Gaining weight without trying

Day 10
Weight: 136.0  (134.4)
BMI: 18.42 (Underweight) (18.21)
Wii Fit Age: 20 (25)
Amount of Time Exercised: 0:35
Wii Goal: +4.4 lbs away from goal (+6.0 lbs)
Notes: I’m not going to lie, I got lazy on the weekend and didn’t work out.  These are the results of it.  Funny, I lost weight last time when I stopped working out for two days.  Now I’m closer than ever to my weight.  Maybe it’s fluctuating in my favor? … 20?! Wow.  I should not work out more often apparently.  The only downside to this weekend is that my abs and chest feel a bit flabby instead of nice and toned like they were starting to feel last week.  That’s why I’m doing this experiment right? Interesting… I just checked my progress over the whole 2 years that we’ve had this game, and from Christmas Day 2008 to April 2009 I was at a Normal BMI.  I guess being a student gives me the inverse Freshman 15.  I focused on my chest, arms and thighs today for something different.  Tomorrow I’ll go back to working out my whole body.
Best Exercise: Cobra.  Again.  I was looking forward to doing this pose.  That has never happened in my life.
Worst Exercise: Jackknife.  I still slightly dread it, but today the 30 reps seemed very easy.  Tomorrow will be another story I’m sure.


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