in a while, so here goes:


    Lucerne Tin Lizzie Cheesecake ice cream. It cost me $4 to buy a 2 L box, and it actually tastes like cheesecake with caramel swirls and chunks of toffee in it. Looks like cheap ice cream can be good ice cream after all.


    Courtney brought home Lamontagne Chocolate from SCI where they are doing a fundraiser (as is every school in Stonewall), and I can’t help buying it. I’m a sucker for fund-raising chocolate. Sure it costs $3, but it is very good quality chocolate and the quantity is never quite enough, which makes you want more. It comes in a multitude of flavors and varieties: chocolate covered almonds, cashews, caramels, and mints, as well as almond and caramel bars.

    My parents can testify to the fact that I ate more fund-raising chocolate than I ever sold. I used to bowl in a league when I was 7, until I was 15. Every year the league would try to raise money with chocolate drives. One year I ate the chocolate without paying it and had to pay for it after. My parental units were pretty upset about that. After that, they wrote a cheque to the league each year to avoid the hassle of walking door-to-door or selling it at work. I ate the chocolate without consequence.


    Chick lit. The selection of reading material in the Katima-house ranges from garage sale finds to bibles to trash magazines. I just finished Summer Sisters by Judy Bloom (a classic about vaginas vaginae) and I’m almost done Table for Five by Susan Wiggs. I also read an old issue of bitch magazine yesterday and I was interested by one article. It was about gay and lesbian teenagers who had come out in their high-schools and how the rest of the student body dealt with it. Coincidentally, Dan Savage’s column this week is about just that. Gay minds think alike?

    When I was in high-school, I knew of one “out” guy and a bunch of bi-sexual people. It’s funny how they were all in drama class with me. I considered myself bi-sexual when I was in high-school because I could see myself getting married to a woman but being sexually attracted to men. Not only that, I was uncomfortable with coming out in such a toxic environment. Since Grade 7 I was being called a fag in the hallways or being made fun of because I was effeminate. I didn’t start dating until University because I knew that the people there wouldn’t give a damn about who I found attractive or whether I wasn’t acting butch all the time. My first date was with a guy. We went shopping at the mall. It felt right to be walking around with him because I finally knew that I was comfortable with myself and that other people were too. I’m really lucky because my whole family is comfortable with my sexuality as well. Now that I am volunteering in a high-school for the next 3 months, it is going to be really interesting to see how the environment has changed and how I have changed as well.

    Tomorrow we are going to the Do It Yourself Festival in Winnipeg. There are loads of things to do and I will definitely write about it when we get back. As for tonight, we are making sushi for dinner. Earlier in the day we made a couscous salad with roasted vegetables and a sun-dried tomato pesto. Katimavik food doesn’t have to be boring.

    Because of free time tonight (and the fact that no one wants to see Alvin and the Chipmunks), the group is heading to the only bar (I think) in town: The Rock. I’m curious to see what it will be like. Probably a mix between a sad attempt at a dance club, a neighbourhood bar, and a place for guys to sit and watch the game. Should be a seedy, hole-in-the-wall, fun time for everyone!

    P.S. I have quite a few people from Seattle on my blogroll. From what they write, it sounds like a really nice place to live in, even though it rains a lot. I think I’d like to go there someday and see what all of the fuss is about. I’ve never really explored the U.S. (except for the mandatory Florida trip, Maine and Lake Acid Placid), and I have not been to New York, LA, or San Fransisco. I suppose I can chalk that up to living in Central Canada. Someday I will trek through the United States with my friends, road-trip style.


    Sleeping alone in my room AND slowly affecting someone’s health? Score one for Edward.

    I was awake at 3:19 this morning.  But it wasn’t because of my room-mate.  It was because of my coughing.  So I walked upstairs and got my trusty bottle of Robitussin and downed two teaspoons (I bought Nyquil by the request of Dr. Jeffrey).  My room-mate has migrated to the moldy storage room, which is a pretty sweet arrangement if you ask me.  Not only am I alone in my room now, but my room-mate will slowly be growing spores in his lungs as he sleeps.  It’s a win-win situation.  Now that the Snoring Saga is officially over (until next week when the group moves to Manitoba), here are some -ing things:


    Matrix Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner.  One good thing about Katimavik is that when you live in a group of 11, you can use other people’s products and test them out on yourself.  Reaching back in my memory to days when I was a cosmetician in Shoppers, Biolage cost approximately $19.  That’s pricey for shampoo, but now I understand why.  These products are very good quality and they make my hair feel like I just had a wash at the salon.  Love it.


    Hey Rosetta!The Shins and The Ditty Bops (not to be confused with The Doodlebops) are all fantastic.  Very indie.  Very awesome.  Go listen to their stuff right now! That’s another great thing about Katimavik.  Not only do you get to share hair products, you also get to share music.


    This persistent cough needs to die a horrible death.  I’m talking pushed into a ditch and shot horrible.  I’ve been taking drugs and drinking liquids for almost a week now and it still won’t die.  If it persists until the end of this week I’m going back to the doctor.  This is a shitty thing about Katimavik.  One person gets sick, then it spreads faster than a drunk college girl living in a dorm with mono.

    Tonight the group is going to the YMCA for our physical activity.  I haven’t used a machine to work out in 2 months.  We will see if all of the push-ups and sit-ups I have been doing since New Years have made me stronger.


    “Beggars can’t be choosers, but I’m begging and choosing.”

    The title of this post today is brought to you by Courtney.  During our workshop tonight, Katie had brought out a bunch of Lindor chocolate balls.  Courtney had selected a blue ball, which means dark chocolate in the world of Lindor.  She doesn’t like dark chocolate, so she decided to trade it and said the previously mentioned quote.  Now for some -ing things. 


    Windows Vista to Mac OS X.  After reading a lot of reviews and looking at what each OS has to offer, I feel that Mac OS X is more my style.  It’s more multimedia friendly and pretty.  I’m not looking for a computer that I’ll whip out at board meetings and make extremely extravagant presentations with.  I’m just looking for a fun computer that will not freak out when I have multiple applications running and crash while doing so.  Before I become committed to Mac though, I’m going to do a laptop comparison with a MacBook and some crazy expensive Dell computer I read about in Men’s Health Magazine (Taiger buys them… I laugh because it’s like Cosmo for guys.  Only straight and worrying about whether they can please their women or not).  I’ll write another comparison once the stats are in.


    A pair of black framed sunglasses that look awesome and are around $10.  I also want new glasses, but that will have to wait until after Katimavik.  I’m thinking of using a website that was recommended by called Glassy Eyes.  They have frames for $40 – $80, which makes me happy.  If all else fails, I’ll just go with my parental units to Costco (because they love Costco almost as much as they love me). 


    Dallas Green’s Bring Me All Your Love album.  He has stepped away from coining his own sound in every song and instead created some variety (the very opposite thing made me end up dislike Coldplay’s X&Y album).  The good thing about making your own niche in the music world is that everyone knows that it’s your band or you when the radio plays your song (for example, anytime you hear an echo guitar intro, you know that it’s U2).  Whenever I hear a Two Hours Traffic song, I think of Katimavik and the fun times that we all had.  I have a feeling that there’s going to be a Katima-album at the end of the program.  Maybe I should start that project when it gets to that point.


    Sex and the City.  Lu and I watched the whole second season and a part of the third season over the week when we managed the house.  Perhaps that’s why I want to be so fashionable now… or maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted to be fashionable and I’m finally doing something about it.  In any case, Sex and the City is fantastic.  I remember watching episodes at Banana Republic dinner parties, sitting around drinking wine and eating desserts.  I can’t wait to go back to Mississauga and have fabulous parties and be social and out of the Katima-bubble.  It’s funny, I never got into the shows that were popular when I was a teenager, but now I love them.  Friends, Seinfeld, Sex and the City… all great shows but I did not have the desire to watch them then.  Now that they’re out in boxed sets, I guess I can sastify that craving.

    Today I worked at Radisson Centre with Éli.  It was a really lazy day.  All I did today is feed a client and help do research on the sinking of the Titanic and coral. 

    Hopefully tomorrow will not be boring at Propulsion like it was yesterday.  I was sick but I went in for half a day in the afternoon and all I did was sweep the emergency exit stairs.  After 20 minutes of doing that, I watched the chef cook some food, and cleaned the walls of the aquarium.  Following that, I was given permission to leave early due to lack of thing to do.

    There’s only 7 days left of volunteering and 10 days of Montréal.  The group is going to Le Rockette Friday night in celebration of Jess’ birthday, Saturday involves planning for the final presentation, and Sunday entails volunteering at an underground marathon.  Fun times lie ahead.

    P.S. I was told today by someone that I am a great person for venting to.  What was a compliment that you received lately? Also, it is a lunar eclipse tonight.  Maybe that’s why everyone is acting so bizzare.


    An unintentional cliff-hanger

    As I went to bed last night and almost finished talking to Jeffrey, I said, “Oh crap.  I never explained why I was a company whore for Priape.” In order to explain this and other phenomenons, I’m going to deploy a few -Ings!


    Unico and Ginch Gonch Underwear.  I bought them at Priape and I love them to death (and I know Jeffrey will too).  A gay man can never have too many awesome pairs of underwear.  Who knows when your pants are going to rip at the seams and the whole world will see your underwear? (That has never happened to me, but I saw it happen to a guy in drama class.  Oh drama class…)


    The compliments I received when I was wearing my new black jeans in the Katima-house yesterday.  You know that people have lived with you for too long when they know that you have new jeans.  Then again, I didn’t own any black jeans before, so that could be a logical conclusion as well.  Next jean to buy: Charcoal grey jeans at Old Navy.


    The copious amounts of coughing I hear in the Katimavik house.  (TMI ALERT) I have a bit of phlegm in my throat and it’s freaking me out.  I’m washing my hands like I’m OC, not touching my face and drinking water.  I refuse to get sick, especially when I will be managing the house next week.

    Today the Katima-group is going rock climbing in an indoor gym somewhere.  I didn’t use to enjoy rock climbing but now it is fun and games until someone impales themselves on a rock attached to a wall while they are rappelling.  The first time I went rock climbing was on my childhood friend & next door neighbour’s someteempth birthday (I guess we were about 9 or 10).  We went to Sport’s World to climb some walls and I was nervous and couldn’t do much climbing.  The birthday girl was fearless and hit the bell many times.  After watching her climb up there and jump back down again, I wondered what I was so afraid of.  Everything was safe, no one was going to get hurt.  By using that logic, I was no longer afraid of heights.  This story isn’t very exciting as no one actually took out one of their eyes on a rock.  Too bad for the reader, eh? Maybe I’ll James Frey the story a little…

    It was a stormy night in May.  It was Emily’s birthday, she wanted to go rock climbing at Death World.  Being her best friend and next door neighbour, I decided to come along, not knowing what perils and dangers lied ahead.  As we were driving down the 401, we passed by a dead cat being eaten by crows.  As I was staring at the feast, one of the crows slowly turned its head and looked at me.  I shuddered and hoped that this was not a sign of things to come. 

    We arrived at Death World and got set up in our old climbing gear.  The buckles were rusty and the straps smelled of moth balls.  I asked if there was any other climbing gear to use and the employee said, “Sorry little man, that’s all we got”.  “Whatever,” I thought, “at least there is someone holding me up with a rope.” Emily goes up first, and since she is the birthday girl, she gets brand-spanking-new rock climbing equipment, courtesy of Death World.  She makes it to the top of the wall, dings the bell, and rappels back down the wall with ease.  “Your turn, Ed!” she says enthusiastically.  “Okay… are you sure?” I reply back.  “It’ll be fine! There’s always someone holding the rope, so you’ll never fall.” “That’s true.  Okay, I’ll do it!” I say,  swallowing my fears. 

    When I looked up at the wall, it seemed like it went on forever and the bell was barely visible at the top.  I slowly started to make my climb, my legs shaking on the funny shaped rocks, trying to steady myself.  I look back and see the employee with the rope, giving me the thumbs up (of course, I’m still only on the first row of rocks, silly me).  I climb up and get more sure of myself with each stone I grasp. 

    Just as I am about to reach the top, I lose my footing on a rock and feel my stomach churn.  “Don’t look down! You’re almost there!” yells Emily.  I don’t know what it is about that phrase, but when you’re told not to do something, you always do it.  So I look down and realize that I am very high up the wall and everyone is watching me.  As I look down, I try to find where my rope is.  I breathe a sigh of relief when I see it on the ground in a heap.  … At that point it hits me: “Wait.  There’s supposed to be someone holding that rope.  It’s not supposed to be on the ground.” My nerves start to kick in and my hands begin to shake and sweat as I attempt to grasp the next rock with my right hand.  I reach for the rock too quickly and my right hand falls to my side.   Now I only have my left hand and my two feet delicately perched on rocks.  I attempt to pull myself to the wall, but gravity wants to fight me, and I fall to the ground.  Gravity 1, Ed 0.  I can see the rocks moving away from me in slow motion as I let out a scream.  I can feel the ground rushing up to meet me…

    Oh wait, that won’t do.  I didn’t take out my eye or anything.  Uhmmm…

    All of a sudden, a crow flies in through the window, its beak all bloody, screaming “CAAAAAAAAAAAAW!” I recognized the crow as the same one that was eating the dead cat and staring at me.  Now I was staring at it and it was flying at me like a black torpedo.  I close my eyes and the crow’s beak tears through my eyelid and scoops up my eye into it’s beak.  It felt like a spoon scooping out a grape from a Del Monte fruit salad.  Then I hit the ground and die.

    There.  Worst.  Story.  Ever.  Time to go rock climbing for real.  If I call anyone and see any crows, start preparing for my funeral.

    P.S. Today’s underwear is the Emo Boy Shorts from La Senza for Men.


    The Ing Thing

    Every week I’m going to write a few things that I am -ing(ing) at the time (thanks to for the inspiration).  Observe:


    Jackie Oh! (1978) by Kitty Kelley (written as requested by Lyle Stuart).  This is one of the books in my billet family’s house.  It’s all about the ups and downs of the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  It’s biographical fluff and it’s killing time since I already read and re-read the Cosmo and Life & Style that Katie, Alan and Alex sent me in a care package (thanks so much you guys! Now I know how a woman feels!)


    I’ve always thought that vanilla yogurt would be a good taste.  Then I tried it on Friday and was pleasantly surprised.  It almost satisfies my craving for cheesecake.  Hmmm… I wonder what would happen if I put vanilla yogurt into a cheesecake batter…


    A Subway sub and an excuse to use these coupons.  On Thursday while I was at work, one of the clients gave me some Subway coupons.  Now I feel obligated to use them.  Foot-long Meatball sub with a free combo meal (with extra cookies ’cause I can) here I come!


    L’Oreal’s Men Expert Moisturizing Cream.  I usually dismiss Men’s products because I find that they have the same ingredients as the women’s products but they just smell more manly.  Thanks to my billet house, I’ve had the chance to sample this lovely moisturizer and I have to say that it absorbs beautifully and soothes my skin.  Maybe those metro-sexual guys are on to something.


    My iPod USB cord.  I know it is in the Katima-house somewhere and it’s killing me not to have music on the way to work.  Not that I mind reading 24 and Metro while I’m on a subway, but I’d rather have my music and people watch while I’m saving the earth with public transportation.

    What do you think? Pretty fun eh? Try it yourself (in your blog, facebook note, or whatever) and post your -ings.

    The beginning of the end

    This is my new blog, but it’ll be updated pretty sporadically due to Katimavik.

    For those that don’t know (because I didn’t post it in my LJ) I’m departing for Katimavik on Sept. 5th. I don’t know what kind of volunteer work I’ll be doing just yet, but I will post about it when I get the chance to. I’ll stay in each destination for 3 months:

    1. Ingersol, ON. A rural area east of London. Think John Deere hats, farming, plaid shirts and cow tipping.

    2. Montreal, QC. Potentially downtown, but probably in a suburb. I’m super excited for this part. Get to brush up on my french franglish.

    3. Stonewall, MB. A little north of Winterpeg Winnipeg. This will probably be nature related in some way.

    I’ll come back on June 5th and life will be full of sunshine and puppies. I will have spoardic internet access as there are 10 other people living with me, so you’ll have to bear with me (no problems with that since I hardly updated this summer anyway). Katimavik will give me the chance I need to see if Social Work is really the career I want right now. If not, then I’ll take up music.

    Enough about the impending doom that is being a volunteer for the Canadian Government, onto other things. I finished work at Home Health Care on Wednesday and I’m happy to say that even though it was a great summer job and learning experience, I will not go back and work with the elderly. Not my cup of tea. I’m still working at Banana Republic until Tuesday. When I come back from Katimavik I plan on heading back there because it is so much fun. Making people look good and feel good about themselves as well as not having the pressure of commission makes that job so enjoyable and fun. So much that it doesn’t even feel like work.

    On Monday Jeff’s coming down to visit me one last time before I leave for Katimavik. From the 15th to the 26th of August him and I went on vacation in St. John’s, Halifax, Capstick (a hamlet in the most northern tip of Nova Scotia), PEI, Montreal and Ottawa. It was a great vacation. Jeff has all of the photos, but they should be uploaded tommorow when he gets here.

    In St. John’s we stayed in a University dorm (after we had trouble finding it). We ate at a Pizza Delight (NEVER AGAIN!) and we got our food an hour after we ordered it. There was some new guy in the kitchen who didn’t know what he was doing along with a party of thirty who had ordered food before us. All we ordered was a medium pizza and bread sticks with donair sauce (Never get donair sauce. It smells faintly like ranch sauce, but it tastes like sugar. And it looks like… well… (Partially NWS) this, pretty much.) We got extra cans of pop for our trouble. I wanted my stuff for free but I decided against fighting for it.

    After that incident, we drove to Halifax and stayed for 2 days in the University dorm there and another day (or two, I can’t remember) in a hotel. We walked around, tried some of the local restaurants which were pretty decent, went to a few cafés, checked out the waterfront (it was the busking festival that week), went to casino (I put in $10 at the slot machine and won $25, Jeff put in $20 and got nothing. MUHAHAHA! But then I felt bad so I gave Jeff the $20 I won), and we checked out some apartments and houses in case we ever wanted to move down there.

    I don’t know what it is about Halifax, but everyone smiles at you as you walk by them. Defintely not the same here where everyone scowls and/or checks you out. At least they do it with a smile. Also they don’t have liscence plates on the front of their cars, which makes them look so much better. The bus system seems to be way more effective than Windsor’s. Everytime Jeff and I walked outside a bus would pass by. A downside about Halifax would have to be the parking. You need a permit for EVERYTHING parking related. There is no such thing as Pizza Pizza down there. Everything is either a Pizza Delight or a Subway. Not as many Tim Horton’s either. Dartmouth is across the river from Halifax (you can take a ferry or a bridge, both are relatively fast and cheap). Dartmouth is to Mississauga as Halifax is to Toronto (only both are smaller than their counterparts). Overall, Halifax would be a sweet place to move to once I get my future straightened out.

    After spending 4 days in Halifax we ventured up north to Capstick. Capstick is a hamlet with approx. 30 people in it (or so we felt… turns out it inhabits 575 people according to wikipedia). It’s in the middle of nowhere and there’s no cell phone reception unless you drive 20 minutes south. Jeff’s friend built a shed to stay in for sleeping. There’s pictures of that to come later. There was a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and a very steep cliff. We got to know a man who is apart of the founding family. He fished for a living ever since he was 14. That is all he has ever known. His wife died a year ago, but he has his offspring to keep him company. He’s retired from fishing now and he spends his days walking with his wife’s dog, watching satelite tv and reading books like Farley Mowat and Linda Green (I asked him if he’s read the Owl Family and Never Cry Wolf, and he has. My guess is that he can only read up to a grade 6 level. But he seems to be leading a rich and adventurous life, so that’s good. Anyway, Jeff and I stayed for 2 days and then we drove (and took 2 ferries) to PEI. Jeff had never been to PEI so it was nice. We stayed at a hotel (OMGWTFBBQ HOT WATER!) and chilled out the night before heading to Montreal.

    At Montreal we stayed at a Best Western by the Airport and it was THE BEST BEST WESTERN EVAR!!1!!11!1!. We went down to the bar ’cause we wanted an excuse to wear our dressy clothing (which we had brought with us and never worn), so we put it on for an hour, went down to the bar, had 2 expensive and crappily made Cosmos, and then drove to a McDonald’s, which was an adventure in itself because the roads all intersected and went underneath the highway and when we were driving we thought we were on the right side and then we’d see McDonald’s on the opposite side of the highway (fuck) so we’d have to go through it all again. Finally we got it right and all was well. 2 gay well dressed men eating at a McDonald’s. Almost reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Marge gets the family into the country club (or something like that) and at the end of the episode Marge decides against joining and they end up eating at the Krusty Burger all dressed up and the server/cleaner guy says (in his squeaky acne infested way), “Did you guys just come from the Prom?”. It was like that. Without the guy talking, of course.

    The final night we stayed in Ottawa with Jeff’s friend Melanie and her boyfriend Graham. During our time there, we were going to pick Melanie up from work, so to kill time we walked up and down Wellington street and walked into random shops. One of these shops was a Steinway store! Wee! So I played a used upright (but very nice sounding) Pearl River piano (Yamaha makes them). I played Emm Gryner’s Blackwinged Bird (everyone I play it for loves it. Thanks for writing an awesome song Mrs. Gryner.) and also tried out a stripped down grand (we’re talking nothing on it, just wood, steel, and hammers. So raw.) and I liked the Pearl River one better. More centered sound (of course, since it’s put together), tinier (good for an apartment) but the higher keys were a little weak for me. Almost like someone had smashed their hands on it repeatedly when they were a child and they thought they were making music. Whatever, it was still a nice piano.

    We hung out with Melanie and her boyfriend for the night, watched hilarious comedians on youtube then went home the next day. Since then I’ve helped Dan move into his condo. It’s a good thing too because now the parental units won’t be breathing down his neck all the time. He can finally have his own space and do whatever he wants. Hooray.

    Other than that, life’s been pretty good. Overall this summer has not been terrible. Had a great job at BR and a well paying job at HHC, parties with BR people, parties with people at Cali’s, a great vacation with Jeffrey, got to bond with my parental units, and made a bunch of new friends.

    Looking forward to next summer, I’m going to do the following:

    – Take singing, alto sax, guitar, or dancing lessons, and possibly get my Grade 8 piano.

    – Work out and gain an upper body (which I may be able to do at Katimavik).

    – Improve on fashion more (which I have since I’ve worked at BR. I’ve became quite knowledgeable on stuff for men and women).

    – Learn sign language and improve french (I’ll be able to improve my french at Katimavik).

    – Post more in this blog (if I get off my lazy ass and do it).

    – Find out what I want to do with my future career-wise. Music or Social Work? Or maybe something completely different all together?

    – Visit friends in other towns more (I’m talking to you, Windsor/London/Sudbury/Ottawa/Cambridge people!).

    A huge photo post is to come before Wednesday with photos from the vacation and other random things. Still trying to transfer my posts from my LJ, but I’m having a hard time saving my XML onto my computer. Anyone know how to work that out?

    P.S. Good luck with school everyone! I miss posting my schedule and finding out who I share classes with and all that fun stuff. Ah well. Next year perhaps.