It gets even better

I was so tired this morning.  Only 3 hours of sleep and I had to go to work for 10 AM.  But I somehow managed through it.  It helped I had a no-show in the afternoon and an hour break at noon for sure.  It was nice to relax a bit before teaching a lot.  I finished my work day by recapping the harmonies with the Glee group.  They are going to sound so good next week, I am so stoked! I should probably do more arranging, I think I have a knack for it.  There’s a lot of stuff I should be doing really.  Tuning, arranging, and accompanying courses.

After work was over, I made my way to Hamilton to hang out with Rob (previously called my date).  I made it to H-Town in surprisingly good time.  It only took me half an hour and we had made plans to meet at 7 PM.  Fortunately he wasn’t perturbed by it, he just needed to take the dogs out for a walk.  I was going to walk with him, but his roommate’s dog doesn’t like strangers (and men for some reason) so I waited in the car while he did his laps.  When he was finished, he joined me in the car and we went on an adventure to get a new lead for his dog.  Turns out she chewed through her old one.  So we drove out to a PetSmart and picked one up and a dog tag.  They have laser etching for pet tags now, which is crazy.  We then got a Starbucks and headed back to his place.

He then told me that we may have to take his dog with us if his roommate isn’t home to take care of them for the night.  I thought this was odd since I thought he was just gonna hang out for the evening and then head back.  Stupid me, he wanted to stay over (which I was totally fine with).  So once that was cleared up, he checked on his roommate (who was fine with keeping the dog, thank god) and we were on our way to my place.  But before we left, he ran back upstairs to grab something for me… a bunny from Build A Bear! He got a bunny because we’re both born in the year of the Rabbit and he wants me to have something when he’s not around, which is very sweet and kind of forward for only knowing me for a week, but I do like him and he likes me, so it doesn’t feel rushed.  I named the bunny J.S. Bunny after the Alfred Mozart music book series (and obviously Bach), plus he was wearing a tuxedo, which was adorable.  It’s the first time a guy has given me a really cute gift when he didn’t need to do anything, so it made me happy.

We drove to my place (by the time we got there it was almost 10), so we had Pho and then cuddled in bed.  It was there that we decided that we would be boyfriends.  Everything felt right, we have very similar values, he has an idea of where he wants to go in life (as do I) and we communicate well together.  So now I have a partner, which is wonderful.  We definitely walk side by side, which is much better than one leading and the other following.

After our cuddling, we went downstairs to watch a movie (Frances Ha) on Netflix.  We got through an hour of it and then decided to call it a night.  We were inseparable all night in bed.  I find it hard to stay attached to someone when I sleep, but with Rob it’s quite easy.  We’re almost the same height (he’s a bit taller) so it’s not a challenge to get into a nook and stay there.

We woke up the next day and showered, I toasted (almost burnt) some raisin bread for him and made tea and then sent him on his way back to Hamilton.  The rest will continue tomorrow! Could not be happier.

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