Third time is a charm?

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog.  I’m going to make it a daily thing.  No, seriously.

“Why now?” I feel like I have stuff to write about again and to be a bit selfish, this is something I enjoy doing.  If other people happen to stumble upon (whatever happened to StumbleUpon anyway?) this blog and like reading about my present and past (failed Wii Fit Experiment, part-time jobs, my adventures as a 20 year-old participating in the now defunct Katimavik program), that’s great too.

Some things have changed since I last wrote in this blog (though I did move to another blogging site for a while, I may transfer over some of those posts if I feel up to it) and some things have stayed the same.  One major change in my life is that I now have a career in music, teaching and accompanying students, musicians and ballet dancers.  I thought when I was younger that I was going to perform for a long time and then teach when I was 40.  I’m 26 now and I’ve been teaching for 5 years.  I will chronicle what happened to me to get to that point in a later post.  One thing that has stayed the same? My body.  I don’t look much different now, though I try once in a while to work out.  My next experiment involves the app Couch to 5k.  I won’t be so hardcore about posting my progress this time around, but I am setting a schedule and planning on sticking to it.

Now I am off to work.  Today is ballet accompaniment day, which entails playing the piano for 4-5 hours, teaching students about musicality, and funny third thing! I have to stop doing the list of threes trope in my writing… Hopefully writing every day will help me grow.

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