Challenge Day

Day 11
Weight: 134.7  (136.0)
BMI: 18.24 (Underweight) (18.42)
Wii Fit Age: 30 (20)
Amount of Time Exercised: 0:21
Wii Goal: +5.7 lbs away from goal (+4.4 lbs)
Notes: I did a short exercise time again today because it’s the first day of work where I have to park in the Employee Parking.  It’s going to take time to find it.  But to put myself to a bit of a test, I did all 3 Challenges.  I warmed up with the 30 reps of Jackknife followed by Bridge and Spinal Twist poses.  I started with the Plank challenge and beat my trainer at 20, 40 and 60 seconds.  I took a break by doing the Downward-Facing Dog pose.  Following that, I tackled the Jackknife challenge and completed 10 and 20 reps.  My abs are now sore from doing 60 reps today.  Lovely.  I did the Shoulder Stand to relax, followed by a Cobra pose.  I finished with 10 reps of the Push-Ups challenge.  Sometime in the future, I’ll do more of the Challenges.
Best Exercise: Plank Challenge.  It was easier for me to keep my centre of balance for some reason.  Maybe it’s because it was only in short bursts instead of a 90 second marathon? Who knows.
Worst Exercise: Spinal Twist.  Wasn’t feeling it today.

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