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I’ll be honest, I’ve been playing catchup with this blog lately.  Part of it is laziness, part of it this festival.  I’ve decided to work on Sunday to make sure everyone gets a practice in with me before next week.  I also have to get my time subbed for next week today as well.

I also have quite a bit of stuff left to do before work and I haven’t even put on normal clothes yet.  I’ve been drinking tea and writing in this blog, which, while relaxing, isn’t productive.  I have to pack for tonight (so excited!), print off the excel sheets for my clients, print off my ticket for the dance show I am attending tomorrow, shave my face and apply a masque so it looks relatively normal, and eat.  I was up at 9 AM today and I didn’t do any of it sooner?! What’s wrong with me?

So lazy.  That’s what’s wrong.  On the plus side, the weather is getting better! Today is a high of 4 and it’s supposed to be a high of 9 tomorrow with rain! 9! Craziness!

I’ve started on my level 3 Pimsleur Japanese.  So far so good, I’m trying to power through it so I can at least hold a conversation.  After that, it’s going to be a lot of writing and reinforcing what I know while learning new vocabulary.  What good is only speaking if I can’t read what’s going on around me? I still need to write an iternary for my trip too… I said I was gonna do that weeks ago.

Guess I better get started!

Coffee and weather

Today was full of teaching, but started with a relaxing morning of doing nothing.  I should of done more taxes during the day, but I saved it until the evening after work.  Before work, I decided to get a coffee at Starbucks.  I’ve discovered if I take a tall coffee and put it into a venti cup with a ton of milk and sugar, it becomes bearable.  But I definitely shouldn’t do it all the time because I hate getting caffeine headaches and I drink black tea before work anyway… so much of it lately because my skin won’t get hydrated! What gives environment?

The weather is also very cold for being almost April now, it’s so unpleasant.  Everyone at work is feeling so listless and low energy, myself included.  However, the weather is supposed to only get warmer from now on.  How many times have we heard that this year?

Tomorrow I will be hanging out with Rob after work and sleeping over.  I miss his touch and seeing his handsome face.  We talk on the phone every night now, which is a nice ritual.  We get along so well, I couldn’t be happier, and I know he feels the same way.  I’ll be going to his cousins wedding in May (during the 24 weekend when his birthday is as well).  He’ll be going to my cousin’s wedding as well in August.  Should be a fun time!

Art imitates life

Today Rob was telling me about a conservative alcoholic grandmother that got on the bus today (a la Wedding Crashers) and made his day.  It got me to thinking about people that have no filter period in public.  How does someone feel no shame, and where does that feeling start? For me, I feel embarrassment at being too loud in public, people staring at me, or singing out loud for no reason.  If it’s not for performance purposes and just for the sake of being weird, I don’t understand it.

It reminds me of a friend of mine who is the kind of guy who will talk to strangers on the Subway when they clearly don’t want to be talked to.  The feeling of “Just shut up and let them be” that I was experiencing was so strong, it was almost like fight or flight.  After doing a quick search, I have the answer.  Selfishness and lack of consideration for the public.  At least it makes life interesting I guess.

Work was still tar filled today, but my students were good and I got to work on festival material.  I still don’t know what I’m going to do about next week as I have students in the festival while I am working.  I guess I’ll have to get a sub, even though I don’t want to give up those days.  I suppose it balances out with the accompanying fees but still…

I also filed one of my client’s taxes today.  One down, another to go.  And it took hardly any time at all! I really do love organizing people’s lives.  I really need to get back into my personal assistant job.


Today was alright.  They’re pushing the roof repairs at work right now, so every room smells like tar.  It is literally the worst.  Plus with all of the changes in weather and temperature, my skin is drying up faster than some hilarious metaphor.

My kids today were good, had one student come back to start lessons with me after a 2 week vacation which was nice.  I really do love teaching piano and theory.  Watching them use their brains and think about where notes are and developing their fine motor skills is fascinating.  When I think about the fact that I’ve been doing that for 22 years, it’s proof that practice makes perfect.  Kids don’t see that point immediately, but those that practice do see improvement for sure.

That’s about it for today.

Day of rest

After I dropped off my boyfriend (feels so good to type that) at the Go Station, I headed up to Brampton for brunch with a friend who just got back from Cambodia.  She had some amazing stories to tell and I’m so happy she went on the trip.  Volunteering and helping out people in less fortunate countries is such an amazing thing to do and she is so amazing.  Definitely some life experiences there.  I wonder where she’ll go next…

We wrapped up brunch and then I proceeded to do absolutely nothing with the rest of my day.  It was so nice to have nothing to worry about for a day.  This week I’ll be preparing for festival though, so it will be quite busy.  That’s about it!

It gets even better

I was so tired this morning.  Only 3 hours of sleep and I had to go to work for 10 AM.  But I somehow managed through it.  It helped I had a no-show in the afternoon and an hour break at noon for sure.  It was nice to relax a bit before teaching a lot.  I finished my work day by recapping the harmonies with the Glee group.  They are going to sound so good next week, I am so stoked! I should probably do more arranging, I think I have a knack for it.  There’s a lot of stuff I should be doing really.  Tuning, arranging, and accompanying courses.

After work was over, I made my way to Hamilton to hang out with Rob (previously called my date).  I made it to H-Town in surprisingly good time.  It only took me half an hour and we had made plans to meet at 7 PM.  Fortunately he wasn’t perturbed by it, he just needed to take the dogs out for a walk.  I was going to walk with him, but his roommate’s dog doesn’t like strangers (and men for some reason) so I waited in the car while he did his laps.  When he was finished, he joined me in the car and we went on an adventure to get a new lead for his dog.  Turns out she chewed through her old one.  So we drove out to a PetSmart and picked one up and a dog tag.  They have laser etching for pet tags now, which is crazy.  We then got a Starbucks and headed back to his place.

He then told me that we may have to take his dog with us if his roommate isn’t home to take care of them for the night.  I thought this was odd since I thought he was just gonna hang out for the evening and then head back.  Stupid me, he wanted to stay over (which I was totally fine with).  So once that was cleared up, he checked on his roommate (who was fine with keeping the dog, thank god) and we were on our way to my place.  But before we left, he ran back upstairs to grab something for me… a bunny from Build A Bear! He got a bunny because we’re both born in the year of the Rabbit and he wants me to have something when he’s not around, which is very sweet and kind of forward for only knowing me for a week, but I do like him and he likes me, so it doesn’t feel rushed.  I named the bunny J.S. Bunny after the Alfred Mozart music book series (and obviously Bach), plus he was wearing a tuxedo, which was adorable.  It’s the first time a guy has given me a really cute gift when he didn’t need to do anything, so it made me happy.

We drove to my place (by the time we got there it was almost 10), so we had Pho and then cuddled in bed.  It was there that we decided that we would be boyfriends.  Everything felt right, we have very similar values, he has an idea of where he wants to go in life (as do I) and we communicate well together.  So now I have a partner, which is wonderful.  We definitely walk side by side, which is much better than one leading and the other following.

After our cuddling, we went downstairs to watch a movie (Frances Ha) on Netflix.  We got through an hour of it and then decided to call it a night.  We were inseparable all night in bed.  I find it hard to stay attached to someone when I sleep, but with Rob it’s quite easy.  We’re almost the same height (he’s a bit taller) so it’s not a challenge to get into a nook and stay there.

We woke up the next day and showered, I toasted (almost burnt) some raisin bread for him and made tea and then sent him on his way back to Hamilton.  The rest will continue tomorrow! Could not be happier.

Waiting for tonight

Tonight was pretty great.  Had a slow start, but once it got going it was fun.

Started off the evening with ballet and then rushed home to get changed.  I was waiting for a text from my date to see what time they were going to get into Toronto, and the time changed from 10 to 11, and then they got in at midnight.  I was a bit annoyed because I could of hung out with my friend after all during that time, but whatever.  It gave me a chance to rest and mentally prepare for the marathon of events coming my way.  Drunk people, am I right?

So I picked them up from downtown (after a bit of stumbling around for directions) and we headed up to the village.  Our original plan was to go to Crews, but the lineup was ridiculous (and it was a bit cold out), so we went to Woody’s instead where they were having the usual Best Ass Contest.  So everyone got their drinks, we found a table very close to the action (strangely) and watch the contest, which was a shit show.  They got 3 people up to the stage willingly, and two others that were very drunk and kinda didn’t wanna be there.  The last guy was so drunk he couldn’t even take his pants off without some help.  It was sad and hilarious.  In the end, a cute twink who was there with his bf of 3 years won.  It was really sweet and a subversion of the trope that muscle guys always win those things.

After the contest was over, we stayed there and danced.  My one friend (who I visited in Hamilton originally) was fine with me leaving him by his lonesome to go dance with everyone (my date, his best friend and my friend’s roommate), but I could tell it kind of bothered him.  My date and I tried to keep things on the down low as much as we could, but I can tell that even just me being there was a bit annoying to my friend.  He has some drama issues he needs to work out I think.  My date went all out with his dancing, as did his best friend (who is super sweet and awesome.  She knows how to have a good time, love it!) and we all had fun dancing and laughing at various drunk people.

Near the end of the night, we were sitting at a different table and my friend’s roommate got checked out by another guy nearby.  So my date did what any good wingman would do and brought him to our table.  It was awkward and awesome all at once.  No numbers were exchanged, just a very awkward “Have you met Shane?” moment.  Honestly, if a friend was nice enough to serve a potential date up on a platter, it’s not that hard to say, let’s hang out sometime or just go off somewhere a bit private to talk.  It doesn’t need to be awkward, but god was it funny.

After that exchange, we went back to the dance floor and stayed until 2:30.  I’ve never danced at Woody’s in my life, but it was nice to move around and not have to worry about bumping into people.  I enjoyed myself and I hope everyone else did too.  For some reason my date had a lot of energy as we left the bar and decided to do a cartwheel and run to my car.  It was something out of the movie Fame as we all ran to catch up (except for my friend who was being a stick in the mud I think).

As I drove everyone back home, we stopped to get some McDonald’s and take a bit of a breather.  By the time I dropped off everyone, it was 4 AM and I still had to head back to my home.  I had a lot of energy left surprisingly.  Probably because I didn’t start work until 4:30 and I was all energized from the dancing.  I got home at 5 AM and slept for 2 hours before dropping my parents off at the Airport.  Now I have house freedom!

I had a lot of fun and remembered what it was like to go to a bar and laugh and get to know people a bit.  But let’s not do it again until the summer.  I am not a party animal.

This post is basically about nothing

Today was a normal ballet day, with added smells of tar. They’re recovering the roof, so the smell wafts in from time to time.  I’m quite sure I’ve lost a few brain cells this week over it.  But what can you do, snow melts and the seasons change.

After work I went home and did hardly anything because tomorrow is a large hang out day (followed by another one right afterwards), so I need my energy.

Sleep time!

Busy days, busy nights

Woke up nice and early today and had a meeting with a colleague to get tax stuff sorted out.  He has asked me to help him out this year, which is great! Extra cash in my pocket always makes me happy, plus I love organizing people’s lives.  I’m sure I have a psychological disorder.  There’s something satisfying about seeing numbers added up and having a big picture of where all your money went for the year.  I’ll be working on those on Sunday I think.

Today was a full day of teaching, which was really nice to do.  I wanted to crash half way through because I had low blood sugar, but thank goodness I bought an Oat Fudge Bar from Starbucks before I went in.  Totally saved me.  Also reminds me that I do need to make cookies sometime very soon.  Also, Starbucks has raised their prices on items… so not cool.  Really gives me more incentive not to spend money though.

The guy I’ve been texting back and forth with invited me to go out with him and mutual friends (including his best friend who I haven’t met) on Friday.  I’m stoked! I think it’s going to involve a gay bar, which I haven’t been to in a long while.  Should be an interesting night.  Following that though, we are getting together on Saturday, just the two of us (we can make it if we try) so I am really looking forward to that.  Things are going so well, I cannot complain.

Getting back into the groove

I’ve been using the Wii Fit recently to get back into shape a bit.  I had purchased the Wii Fit Plus a while back and was starting to use it, but I never did the new exercises.  I did some of the new ones today and they were not easy.  It’s good to have a challenge for sure.  My arms are sore from yesterday’s workout though.  I did the boxing workout and it felt good but I’m feeling it today (and probably will tomorrow).

Work today was good, most of my students have been practicing, which is a very pleasant thing to hear after not having a week of lessons.  Now I have to start getting my students prepared for the recital at the end of the year.  The director has graciously given me my own recital which is super nice of her since I can accompany my kids and be there for them, as opposed to being up on stage all the time like the other recitals.

Also coming up in two weeks is the Peel Festival! A lot of students are in it, which means I’ll be busy and I gotta rearrange my teaching schedule somehow… I better do that this week before it’s too late.