-Ing Thing Revival

I haven’t written an -Ing Thing in forever, and there isn’t too much happening today, so why not?


In the capacity of being able to reach people easily, I do miss Facebook.  When I read over old posts and I think about co-workers, school mates, or Katimavik people, I wonder what they are doing now and a feeling of “I need to get a hold of them!” arises.  This could also be coupled with the fact that I just saw friends I haven’t seen in a while lately, so maybe I should start with e-mailing people and see how it goes.  I don’t miss Facebook on the whole though.  It’s so boring and ego driven.  I’m over it.


I’ve been reading a lot about people’s experiences in Japan, whether in reminiscence (like in 1000 Things About Japan), or scouring Trip Advisor forums for things to do and see.  It is important for me to read about this stuff anyway so I can plan my trip, but it’s also just pleasant to read about other people’s experiences.  Speaking of Japan, I am going to plan out my itinerary this week.  I think I may be spending a lot of time in museums because it’s so hot.  I know it’s not ideal that I’m going during the hottest season of the month (and not even when most of the festivals are happening), but it’s the only time I have off.


Looking at previous -Ing Thing posts, I’ve realized that I was pretty vain during my time at Katimavik.  A lot of stuff about products and what I’m gonna buy next.  Then again, my world was limited to whatever community I was a part of at the time (or in my house, which got me to try a lot of different things) and the internet.  Now that I am back home and I have freedom in the marketplace, I don’t have the desire to write about such things anymore.  It’s just a block away.  Even still, I don’t think about cosmetically bettering myself all the time now.  What I mean by cosmetically is with hair dye, make up, better clothes, etc.  Plastic surgery is not on my list.

If I’m listing the “bad” physical qualities I have now: I’m balding, my skin is not as good as it could be (thanks partially to my work hours and not bringing in lunches often enough), and I am starting to get a serious tummy.  I could fight balding by shaving off my hair (which I did do last summer, although it doesn’t really work for me), I am changing my diet by eating more home-cooked meals and less trips to Tim Hortons, and I am starting my workout routine this week.  I’m not going to fight what I am anymore and just work on what I have to make it the best I can be.  I’m 26, there isn’t much more change that’s going to happen unless I am lazy.  Maintenance is key.


I put way too much soy sauce into certain things that it can’t be healthy for me, even though it’s delicious.  Pho and chinese fried rice are my biggest offenders that get this treatment.  Same goes for sugar in my tea.  I do honey usually, but now I am finding that if I just put milk in as a treat, it’s enough.  At Starbucks if I have a really bad day, I’ll still do my 8 pumps of chai into a chai latte.  That’s about half syrup for those of you keeping track at home.  I like my chai like I like my men, strong.  But the sugar content is through the roof.  I am finding that it’s getting to be too much for me now (sugar wise) and also the price is ridiculous ($5 is crazy).  Even $2 for an extra large (24 oz., slightly bigger than a Venti at Starbucks) tea at Tim Horton’s is too expensive.  I’m trying to not spend money while I’m at work, and it’s kind of working.  I kept my costs down last week and now I gotta do more of the same.

That’s about it for this -Ing Thing.  Off to teach and to start work on festival material!

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