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Busy days, busy nights

Woke up nice and early today and had a meeting with a colleague to get tax stuff sorted out.  He has asked me to help him out this year, which is great! Extra cash in my pocket always makes me happy, plus I love organizing people’s lives.  I’m sure I have a psychological disorder.  There’s something satisfying about seeing numbers added up and having a big picture of where all your money went for the year.  I’ll be working on those on Sunday I think.

Today was a full day of teaching, which was really nice to do.  I wanted to crash half way through because I had low blood sugar, but thank goodness I bought an Oat Fudge Bar from Starbucks before I went in.  Totally saved me.  Also reminds me that I do need to make cookies sometime very soon.  Also, Starbucks has raised their prices on items… so not cool.  Really gives me more incentive not to spend money though.

The guy I’ve been texting back and forth with invited me to go out with him and mutual friends (including his best friend who I haven’t met) on Friday.  I’m stoked! I think it’s going to involve a gay bar, which I haven’t been to in a long while.  Should be an interesting night.  Following that though, we are getting together on Saturday, just the two of us (we can make it if we try) so I am really looking forward to that.  Things are going so well, I cannot complain.

Getting back into the groove

I’ve been using the Wii Fit recently to get back into shape a bit.  I had purchased the Wii Fit Plus a while back and was starting to use it, but I never did the new exercises.  I did some of the new ones today and they were not easy.  It’s good to have a challenge for sure.  My arms are sore from yesterday’s workout though.  I did the boxing workout and it felt good but I’m feeling it today (and probably will tomorrow).

Work today was good, most of my students have been practicing, which is a very pleasant thing to hear after not having a week of lessons.  Now I have to start getting my students prepared for the recital at the end of the year.  The director has graciously given me my own recital which is super nice of her since I can accompany my kids and be there for them, as opposed to being up on stage all the time like the other recitals.

Also coming up in two weeks is the Peel Festival! A lot of students are in it, which means I’ll be busy and I gotta rearrange my teaching schedule somehow… I better do that this week before it’s too late.

Snow? In my backyard?

It’s snowing small flakes.  AGAIN.  Even though it is quite pretty, y’all need to stop with the snowing.  It’s supposed to be warm after this (and according to the 2 week forecast it will stay warm with a slight dip in the weekend and then stay around single digits from then on).  BRING ON THE SPRING, I wanna run! Funny though, my backyard has half snow and half green patches of grass.  Nothing can make up its mind.

I’m excited about work today because it’s back to normal teaching hours plus I get to catch up with all of my co-workers I didn’t see all last week.  They had a holiday, and in a way, I did too (crammed into a weekend).  My music director got her lip pierced, and from what I saw in the pictures, it looks kinda cute.  I was afraid she got a lip ring.  Would of been a different story.  I’m stoked!

On a bit of a down note, I can’t seem to get my throat lubricated (phrasing).  It’s so dry in my house and outside, no matter how much tea I drink, it’s not fun.  I learned my date chews gum to help keep himself moist… ugh that sentence.  Anyway, I’d like to do gum but singing and all… I guess I’ll just stick to my honey and tea.  There’s nothing more annoying than a sore throat.  Or having a tickle that won’t go away.  I need to kill it now so it won’t become worse.

Speaking of my date, we’ve been texting all the time and learning loads of stuff about each other.  He does training, sales, and runs classes at a gym.  How lucky am I? We’ll be seeing each other on Friday since he’ll be in Toronto with friends (almost the same ones as last weekend when I was in Hamilton, plus his bestie), so I’m looking forward to it.  I need to start working out more if I’m gonna hold a flame to his prowess.    Plus I just wanna be stronger, dammit.  Can’t do it if I’m laying about all the time, or sitting at a piano helping kids.  So with that, I’m off to dust off my Wii Fit and at least do some exercise before work today.  Toodles.

To and fro

Last night was so much fun! I had dinner with my friend at a pub (that wasn’t surprisingly busy) and we then went to an LCBO so he could pick up booze.  I don’t drink  anymore, but I figured since I ate dinner (a sub par chicken curry and 4 smores desserts, my friend didn’t want any), I would be ok if I had a beer.  So I did, and I seemed to be fine.  No sickness! I’m not about to start chugging beer again all the time though, that was just an exception.  I just don’t like alcohol anymore.  Plus I am almost always the DD so I don’t get to drink anyway (I really don’t mind).

We went back to his place where he was going to have a small St. Patrick’s Day get together with his roommate and a few friends.  We watched MadTV clips on Youtube, Rob Ford on Kimmel (I rolled my eyes SO MUCH), and later played Dead Or Alive 5 (button mashing for the win).  It was a lot of fun and I even met a guy who is very sweet.  We will be going out later this week.  We share similar interests and we’re around the same age to boot.  A lot of checks in the yes column.

Last night one of my co-workers (and podcast mate) had a show and I was invited… I wish I could of came, but I had so much fun that I stayed overnight (it was 2:30 when we wrapped up, I was so tired I didn’t wanna drive home with all the drunks around) and left this morning.  I’ll be looking forward to work tomorrow to hear how everything went.  Speaking of podcasts, we are going to record sometime this week for sure.  I’m not sure what we’ll be talking about anymore since the Oscars and Adele Nazeem are old news now, so we’ll see.

After heading back from Hamilton, I took a short nap and went out to the Shwa to catch up with another friend.  We literally sat and talked for 3 hours, it was glorious.  I should really play Bravely Default apparently ’cause from what he showed me, it seems like a very solid RPG.  After we talked forever I headed home and proceeded to play Star Ocean until bed time.  SUCH a good game.

Off on an adventure

After not sleeping so well, I am currently relaxing in bed, trying to gain energy.  I’ll be heading to Hamilton later tonight to see a friend I haven’t seen since the summer.  We keep trying to make plans to hang out but it never happens… until now! Plus he just got a new job a couple months ago, so it’s a celebration of sorts.  Plus it’s St. Paddy’s Day weekend, which means drinking for everyone.

We’ll see what happens! I don’t know much about Hamilton, so we’ll see what it’s like.

Off I go!

Final Frontier

Today was performance day for the kids.  It went reasonably well.  My oldest kids screwed up their first song, but I think part of it was my fault as well.  We probably should of worked on it earlier in the week, plus it’s a very wordy song (It Really Was No Miracle from the Wizard of Oz).  But that’s ok, we all had a laugh and they killed it during the rest of the show.

The other groups were alright too.  Still hitting a bit, but it’s the last day.  I yelled at them once, but honestly, I probably shouldn’t have.  It’s the final day of classes, I should of left it on a high note.  I learned something at least.  I hope they did too.  Never cross a Sugar Baker Woman.

After cleaning up, I headed home and napped as usual.  After that I went to have coffee with my best friend at 9 PM… and forgot that coffee affects me badly.  I had a Cinnamon Dolce latte and I didn’t fall asleep until 5.  Worst.  Idea.  Ever.

The Kids Are Not Alright

Just when I thought we were doing better, they all start hitting and being mean to each other the next day.  What gives, children of today? I mean, you don’t do this in elementary school, why is camp the exception to the rule? I don’t get it.  I hate yelling at the kids, but there isn’t any other way.

I had one student today who was crying for attention.  She cut her hair in dance class with scissors for some weird reason.  Then later in my class she couldn’t keep her composure, so she waited out in the hall until I came to talk to her.   Whatever problems she may have, she has friends in the classroom, so she shouldn’t cry.  That’s what I told her anyway.  Better to save your tears for something important.

I taught the kids new songs and more theory, which went well enough.  Turns out theory is a great way to get the kids to be quiet and relax for 20 minutes.  Who knew? Plus some of them actually like it! Must be because they have a great teacher.

I ended up catching with a friend for dinner tonight after his shoot.  He’s going away to Taiwan soon to scope out options for his future.  He brought up an interesting point: “I’ve been here for 10 years, I want to see if I want to change”.  I totally get the feeling of restlessness, but Canada is comfortable.  It’s hard to be that way in a sense because the feeling of excitement gets dulled.  It’s the same for me and Japan.  When I go, I will be thinking about the future and if it’s a place I’d wanna live.  Or it may just turn out that I like visiting places and keeping my home in Canada.  The latter appeals to me more I think.  Or it does for now.

Snow late

It certainly did snow 20 cm today, but during working hours, so no snow day for me.  The road conditions heading into work were fine, but heading back it was a slow drive down the main roads.  The highways weren’t plowed when I left, so I figured it was better to be safe.  Tomorrow it will be a light snow day with a harsh windchill bringing temperatures down to what will feel like near -20.  However, on Friday it will be a high of 4 degrees so… yay?

The camp kids today were excellent.  All that’s left now is learning a new song or two, completing some theory work and incorporating a few dance moves and we’re good to go for Friday’s performance.  I’m happy they are working hard and I hope they are having fun.

I decided to move the McMaster meeting to next week when I will have time during the day to explore the campus and talk to the Registrar for a longer period of time.  This week since I end at 3, I’d only have half an hour (if that) to speak to someone, so there’s no point.  Plus with all of this snow on the ground, I don’t wanna go anywhere too far from home.

That’s about it, not much else to report.  Good night!

Ups and Downs

Today was a bit of a roller coaster.  I have two very talented groups of kids at camp and one group that refuses to listen which resulted in me being not so nice.  I’m not happy about it and I hope tomorrow goes better.  For all of us.  Ironically, the group that is the worst behaved isn’t even the youngest group, or the oldest.  It was pretty embarrassing to tell them that kids younger than they were actually behaved extremely well in comparison to them.  I hope they keep that in mind for the rest of the week.

Apparently tomorrow is going to give us 10 – 20 cm of snow.  This boggles my mind because today was another balmy 8 degrees and now it has dropped to only 3 (and it’s only 11:30 PM).  I guess the snow will come in the morning and I’ll have to slug through it later.  Extra time will be needed for sure! Too bad it won’t be an actual snow day, it would be wonderful.

I found an amazing app/tool for learning Japanese (and Chinese too) called iKnow.  It costs money, but it’ll be well worth it when used in conjunction with my Pimsleur tapes.  It’s forcing me to write and read Japanese and expanding my vocabulary in the non-business department, which makes me happy.  I’m gonna test out the trial before putting any money down on it.  It is a very nice app though.

Anyway, bed time for me.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Not much to report

The first day of camp went relatively well.  A few tears, a few jeers, mostly just fun.  Tomorrow we will start on songs, which will be much more exciting for me and the kids.  Fun times ahead!

Other than that, not a whole lot happened today.  Had a nap and steak for dinner, which was a very nice change.  Today was also a high of 8 degrees, so it was wonderful to walk outside.

Tomorrow I will make a trip to McMaster to check out their campus and maybe ask a few questions at the Registrar or someone in the Arts.  Fingers crossed that I get some answers.