21-100 Things About Me (with commentary!)

Here’s the rest of the things about me.  Enjoy.

21. I’m blunt to a fault sometimes. I’ve gotten better at not being that way though. Living with 10 other people cures you of that habit quickly.  (Still blunt, but if I feel like I was too harsh, I do apologize.  Generally, people that know me know that how I say things is not a reflection of what I actually mean.  My words are more important than my tone, even if it gets me into trouble sometimes.)

22. I would take an one-on-one interview over a group interview any day.  (Still would.  Although I did successfully get a job from doing a group interview 2 years ago for a promo gig, I still like one-on-one scenarios better.)

23. Lucky Charms cereal is so good. I think the love for the super-sugary cereals comes from not having those cereals when I was a child. I was also deprived of Sodalicious, Fruit By The Foot, and other fun-time treats that would get traded over elementary lunches.  (Now when I see those types of candy, all I can see is raw sugar and it actually grosses me out.  Tastes change I suppose.)

24. I’m a sucker for Major 7th chords.  (Oh my god yes.  So good.  Also diminished chords that resolve in wonderful ways.)

25. I find it easy to predict a chord progression of a song.  (I was talking about this with my co-worker when it comes to song writing.  If we write stuff for ourselves, we tend to get too complex.  But then we think about writing simpler stuff and it hurts our souls.  This is the problem with learning music past high school.  You know too much.)

26. I enjoy lazy male vocals and female vocals with vibratos. I can”t understand what’s being said in screamo songs. Can anyone?  (Still don’t get what’s being said in metal songs when being screamed.  But I had the opportunity to assist a metal band in writing new songs.  I told the main songwriter, write in different keys, it’s no good to have 7 songs with a drop D.  But that’s a testament to how those songs are.  Can’t change tunings in between songs during a concert that easily I suppose…)

27. I have never had a pen explode on me and make an embarrassing stain on my pants or shirt.  (But I do have to deal with a lot of cat hair, thanks Edgewood.)

28. I don’t have much of a problem walking around the house in my underwear, unless there are guests in the house.  (This is something I did a lot in University.  Even baked cakes in my underwear.  Weird? Maybe.  But it was University, when else are you going to experiment with your housemates’ boundaries? Now though I have the decency to wear pjs or some form of robe around the house.  I’ve grown up a little.)

29. Every time I watch the movie Amélie, I always find something I missed the previous times I watched it.  (Haven’t watched Amelie in forever.  I don’t watch many movies anymore.  Only when cuddling with boys or watching them with friends. On my own, I can’t bring myself to watch anything.)

30. I prefer form fitting or tight yet comfortable clothes over loose clothing any day.  (I do like things that fit, though tight is out for me now.  No one needs to see that.)

31. I don’t care much for beer. Everything else alcoholic is great, and I’ll force down a beer if I have to, but I will never ask for one.  (I can’t drink any alcohol anymore.  I discovered last summer that if I drink any kind of alcohol I get sick immediately or the next day without fail.  So now I don’t drink.  And honestly, I wasn’t much of a drinker unless it was during my two years of University.  That time also involved going out to the gay bar quite often.  It was a simple time then…)

32. I love Easter chocolate. It’s my most favourite time of year because the weather is warm and the chocolate is cheap and delicious. (As I write this, I am eating a Rolo Egg. It’s pretty delectable.)  (Rolo eggs are still delicious, as are Cadbury Creme Eggs.  It does make me a bit sad that they now have the mini eggs in every colour for every season though.  Way to sell out and make your product not special anymore.)

33. I am a mouth breather, according to my friend/model/dental hygienist.  (I use an air flosser now, but I feel like it actually damages my teeth, so I am switching to good ol’ normal floss now.  My teeth are not the greatest.)

34. I will defend friends if they are being put down behind their backs.  (Still true.)

35. I read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings when I was 10. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the movie. Although, I do think I would enjoy watching the Hobbit. Bilbo… Bilbo Baggins… only three feet tall… (Bilbo… Bilbo Baggins… Greatest little hobbit of them all! I did watch the first installment of The Hobbit last year.  It was pretty good, though some of the comedy was kind of hollywood and made me groan.)

36. I love it when I start singing a song and then someone in the house will finish it and vice versa.  (This happens at work too, it’s awesome.)

37. However, I find it annoying when people who are not performing with me start trying to add in bad harmonies or vocal acrobatics in the middle of my songs. You have to start at the beginning of a song and build up to it, not just jump in there and add in whatever you want.  (This happens at Statlers.  I’ve gotten over it.  I still have a bad habit of wincing a bit when something goes wrong when someone else is singing.  I’m rooting for them to do well, I don’t want to see them fail!)

38. I’m a nerd. But I didn’t take programming in high school or university, so I don’t know how to hack into your computer, or physically put together your hard drive. But I can fix your computer in other ways. I’m handy with printers and photo-copiers as well.  (Absolutely a sign of my generation.  More so with the young kids.  EVERYONE has an iPad and a cell phone now, even if they are 5.)

39. I think the Microsoft Office Assistants are annoying. I don’t want to see you pop out and ask me, “Oh, it looks like you’re writing a letter! Want me to help you with that?”. No, thank you. I’m capable of doing it myself.  (Clipit is good for humor though.  I use Siri and my voice recognition stuff in my car too.  It works for me and I’m lazy.)

40. The greatest compliments I have ever received were after my performances. People would come up to me and say, “Thank you, your songs made me feel like this, or made me think of a time in my life.” I love knowing that the music that I play makes others feel good.  (I look back at these memories fondly.  I still get these feelings with my students and I know that when they perform or practice, they feel good and the people that are listening to it feel good too.)

Sorry about the syntax change here.  It bugs me but I am too lazy to fix it right now.  Oh snap, there’s another thing to add to the list!

  1. I enjoy reading with a glass of wine or chocolate.  (I don’t read much anymore unless it’s on the computer.  Sad.  I do have a few books I should read though.  I have one by my night stand that is begging to be read.  I used to read when I was on the TTC, but now that I drive everywhere, I just listen to Pimsleur tapes and music.)
  2. When I was a kid I used to stay up all night and read.  That stopped when I got to University.  I’ve taken up that habit again since Katimavik.  (It makes me happy to see my students with a book in their bags or reading while waiting for their parents.  I hope they don’t stop reading.)
  3. I love looking for the subtle rhythms and melodies in music and studying the lyrics.  (I still do this.  Such a nerd.)
  4. My first exposure to Japanese music came from watching Clip Trip on Much More Music.  I watched Pizzicato Five’s Tout Va Bien and I was hooked.  (This will lead to something wonderful in the future very soon!)
  5. If I studied more in that field, I would love to run a show like Clip Trip, or The Loop.  (I am not well versed in the field of media, even though I did work at a radio station for a year.  Shows like that wouldn’t work anymore because we don’t show music videos anymore, but there are other options!)
  6. I have never toured the CHUM Building in Toronto, but I want to and plan on doing it this summer.  Some Torontoian I am.  (Still haven’t toured the CHUM Building, but I did sit in on a taping of the Marilyn Dennis Show.  It was fun.)
  7. Synthesized strings in serious ballads annoy me and take away from the emotion of the song.  (I’m a bit of a snob that way.  I still like real instruments over synths.)
  8. I have so many things I want to do in life, I wonder if I’ll have time to do it all.  (This does not count as a “Thing” about me. Way to phone it in, Edward.)
  9. I don’t do anything for April Fool’s or for Poisson Avril.  No fools or fish here.  (I still don’t.  I generally don’t like being pranked.  Ain’t my style.)
  10. Spring to Summer is my favourite seasonal transition.  (Still true.  I love it when it gets warm.  I love busting out sweaters in the Fall too.  Plus I get to wear boots and sneakers.  Bit more variety in the wardrobe is nice.)
  11. I enjoy going to art museums and wandering around.  (Don’t do this enough at all.  FAIL.)
  12. I have yet to buy any souvenirs for my family.  It’s probably because they have all been to the same places I have been living in for the last 7 months.  (I didn’t get them any souvenirs because we’ve travelled to all parts of Canada except the territories and I think the could live without a “I LOVE WINTERPEG” t-shirt.)
  13. I try to find things to look forward to in life.  (Still have that positive outlook.  For example, I am looking forward to Japan in June.  For REAL.  It’s my dream coming true.)
  14. Sometimes when I’m bored and listening to a song, I wonder what the artist is doing at that moment in time.  (I still make this remark when I am out with friends and hear a song somewhere.  I can’t tune out music.)
  15. I’d rather do something right the first time than half-ass it.  (Still true.)
  16. I pick up random romance novels for fun and open up the page to see if it has any hilariously written love making scenes in it.  (Aw yeah! Still fun!)
  17. Bad resumés make me wonder how those people got jobs in the first place.  (And lord have I seen some bad resumes in my time! Also see how anal I am? I used the accent on resumes.  Now I don’t care quite as much.)
  18. I’ve seen almost all of the Star Wars movies (except for the most recent one) but I couldn’t tell you what happened in any of them.  (Uh… I couldn’t really tell you what happened in all the Star Wars movies but I’ve seen them is like saying, I can’t tell you the history of the United States, but I’ve went on vacation there? Fail.)
  19. I get more intellectual satisfaction out of reading a book than watching a movie.  (True, although I do get wrapped up in movies and always feel like I’m in a daze after.  I like immersion.)

60.  I have a soft spot in my heart for documentaries.  (Yet I don’t actively watch them.  I don’t really like them quite as much as I think I do.  They’re interesting in theory but I have to be in the mood for them.)

61. I wore an argyle sweater today and was deemed by my co-workers that it was like I was being forced to wear it to Grandpa’s Christmas party.  It was kind of cute, but not my style.  (This must of been during Coach or BR I think? It was just after Katimavik and just before I was going to do Gerontology and then cancelled it.)


62. I don’t do much layering in my fashion.  Usually it’s just a polo or a t-shirt or a button up shirt with nothing underneath.  I plan on changing that.  Maybe I won’t die from the cold as much.  (I don’t own any polo shirts now and I don’t layer unless it’s a button up with a cardigan.  Or a full on suit.  Sign of the times and my job.)

63. Since I was born 4 months pre-mature, I don’t have any body fat which means I am very susceptible to cold (it’s super effective?) (I don’t think that’s because of being pre-mature, I think that’s just because I am thin.  I still have this problem.  It’s the wind.)

64. I am a tad comma happy.  I like using compound sentences and conjunctions.  (This is still in my writing today! It’s a problem, maybe… SEE?!)

65. I like biographies.  (They are fun to read but again, like Documentaries, I haven’t read any recently at all.)

66. When I look in the mirror, I get a surge of happiness.  I didn’t feel that way about myself until I started High School.  (Very true still.  It’s how I feel better about myself.  Making funny faces is also hilarious too, I did that with one of my students recently to get them to shake out the silliness so we could focus on playing the piano.)

67. I didn’t have the best Elementary School years.  Lemens Ill Pubic Scoo was not too kind to me.  I got picked on a lot ’cause I was scrawny (once again, lack of body fat).  (I also acted very feminine during that time.  I would grow up more in high school and even more after University.)

68. I don’t talk much about my past because nothing exciting happened until I got to University.  (Not so much that it’s not exciting, but because I didn’t have many friends in elementary.  They were all in other schools.  Most of my friends were in extra-curriculars.)

69. I miss some people in Windsor, but I don’t miss the city.  As Mik once said, “It’s the city that smells like ass and roses.” I couldn’t agree more.  The Detroit River smells awful.  (Still does.  And I don’t miss it.  I don’t miss Cambridge that much either, but I do like going back there for the Chocolate and for walking around.  It’s actually a very pretty downtown area.)

70. I don’t consider my ex-boyfriends as ex-boyfriends.  I call them my friends because that’s what they are to me now.  (This is true for Mik.  That’s about it.  Everyone else is an ex.)

71. I consider not being out to your parents (at least) or your immediate family to be a deal breaker.  (It still kind of is… but I know that some people try to, so it’s not a complete deal breaker.  It’s if they don’t try at all and want to keep it secret selfishly… then I have a problem.  I’m not saying you have to tell them, but if they ever meet me, they’re going to have questions.)

72. I don’t watch Oprah or Tyra, although I do find them amusing if I’m really bored and happen to be in front of a television.  In fact, I don’t watch much TV anymore.  I used to when I was a child but I just don’t have the time (it’s all taken up by work and learning).  (Still don’t watch TV.  Internet yes, but see previous post.)

73. I spend most of my time on the Internet instead, watching television from there (ha!).  (I should learn to read down before typing.)

74. I love my MacBook, but I wish the keyboard was built more ergonomically.  (I’ve gotten used to it, it’s fine now.  Though my MacBook is pretty grody now.  I should buy a new one someday…)

75. I love live bands, theatre, opera, orchestras, anything! I’d rather be there than watch it.  (Yes to that, but I don’t go to see them often because I am always working when it’s happening.  Sunday matinees are really the only time.)

76. I’ve never had a jam session.  (That changed when I got to Red Deer.  Jam class was fun though my voice is not suited for pop/rock music.  I’m pretty old school/classical/Josh Groban-esque type.)

77. I’ve never performed with a band.  Only with an accompanist or as a duet.  (Did this in Red Deer.  It was fun.)

78. I love fragrances.  My most recent purchase was Banana Republic’s Cordovan.  It came out last year and I love it.  (Still like fragrances a lot, but I find most of the men’s stuff now smells really sweet, like rockets… why is that a thing? I have BR’s Blue Summer and it smells awesome on me.  I do best with clean fresh scents.)

79. I would like to create my own music box one day.  (Still would.  Need to write a kick-ass melody for it.)

80. When I was a kid, I used to slide down the stairs steps because we weren’t allowed to slide down on the pole.  (If I became a stripper, that’d be the start of a good joke.  But sliding down stair steps is fun too.  Obviously don’t do that anymore.  Hardwood floors hurt, man!)

81. I only drink Coke or Pepsi when it is mixed with alcohol or in Slushie form.  (Slushies are ok, though I can only do smalls now.  The larger sizes make no sense to me.  Can’t do the alcohol thing.  This isn’t Windsor.)

82. I enjoy natural silences in conversations.  (Still do.  They’re there for a reason!)

83. Dying does not freak me out.  Since I worked at a Palliative Care Centre, it’s not such a scary thing anymore.  (When my time comes, it’ll come.  I gotta make the most of my life now.)

84. I cringe a little when I hear bones cracking.  It used to be much worse, but I became desensitized after someone cracked almost every bone in their body.  (Still grosses me out.  Also tooth wiggling.  Some of my students have teeth that are growing out and … uggggh.)

85. I can’t watch operations.  (True.  Not my cup of tea.)

86. I’ve always enjoyed random shows on the History Channel, but I never turn on the TV to watch the History Channel.  Or Discovery.  (Now they show a lot more reality, so good for them for getting with the times.  At least they’re making money?)

87. When I study something, it is best done in a library.  If I have music on, I will listen to the music and not read my book.  My brain’s priority starts with music and works its way down.  (TRUE.  TVs have the same effect on me.)

88. I have a key chain, coin, and world instrument collection from when I was a child.  All of those things are collecting dust on my bookshelf and I wonder why I collected key chains.  I understand coins because that 2000 Millenium coin is going to be worth something some day, and the world instruments will come in handy should I need maracas or a bamboo flute on my album, but key chains? (I still have those musical instruments.  Not gonna use them in an album, but they’re nice to have.)

89. I want to see Gone With The Wind but I still have not roused myself to do it.  I’m a terrible gay.  Yet I know exactly how fabulous Vivian Leigh was in that film thanks to the gay hype.  (I still have not seen that movie.  I did finally see Breakfast At Tiffany’s with my used-to-live-in-Winnipeg-friend Daniel, which was very nice.  Cuddling and watching a movie is awesome.)

90. When I do have a music career, I am going to do whatever I can not to end up like this guy.  His first album title? Even The Ladies Love Him.  I only know about this because it was one of the gay CDs that I found in the Safe Space in Windsor.  I wonder who bought that CD in the first place… (The sad part is when I worked in radio at a gay radio station, we got lots of cds like that.  People using their sexuality to give their album a point is sad.  George Michael and Elton John didn’t do that.  Let your music do the talking please.)

91. My first job was at a dollar store.  Pretty exciting times.  (All of the employees were women.  There was a lot of drama, backstabbing, and anger.  I just needed a job.)

92. I could wear Cabbage Patch Doll clothes when I was a baby.  (They’re still in a bag in my photo album.) 

93. I loved the movie Waking Life.  (Have not seen it since.)

94. I have a hard time completing projects that I start.  Since I admitted that last year, it’s been easier for me to follow through.  Katimavik solidified that quality for me.  (This blog counts I suppose… but I am posting every day so far, so it’s working.  I just gotta set a schedule and stick to it.  That’s the best way for me to operate.)

95. Our family used to have a rotary phone.  Now it’s collecting dust in a box somewhere.  But I know how to use it.  That gives me an edge over the people born in the ’90s.  (I loved that rotary phone… I wonder where it is now…)

96. My favorite show when I was a kid was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Who doesn’t know the theme song or seen one of the terribly awesome movies(Yeah, childhood nostalgia! Love it.)

97. I have never said “Cowabunga” in my life.  Sounds kind of dirty.  (I am not as cool as Mikey.  Never will be.)

98. Even though I’ve learned about how deja vu works, it still is interesting to me.  (It’s still interesting and it still happens, though not quite as frequently.)

99. I usually think with my heart first and my head second.  (Depends on the situation but yes, usually it’s my heart.  My head comes into play after the fact.)

100. I plan on traveling a lot throughout my life.  (Just getting started.  Portugal 2 years ago, lived in Red Deer 4 years ago, going to Japan in 6 months and then who knows where?)

That’s it! 100 Things with commentary.  Off to go teach!

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