As I was reading over the past posts from this week, it dawned on me.  My blog is all about the adventure leading up to my Japan trip.  When I actually get there, I don’t know what this blog will evolve into.  I don’t really want it to be just another “I’m a gaijin in Japan! Stuff is SO CUTE and WEIRD here! Stuff in Vending Machines?! MASCOTS FOR EVERY PREFECTURE?! Oh Land of the Rising Sun, you so crazy!” If I was leaving for Japan 4 years ago like I said I would then yeah, it’d probably be that way.  But now, I’m looking at Japan as a chance to see what another society is like and if (or how) could I fit into it.  I’ve got 14 years of interest and speculation, but now it’s really coming true. I can finally fill in the other daruma doll eye I have on my desk once I get back.  Of course I will pick up another one while I am there and get a new goal.  What that one daruma’s goal will be though, I’m not sure.

On the topic of goals, I don’t particularly have one at this point in my life.  It’s more of a checklist.  Japan is certainly a special one, but other than that, it’s the standard fare (not that there is anything wrong with it):

  • Improve my skills as a teacher and accompanist (and be better at my job every day)
  • Try out piano technician courses
  • Figure out where I wanna end up in life geographically
  • Get a boyfriend at some point?

I’m not itching to do all of those things at once, I know they will come in time.  I am taking a course at the National Ballet School in March to beef up my accompanying ability for dance (which I, and the Ballet Faculty at my work are super stoked about).  I know the RCM does their piano technician courses in the fall, so I will go do one of those (though I’d like to do it sooner, maybe there is a way)… and if I like it, then find a way to enroll or apprentice.  Western has a program for that, so that could be another thing to add to the list.  A part of me is a tad wary of going back to school again (I am 26 after all), but it’s not something that will hurt to do.  I may even go back and get a degree (not that I need it here particularly, but if I do want to live and work in Japan or other countries, it is necessary).

As for the boyfriend thing… It would be nice to have someone to share these things with.  Although the more I am in this job, the harder it is to meet people since I am on opposite schedules with the rest of the world.  I do get lonely sometimes (we all do), but I have friends and co-workers, so it’s all good.  Plus I don’t know where I will end up.  Not exactly fair to the potential suitors out there! In short, it’s extra icing, but it’s not mandatory.  I’ve already lived all over Canada, so the next step (naturally) is to conquer the world.  Can’t have a man cramping my style, unless he’s coming with me.

Of course, in the end I’ll be walking down that road alone.  Which suits me just fine.

(Wondering about that title? It’s my new category for this arc.  Kind of a play on MY ROAD, MY JOURNEY from Dragon Quest II.  I use the DQ music in ballet classes sometimes.  So classical and wonderful, I love playing it!)

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