1-20 Things About Me, revisited

I promised to do this, and here it is.  If you wanna read my original 100 Things (plus some Katima-shenanigans) , you can follow the can check out the category at the bottom of the page (I’m too lazy at this moment to do a link… they’ve changed where things are on this thing and it SCARES me).

Commentary time (in parentheses and italics for extra insight).  Let’s see how 5 years has changed me.

  1. I don’t doodle or draw all over things.  Right now, I’m using a laptop that my room-mate used to own (he was going to toss it out because the monitor didn’t work.  I fixed it by attaching a monitor cord to it) and he doodled all over the keyboard with sharpie.  I find doodling all over something makes it more ugly.  (I was never a “doodler” when I grew up.  I have no visual artistic talent, so if I drew all over something, it would become hideous I’m sure… Why would you ruin something by spewing your artistry all over it? There are exceptions of course, but generally it does not end well.)
  2. I am spontaneous sometimes.  Not in the “Let’s pack our bags right now and go on a trip to Cuba for a week” spontaneous, but in the “I saw something that was so you that I just have to tell you about it and I haven’t talked to you in a while” kind of way.  I found a book sitting in the bookshelf a few seconds ago and it was Oscar Wilde’s classic The Picture of Dorian Gray.  I called Mik (who loves the book to death) to tell him that I found a copy and thought of him.  That, and to say hi.  (I am still friends with Mik and we do keep in touch.  I still have not read The Picture of Dorian Gray.  When I see things, I still do text or call people to tell them about it, though it doesn’t come up quite as often since I live at work now.)
  3. Poetry books are my guilty pleasure.  Some people have Nick Carter, others have watching bad soap operas, some may even have reading Perez Hilton (not guilty) at work, but mine is well written poetry.  (I do enjoy poetry still, though I don’t read it quite as much.  You will find me reading sheet music more often than prose.  Sensing a pattern here… Also, bad soap operas can be hilarious.  I have grown to like so-bad-its-good stuff, like The Room, or Judge Judy.  I still like recaps and snark the best though, I can’t stomach watching Real Housewives of Insert State or Province here… God, Vancouver makes me so sad.  Once again, Canada is too late to join something so trashy.  See the 80s.)
  4. I am on a never-ending quest to create a wardrobe of my own that has clothes that are unique, interesting, and, of course, fashionable.  (Wow.  I actually don’t shop for clothes much anymore.  I still have a plethora of kick-ass underwear and I am making a goal to collect lounge/sleepwear from every country, but I hardly ever drop money on clothes unless it’s for work.  I rarely wear jeans now, it’s dress shirts and dress pants all the time and I like it.)
  5. Sad novels, movies, and pictures can make me tear up, but have never pushed me to crying.  Music, on the other hand, can and did, twice. (Both Sides Now, the 2000 version that was used in Love Actually, and when performed on its own can make me cry EVERY TIME.  Also It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green when sung at Jim Henson’s funeral by Big Bird.  I love melancholy and minor endings to songs.  So delicious.)
  6. If I am performing a song in public, I always make sure that I know the words the song.  There isn’t anything more embarrassing than forgetting the words to a song in front of an audience.  (This is still true, but it’s true for all singers.  No one wants to forget the words on stage.  It’s mortifying.  I do love watching bad auditions and when songs and performances go horribly wrong though.)
  7. I want to try para-sailing.  (Still haven’t done it.  Maybe could of done it 2 years ago in Portugal, but didn’t.  I should make that a goal.)
  8. If my skin was clearer, I would be insanely confident all the time.  (My skin has good days and bad days and I have accepted that.  This is why I have facial masks for when my skin breaks out from shaving too quickly.  Overall though, my skin is better.  I hate it when my nose breaks out from when I have a cold though.  Too much irritation and I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  My body still gets pimples too, but I’m more over it now.  People are more concerned about themselves than what they see on other people.)
  9. I enjoy all types of music.  I used to say that exact phrase and add in, “except honky-tonk country music”.  But then that wouldn’t be true, would it? Being here in the Prairies has allowed me to enjoy it a little.  (I don’t mind country, but I don’t actively listen to it.  This is the same for most music as I only listen to the radio when I am in someone else’s car.  What do I listen to most often nowadays? Classical music, Game OSTs, and some Japanese stuff.  What can I say, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is kind of catchy and I still love Shibuya-kei style music.  I like Yasutaka Nakata’s production style.  It’s complex and danceable.)
  10. It irks me to see things spelled wrong (see earlier in the post with hippy and hippie).  (Still does.  I know I spell things wrong too so I should be more empathetic.)
  11. As I help out high-school students with their school work, I realize that their work isn’t so bad and it can be done relatively quickly if you just focus.  Why it took me two years of University and Katimavik for me to figure that out, I do not know.  (I still feel this way and I wish I had known that when I was in high school.  Even just the sense of “It’s only two pages and it’ll take me 10 minutes to do” would of been nice.  When I do theory with my students, I try to make it as fun as possible, in honor of my favourite theory instructor, Malcolm Bell.)
  12. I yawn a lot.  When I think about yawning, or someone mentions it, it happens.  You aren’t boring me, I’m just lacking oxygen.  (I still yawn quite a bit, it’s pretty bad.  I try so hard to avoid it during ballet, but when I sit and wait, I end up yawning.  I am definitely not bored during classes.)
  13. My hands are almost always cold.  Cold hands, warm heart, my mother used to say.  (Still true! My feet are always cold as well.)
  14. I was born 4 months pre-mature.  I should of been born in March, but I had other plans.  (I must do a speech at the hospital where I was born to show parents that pre-mature babies can turn out just fine.)
  15. Religion is fascinating to me, but I do not follow a certain one (unless Tolerance is a religion now).  (Still not sure on this one.  I still think I can be a good human being without it.)
  16. I know that I will inevitably become a full-time musician one day.  It is just a matter of when I have enough money to support myself while pursuing my dream.  For now though, I will be a gerontologist which is I love as well.  (As much as I love gerontology, I would end up declining the colleges that accepted me for the program and end up in Red Deer, AB studying music.  A past vocal teacher once said to me, “If you love something enough, money will follow” and she’s absolutely right.  I love music and I am so happy to love what I do every day.  The next step for me is to figure out what I want to do next.)
  17. I have seen sides of people that very few other people get to see.  I am easy to open up to and trust.  I keep confidentiality.  (I think everyone has seen sides of people that others don’t get to see.  I am still easy to open up to and trust, but that is because I learned to be a good listener from Social Work.  I am supremely patient with others and I am easy to read.  I tend to keep what others say to myself, but that does get me into trouble sometimes.)
  18. I leave messages on phones and I am not very fond of texting (something that my parents have beat into me because texting is expensive, and words alone can be so impersonal and misinterpreted).  I would rather hear or see a person face-to-face than exchange pleasantries over the Internet.  (I do text quite a bit now, but if there is a human right in front of me, the phone goes away.  I hate it when people pull out their phones while we’re having a conversation.  It’s one thing to check something, but when you have to check a text and reply to it, that person can wait.  Or excuse yourself.  As for the last part, A MILLION TIMES YES THIS IS STILL TRUE FOR ME.  I still don’t do online dating/grindr/gay.com/insert other sites here.  I am old-fashioned I suppose.  I like meeting people face to face and asking them out if they look interested because it’s a real time interaction and if I get rejected, so be it.  It is what it is.)
  19. When I eat chocolate, I have to remind myself to savour the chocolate and not just bite down and finish it in 2 seconds.  (I still don’t savour chocolate, and it doesn’t help that there’s a never ending supply of it at the house thanks to my Mother going to Montreal every other week.  There’s a Lindt factory outlet there, so there’s always a box… super dangerous.  But I do try to savour Reid’s Ginger Chocolate.  It’s still the best and my favourite chocolate in the world.)
  20. Sometimes I will write little witty notes on tests that I mark.  For instance, on a psych test I marked on Friday, a student wrote, “I don’t know, lol!”.  I wrote underneath, “lol, don’t write that.  It is bad form.  kthx.”  (Since I don’t mark tests anymore, I don’t do this.  But I do draw smiley faces or use crayons for little kids.  I get creative sometimes!)

There you have it.  20 things about me revisited.  Stay tuned for more stuff like this.  Off to work!

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