Spam and Japan

I really should be sleeping… but instead I got curious about my Akismet stats.  There’s a lot of delicious spam out there.  I wonder how bigger blogs deal with it.  If they have more commenters, surely they must have a lot more spam to wade through (ones that fall through the cracks anyway).  I suppose some sites don’t bother and let the users sort it out.  Maybe that’s why mods get paid?

I was looking at Japan Street Styles tonight, just to see what I’d be getting myself into.  Basically I’d have to dress like a certain stylist I know does here in Toronto.  My friend basically wears the very things I was seeing.  That whole Doc Martins everything is big and androgynous type stuff.  It’s certainly not my style.  I surmised by the end of it that I should just stick with my BR preppy styling self.  Keep it classy abroad and sweat to death since it will be hot and humid.

Speaking of the weather, it will be as hot as it is in Toronto during my time there, but with cloud cover and more humidity.  Not much change really… just gotta be sure to sun block and stop my face from melting all the time while I’m there.  It’s not bugging me so much even though it’s not the best time to be there.  It probably doesn’t bug me yet because it’s still winter here.

I was watching a Game Grumps Let’s Play of Go! Go! Nippon! and it accurately depicts an otaku’s reactions to going to Japan.  It’s a dream of mine too, musically.  But I don’t think I’m about to be all, “OMG WE’RE LANDING!!!!!!!” when we’re flying overhead.  Seems a bit excessive.  I think I’ll definitely fanboy out once some awesome musical stuff happens though.  I will say though, I really need to practice reading more Hiragana and Katakana desperately.  I need to get on that wagon like I am with practicing speaking it.  Granted, the talking points I am learning are strictly business related, so I’m gonna need to learn how to loosen up, but it’s better than nothing I think.  … I hope.

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