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Why is that celebrity holding a tray of quiches?

If you were on the Metro yesterday afternoon and you saw a man who looked like a rock star/person who should own a motorcycle holding a tray of quiches, wearing white rimmed sunglasses and listening to an iPod, that was me.

I was taking the quiches to the house, which would end up at the Final Presentation.  It went really well, minus the technical difficulties of danse la poutine and the slide-show.  After playing the song I started to develop a blister on my thumb from strumming too hard.  I knew I should of used a pick.

No one from my work or from my billeting family showed up (although I saw my billet dad as the group was walking out of the Subway, which meant he was too busy), but we did get a photographer from some newspaper, the MPP, and our project co-coordinator to show up, as well as some Katima-alumni, 3 children, and a slew of billets and work partners.  All in all, we had about 40 people and a lot of food (3 pasta salads.  That’s what you get for making it a pot luck).  The next final presentation will be our real final presentation.  Hopefully it will be a barbecue.

Following the final presentation, we went home and played charades en français.  I can do really good impressions of beavers, turtles, and scarecrows.  Charades is so much fun for me ’cause it gives me the chance to make an ass of myself on stage and get a laugh out of people.  Some other impressions that were acted out included: dying, giving birth, making love, first kiss, sick, miming, and other obscure (and sexual) actions.  Our Second Language committee is a little body hungry apparently (as are the rest of us, except for one lucky participant whose boyfriend works for Air Canada and travels to Montréal constantly).

Speaking of boyfriends, Jeffrey is moving out of Toronto and into Ottawa.  Why? Because he hates Toronto with a fiery passion that is only known by me.  Since he may be going to U of Ottawa (or Trent) for the fall, it seems logical to move there for a while and see if he would enjoy it.  This is also good for me as it means I’ll be spending my next 48 hours in lovely Ottawa with him, plus he will be way happier with his living arrangement (no more catching mice and living in a basement apartment).  He moves this weekend, which means by the time I reach Stonewall on Wednesday, he will be all moved into Ottawa.  Best of luck to you babe.

I got a letter of reference and the Corpse Bride DVD from Propulsion today.  The only reason I can think of why they would give me that DVD is because Tim Burton also directed Edward Scissorhands, and the clients would sometimes call me Edward aux mains d’argent (Edward with silver hands).  That’s pretty far fetched but either way, it’s a nice gift and the last time I will have to walk into that placement.

Here’s a thought: Why doesn’t WordPress have a reply function for comments? Why is it only “Leave a response”? Time to have a nap.

P.S. A little math equation.  Me + Scruffiness = Hot (according to the Katima-group).  I was also told that I looked really good last week (for a sick person).  A picture post will come soon to decide that.


Open Doors

“You have that special something that will allow you to go into a specific field of your choice.  You will excel and go very far.”

This was said to me today during my 3 month review at Propulsion.  Following that statement, we discussed what groups of people I could help out:

  • Gerontology
  • AIDS
  • Helping people with different sexualities become comfortable with who they are
  • Kids Help Phone
  • Physically and/or Mentally Disabled
  • School Counsellor

There are plenty of others, but those interested me the most.  Thanks to Katimavik, I feel like I am opening a lot of doors and making many connections all over Canada.  Jeffrey once told me about a volunteer program that he used that I can’t recall the name of.  Basically it allows GLBT people who are kicked out of their parents houses to come live with a gay couple for mentoring and a place to stay.  Perhaps that will be something Jeff and I can do when we are older and have an established life.

I took Nyquil last night and slept like a rock.  Thanks Dr. Boyfriend.

P.S. You know that girls are excited about their DivaCups when they are hysterically yelling, “I want my period right now!”


“Beggars can’t be choosers, but I’m begging and choosing.”

The title of this post today is brought to you by Courtney.  During our workshop tonight, Katie had brought out a bunch of Lindor chocolate balls.  Courtney had selected a blue ball, which means dark chocolate in the world of Lindor.  She doesn’t like dark chocolate, so she decided to trade it and said the previously mentioned quote.  Now for some -ing things. 


Windows Vista to Mac OS X.  After reading a lot of reviews and looking at what each OS has to offer, I feel that Mac OS X is more my style.  It’s more multimedia friendly and pretty.  I’m not looking for a computer that I’ll whip out at board meetings and make extremely extravagant presentations with.  I’m just looking for a fun computer that will not freak out when I have multiple applications running and crash while doing so.  Before I become committed to Mac though, I’m going to do a laptop comparison with a MacBook and some crazy expensive Dell computer I read about in Men’s Health Magazine (Taiger buys them… I laugh because it’s like Cosmo for guys.  Only straight and worrying about whether they can please their women or not).  I’ll write another comparison once the stats are in.


A pair of black framed sunglasses that look awesome and are around $10.  I also want new glasses, but that will have to wait until after Katimavik.  I’m thinking of using a website that was recommended by called Glassy Eyes.  They have frames for $40 – $80, which makes me happy.  If all else fails, I’ll just go with my parental units to Costco (because they love Costco almost as much as they love me). 


Dallas Green’s Bring Me All Your Love album.  He has stepped away from coining his own sound in every song and instead created some variety (the very opposite thing made me end up dislike Coldplay’s X&Y album).  The good thing about making your own niche in the music world is that everyone knows that it’s your band or you when the radio plays your song (for example, anytime you hear an echo guitar intro, you know that it’s U2).  Whenever I hear a Two Hours Traffic song, I think of Katimavik and the fun times that we all had.  I have a feeling that there’s going to be a Katima-album at the end of the program.  Maybe I should start that project when it gets to that point.


Sex and the City.  Lu and I watched the whole second season and a part of the third season over the week when we managed the house.  Perhaps that’s why I want to be so fashionable now… or maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted to be fashionable and I’m finally doing something about it.  In any case, Sex and the City is fantastic.  I remember watching episodes at Banana Republic dinner parties, sitting around drinking wine and eating desserts.  I can’t wait to go back to Mississauga and have fabulous parties and be social and out of the Katima-bubble.  It’s funny, I never got into the shows that were popular when I was a teenager, but now I love them.  Friends, Seinfeld, Sex and the City… all great shows but I did not have the desire to watch them then.  Now that they’re out in boxed sets, I guess I can sastify that craving.

Today I worked at Radisson Centre with Éli.  It was a really lazy day.  All I did today is feed a client and help do research on the sinking of the Titanic and coral. 

Hopefully tomorrow will not be boring at Propulsion like it was yesterday.  I was sick but I went in for half a day in the afternoon and all I did was sweep the emergency exit stairs.  After 20 minutes of doing that, I watched the chef cook some food, and cleaned the walls of the aquarium.  Following that, I was given permission to leave early due to lack of thing to do.

There’s only 7 days left of volunteering and 10 days of Montréal.  The group is going to Le Rockette Friday night in celebration of Jess’ birthday, Saturday involves planning for the final presentation, and Sunday entails volunteering at an underground marathon.  Fun times lie ahead.

P.S. I was told today by someone that I am a great person for venting to.  What was a compliment that you received lately? Also, it is a lunar eclipse tonight.  Maybe that’s why everyone is acting so bizzare.


Post #40

That was the title of my draft when I saved it.  I don’t know what the title of this post should be, so it seemed appropriate.  Anyway, I was reading some past LJ entries of my friends, and the following things have come to my mind:

1. I have to go on a tour to visit London, Windsor, Cambridge, Ingersoll.  I gotta catch up with people this year.  Also finally visit Sudbury because I promised Jazz and Fran that I would (if not that, we still have Greece).  Or I will throw a giant “Ed Is Back!1!11!1! Party” so it will bring the people to me.  Or perhaps both. 

2. My birthday is always a bad day as something always goes wrong.  2007: Push a van out of snow, almost get killed by crazy Quebecois drivers.  2006: Have my birthday celebrated with a bunch of gays, which was a bad idea because they were all celebrating the birthday of Britney.  2005: Celebrated birthday with Sean, Ashley, Jazz and Ray.  It was quiet but a good birthday.  Previous years: also quiet.  The only birthdays I can remember that were really good was my 5th and my 6th.  My 5th was good because it was snowman cake (sounds like a stupid reason but it makes me happy to think about that cake).  My 6th was good because I got “Surprise!” yelled at me while I was wearing my Beaver’s uniform. 

All of the other birthdays do not merit the same kind of warm fuzzy feeling when I look back on them.  Is it because I was born 4 months early? I must have a real birthday somewhere.  Maybe it’s the week before (Mascot, loads of gifts from Woodingford, etc.) or perhaps it’s just luck.  I should find out my real birthday.  It’s sometime in mid-March I think.  Stay tuned.

3. Quebecois folks eat their pizza crusts with butter or mayonnaise.

4. (This is for my parental units) I am happy to say that my billet family never licked their plates clean.  Why is this such good news? Because when I did a Quebec exchange with a late friend of mine in 2003, his family licked their plates (literally) when they had finished a meal.  I was a bit frightened about my billets, afraid that they were going to do the same thing.  Fortunately they did not.  However, due to their Bosnian background, they have soup with every meal.  They also have alcohol before noon on Sundays.

5. Walking by string soloists, duos and quartets in the subway makes me want to say, “Hey, come follow me around and play some walking music! Afterwards we can go into a studio and cut some tracks!” Then they would laugh.  Really hard.

6. I need to buy and read more poetry books.  When I get back to the Katima-house, I’m stealing Jess’ Spanish poetry book and loving it. 

Today started off like usual.  Woke up at 7:30 AM, decided to sleep in a little bit and woke up at 8ish.  Got ready to go to work, caught the 18 bus to the Metro, picked up a Metro paper and read it until Viau.  After reading a review on Les 3 Petits Cochons*, I really want to watch it.  It looks interesting and it’s not children’s book.  Walked to work, helped out a client in her apartment by putting away stuff and assisted the chef in cooking.

I helped make a simple syrup that was later used to make Crème fraîche avec des pistaches.  Now I can have confidence to make it on my own.  Making a syrup in the kitchen was always a no-fly-zone when I was younger.  My mom is afraid of the stickiness.  (The no-fly-zone stickiness reminds me of when I used to make this awesome fudge in the summertime.  I wonder where the recipe went?) Also made a fantastic savoury puff pastry thing (which I took pictures of and sent to the chef), and learned how to make a natural NeoCitran (Lemon juice + Lemon zest + hot water.  Duh). 

After work, Éli and I went to the Priape store because I saw a leather bracelet there that I wanted to buy (I’m a company whore for them today because I’m wearing their underwear.  More on that later).  Jeffrey stole received (I don’t know which.  I think I gave it to him) my other leather bracelet (from Le Château) and I haven’t had anything in that style grace my wrist with its presence since.  All the better excuse to buy one.

I had decided on one when the guy mentioned that there was more bracelets downstairs.  Downstairs, as the bear and the sign told me, was the leather store.  Éli and I sauntered down the stairs and were greeted with police pants, novelty fists and dildos and a contraption that had a toilet seat (I explained how I thought it worked to Éli.  She was not amused).  While we were waiting for a salesperson to show us the other bracelets, I stared at all of the hilarious paraphernalia.  Who could take someone seriously when wearing this stuff? A dildo the size of a telephone pole, a shirt that says “Who’s Your Daddy?”, and chain-mail jockstrap in rainbow colored links? Come on.  Then I remembered the Seminar of Sex by Ali and I realized that many people take this seriously, it’s just not visible to the public.  Only during Pride (ba-dum-shink).  I saw a bracelet that looked kind of interesting, but it turned out that it was attached to another bracelet, which meant that it was a code for others that I didn’t want to send off (wonder what white means anyway… virgin?)

We walked back upstairs, I bought the bracelet I wanted and we went to the Katima-house so Éli could pick up a paper.  Then I went home, reheated leftovers, and started writing this blog.  I’m really enjoying blog writing again.  It’s probably because I have the time and the continual access to the computer here, unlike in the Katima-house. 

My parental unit #1 (Mom-bot) just called, so I’m going to call her back.  That ends the adventures of Ed and Éli for today.  Stay tuned tomorrow when I work two jobs: Radisson Centre AND Propulsion.  What WILL happen to the blog as I return to the Katima-house? Will it collect virtual dust (or moutons as the French call them.  Dust sheep = Dust bunnies?) once again or will it be a billet time well spent? All this and more partial excitement coming soon!

* P.S. I have also wanted to see Shortbus for the longest time.  Ever since I read about it in NOW Magazine.  There’s actually quite a few movies I want to see, but that will have to wait for another post.


The Weekly Report

This week has been busy and full of waiting and patience.  Today I stopped waiting.  More on that later.  Here’s what else went down this week:

Monday January 28th:

When my parents came down to visit me for my 48 hours off, I asked them if they could drop off some gifts to Jeffrey.  For his birthday I got him a bracelet, a tea flower and a toaster (the parental units did not think that this was very romantic, but I assured them that Jeff would love it ’cause he said he would like a toaster at some point).  On the Monday my dad dropped off the gifts at Jeff’s work.  We were going to use a squad car to drop it off but that may have arose some suspicion.  Jeff loved his gifts and had a very awkward bag to carry home on the bus.  Score one for Ed.  A toaster totally says I love you.  As for me, I say I love you Jeffrey.

Tuesday January 29th:

I was supposed to go out to a drag show but that didn’t happen.  Instead I made friends (Matthew, a friend of the billet family and a friend of his that saw Matthew in the window of the Second Cup and decided to pop in and say hello) over coffee at the gayest Second Cup EVER.  If they had the option of putting rainbow sprinkles in my hot vanilla bean chocolate, they probably would have.  Plus I could feel eyes staring at me the whole time.  I was over dressed for a Second Cup as I was wearing my red button up shirt and jeans.  At least I was over dressed instead of under dressed.  Being under dressed is only applicable in 2 situations: going somewhere gay and club-like or gay pride parade.  You won’t ever see me running around with body glitter and a speedo on (The sunny beaches of Canada are no place for a speedo.  Only Europe.)

Wednesday January 30th:

I worked at the Radisson Centre with Éli that day.  It was a very interesting morning as it was someones birthday and there was a fire drill.  Nothing says fun like hastily putting on coats and having no idea what is going on (we actually learned it was a drill later on and not a real fire).  If you want good practice in putting on coats and winter accessories onto challenged people, run to your nearest community center and pull the fire alarm.  You’ll be impressed with how fast you can get a coat onto someone.  For the rest of the day we helped out in the classroom and fed people at lunch.  Éli and I discovered a mall next to our work and decided to go check it out on Friday.

Thursday January 31st:

I saw Tricot Machine that night (Listen to L’ours.  Love love love it).  They are a Quebeçois duo and they are awesome.  I saw a music video for Un Monstre Sous Mon lit and at that exact point I wanted to buy their CD.  It just so happened that they had a free concert that night near the billet house.  So my billet mom and I went and saw them.  I love them! They were so cute! The guy (Mathieu) played the piano so well and the girl (Catherine) played the glockenspiel and a cymbal and she jumped around and danced at random intervals.  Plus they told really awesome and witty anecdotes.  They did an encore and everything.  It was so great! I’m going to buy their CD at some point before I leave Montréal.

Friday February 1st:

I went to go see a drag show for reals this time with Matthew (the guy that my billet knows and was supposed to show me the drag show in the first place) and it was so much fun! All of the queens were so good at what they did and they made fun of me because I’m an anglophone (even though I understood what was being said).  But it was all in good humour and so fabulous.  I wonder how Toronto’s drag shows compare to this one. 

I made some new friends with these 3 girls that were dancing.  We all danced in a group and just made fools of Britney Spears.  I didn’t think it was possible to get to know people in a big city, but it is possible.  People are nice and friendly here but in a different way than Ingersoll.  In Ingersoll, people would smile at you and say “Hello” while walking by.  In Montréal and Toronto, people look straight ahead and make no eye contact. 

Éliane and Taiger were supposed to show up and hang out with me but Taiger didn’t turn his phone on after they were done watching a movie at a cinema.  I’m going to see my housemates tonight at Fufones Electriques (Electric Buttcheeks.  It’s a rock/ska/alternative/everything but electronic bar), so that should be fun.

The only downside about last night was the night bus.  I was waiting at Papineau Station for an hour when I really should of only waited 15 minutes.  The bus did eventually show up and I got home.

Saturday February 2nd:

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed as I had slept in until 10ish (I have been getting up at 7:30 every week day) and played some piano and just chilled out.  My billet family is away at a funeral and they will return later on in the evening. 

I opened my Ontario Colleges applications this morning and found that George Brown has accepted me into their program! WOOOOOO! The program is Activation Aide / Gerontology and the campus is at Ryerson U.  I’m surprised they sent out my acceptance on the first day.  I guess that’s what you get for applying early.  I should hear from Sheridan soon.  Ion should be getting back to me soon as well regarding my PL forms.  Things are looking up!


“So Ed, how come you don’t update your blog anymore?”

The answer to this question is simple: “I’ve been very busy with my Katima-life.” Looks like it’s a trend for me to now only update bi monthly.  That’s not right at all, but it makes sense in a way.  I don’t really have much interest in the internet anymore.  The only reason I have a Facebook is so that it is easy to access my Katima-photos.  I’m going to delete it when I get home.

December 6th, My Birthday:

My birthday consisted of pushing a Katima-van out of snow, almost getting killed on a highway, and getting lost while trying to find the work placements that we were going to be going on tours for.  The second point is the most scary.  Audrey, our new Project Leader, was lost and instead of picking a way to go off the highway, she stopped in the meridian of the highway and the exit and called for help.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, we were also parked where the highway curved behind us.  Thank goodness we did not get hit.  I knew that last week was the perfect birthday.

Random Fact: Did you know that the Game of Life in french is called Destins? Now you know.

I would kill for an engliŝ English keyboard right now.  Every consonant with an h combonation I make, the keyboard corrects it and makes it a consonant with a circumflex.  So I have to press the right arrow key to make it normal.  So annoying. 

I work at Propulsion.  What is Propulsion? Propulsion is a place where the physically handicapped (some with mild handicaps as well) live in apartment buildings above.  I work on the ground floor with a housemate.  We clean, help the chef cook, and escort clients to places that they want to go (the movies, the store, the bank, etc.).  For about a month at the job we were only cleaning and helping out the chef (we rarely helped out the clients) so I talked with my supervisor to get some cĉllenging things to do at work.  Now, for one day of the week, my housemate and I go to the Radisson Centre to help out.  Over there it’s more of an activity centre, which is more fun to help out at and gives us a break from Propulsion. 

Speaking of being hungry for challenges, I applied to be a Project Leader in Ontario.  We shall see where things go from there.  More to write about that later on in the week. 

I’ll write more each day.  Some interesting stuff will be coming up this week for sure.  Colleges will respond to my admissions, Katimavik will respond to my request of a PL position, and my billets will continue to be awesome.