I’ll be honest, I’ve been playing catchup with this blog lately.  Part of it is laziness, part of it this festival.  I’ve decided to work on Sunday to make sure everyone gets a practice in with me before next week.  I also have to get my time subbed for next week today as well.

I also have quite a bit of stuff left to do before work and I haven’t even put on normal clothes yet.  I’ve been drinking tea and writing in this blog, which, while relaxing, isn’t productive.  I have to pack for tonight (so excited!), print off the excel sheets for my clients, print off my ticket for the dance show I am attending tomorrow, shave my face and apply a masque so it looks relatively normal, and eat.  I was up at 9 AM today and I didn’t do any of it sooner?! What’s wrong with me?

So lazy.  That’s what’s wrong.  On the plus side, the weather is getting better! Today is a high of 4 and it’s supposed to be a high of 9 tomorrow with rain! 9! Craziness!

I’ve started on my level 3 Pimsleur Japanese.  So far so good, I’m trying to power through it so I can at least hold a conversation.  After that, it’s going to be a lot of writing and reinforcing what I know while learning new vocabulary.  What good is only speaking if I can’t read what’s going on around me? I still need to write an iternary for my trip too… I said I was gonna do that weeks ago.

Guess I better get started!

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