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20 to 2

9:08 PM

The TTC Employee just told me in a harsh manner that “the subway leaves Bloor-Yonge station at 1:50 AM, the same every night.” I don’t think I’ll forget that for now on, just because of how it was said to me.  I remember in Psychology class that we remember more of how something is said as opposed to what is said.  Emotions play a strong role in our lives, whether we choose to admit it or not.

Today in vocal lessons I was told to write down everything that I like about myself and hand it to her next week.  My vocal teacher isn’t just a vocal teacher, she’s also like a life coach.  The voice is the most honest instrument.  To show the audience that you aren’t nervous or have bad feelings about yourself, you must start with good feelings about yourself.  It’s all about performing a service for the audience, to make them relaxed and comfortable.  Singing should appear relaxed and comfortable.  I love the lessons and learning how to improve my voice even more.

I’m so excited for my party.  My camera is charged and I’m definitely posting pictures when this is all done.  As I was driving to the station, I thought to myself, “I am so grown up.  I look classy and professional, I’m driving and listening to the Brad Mehaldu Trio and loving every second of it, and above all, I’m comfortable and so content with myself right now.  Life is great!”

Wow, this post is totally about me tooting my own horn.  I don’t write like this very often, but it is very nice to write about how good life is.  It will come in handy later when something bad happens.  For now, I’m just going to sit back and let the subway take me to my destination and enjoy this evening with my friends.

11:55 PM
I would like to thank Stella and Remi.  First, thank you Stella for showing up and having a few drinks and some much needed catch up time with me.  You’re a fantastic friend.  Second, thank you to Remi for being honest and letting me know that she was too tired to show up by letting me know.  I really appreciate it.  Lastly, I want to thank everyone that let me know that they may or may not show up depending on their schedules, or that they were sick, or they were going to a Backstreet Boys concert (that’s probably why none of my gay friends showed up).

I’m a bit dissapointed.  I learned tonight that life is like physics: what goes up must eventually come down.  At least I had some extremely well-made martinis with a good friend that I haven’t seen in a year.  That was pretty sweet.

Work, Japanese learning, piano and vocal practice tomorrow.  Back to the daily grind… but I have pictures of me II got to find my Mac software for my camera… if there is such a thing) thanks to Photo Booth! You can find them after the jump.  Night! Continue reading

Uphill Battle

It’s a little sad that all I really have to talk about lately is this drama of my job.  But it’s something to write about, and write I shall.  I talked with the general manager (insert organ sound/thunder storm much like the sound in the middle of this song here) today and a transfer to the Men’s Dept. in the Eaton Centre is in the works.  Tomorrow I’m going to hand her my school schedule and hope for the best.  If not the Men’s, then the Women’s! If not the Women’s, then Bloor St.! If not Bloor St., then I don’t know! Coach or Banana Republic! Will the madness never end?

I learned the k- and g- set of hiragana tonight.  That includes か (ka), き (ki), く (ku), け (ke), こ (ko).  The same symbols with ten-tens added makes the g- set: が (ga), ぎ (gi), ぐ (gi), げ (gu), ご (go).  Tomorrow is the s- and z- set.  I also practiced Imagine, a bit of my RCM, and a few songs for my vocal lesson on Thursday.  Tomorrow I have to work from 1-6 and go to the clinic to get my second round of TB shots (for reals this time).  I was too lazy to get out of bed and go and get them done.  I have to do it or I’ll have no time and I won’t be able to do a placement in school (which means EPIC FAIL).  

My link to the Japanese Embassy came into work today.  I tried speaking a little Japanese to her and French came out instead.  I was informed that this will happen often.  2nd and 3rd languages will battle in your brain and while you may be thinking in one language, you will say another.  I sold a pair of jeans and a few shirts in French today.  A Quebecois family was visiting and wanted to get something for the father.  Must of been a business trip.  Languages rock.

Point of No Return

I told one of my managers about my job offer at Coach today and since I’m on probation period with the company (it’s 3 months long), it would appear that I’ll be going to Coach for sure since I have almost burned a bridge (I’d say the match is lit).  Tomorrow I’m discussing it with the head manager and going from there.  I also have to get my second TB test completed for school.

My Mom just popped her head in to comment on my progress in my lessons.  She says my vocals are amazing (before it was kinda ennnh… but now she loves it.  Even after one lesson I’m better), my technique in piano has improved (less sloppy!), and I’ve learned the basic 5 hiragana symbols: あ (a), い (i), う (u), え (e), お (o).  I’m taking baby steps with the writing and alphabet.  Tomorrow I’m going to learn the k and g sounds.  It’s pretty tough to write out hiragana with pen and it doesn’t look quite right now… but it’ll get better with practice.  Doing the exercises reminds me of when I was 4 and in pre-school.  I’d learn the English alphabet by tracing the letters and numbers on these sheets that my baby sitter would give me.  Then I’d learn a little bit of Tagalog, and as a reward, I’d play Dr. Mario or Super Mario Bros.  Ah, fun times.

I’m currently reading all about this 15 year-old (now 16) girl’s adventures in a year-long exchange program that she did in Japan.  Pretty fun stuff.  After this I’m going to do some physical exercise and then head to bed.

I bring you knowledge and fresh bread!

The learning was definitely brought today at my vocal lesson.  I had so much fun singing and learning proper technique.  I have to listen to this John Lennon CD and sing Imagine for next week.  Plus, I’ve been asked to preform two songs for my teacher so she can get a feel of how I preform.  I’m looking forward to it! To top it off, she gave me a free loaf of Basil Onion Bread.  It is amazing.  I’d even go as far to say that it is better than Katima-bread.  All in all, a good way to start the day.

Following a long drive home (the 401 was jammed so I took Mavis up, which didn’t take as long but it felt like it), I had a short information session with some executives from Coach, and had a phone conversation with Chad regarding payment, when my first shift would be and other logistics.  It’s shaping up to be a pretty sweet gig.  I look forward to starting work 2 Mondays from now.

I had an over-priced Philly Cheese steak crepe for lunch and worked from 3-8.  Since then I’ve been watching Daria and writing this post.  Now I’m going to practice the piano and then get an early night of sleep.  I have to be up early tomorrow so I can make it to downtown TO for 9:15 for my English Placement Test for College.  I’ve written University essays! Can’t I just be exempt from writing it and being placed in College English? Too bad I didn’t take the first year writing course in University… I probably could of gotten out of this if I did that.  It’s a shame time travel devices aren’t around yet.  Maybe Apple will come up with something.

Future List

I was reading over the first post of my blog a few days ago and I noticed that I had made of list of things I wanted to do next summer after Katimavik:

Looking forward to next summer, I’m going to do the following:

– Take singing, alto sax, guitar, or dancing lessons, and possibly get my Grade 8 piano.

– Work out and gain an upper body.

– Improve on fashion more.

– Learn sign language and improve French.

– Post more in this blog.

– Find out what I want to do with my future career-wise: Music or Social Work?

– Visit friends in other towns more.

I can say that I have or am starting to accomplish most of those things in that list, except for the sign language (I’m going to be learning Italian, Spanish, or Japanese instead), and taking sax, guitar, or dancing lessons (I opted for vocals).  Everything else I’ve done during Katimavik and I am continuing to do now.  I’m doing exercises and becoming stronger and more filled out on the upper half of my body.  I’m even more aware of what’s in for next season in the Fall since coming back to Banana (structured jackets, all black, and panda eyes) and reading WhoWhatWear (love that site).  I made a commitment to post more back in September… but I’m definitely holding up my end of the bargain now at least.  I found out during Katimavik that Gerontology is what I want to do as a safety net for my music career.  I had a visit in London last night and I’ve been to Cambridge a few times over the summer so far.

The sub-conscious mind is a powerful thing.  I never thought about that list when I was setting out to complete these goals, I just wanted to learn or improve some skills.  May as well continue this idea and make a list of things to accomplish for next summer:

– Get a demo recorded with original songs

– Save money by only using so much cash a week

– Buy clothing that expresses individual style and has a fantastic price (I’m going to start buying sweaters and knits.  I don’t do much layering.)

– Get at least a 3.3 GPA in all of my classes

– Receive my Grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate

– Continue to exercise

– Learn another language (Spanish, Italian or Japanese)

– Network in Toronto to help music career

What about everyone else? How do you realize your future goals?