One Week’s Worth of Exercise

Day 7
Weight: 134.7 (132.1)
BMI: 18.24 (Underweight) (17.89)
Wii Fit Age: 25 (27)
Amount of Time Exercised: 1:16
Wii Goal: +5.7 lbs away from goal (+8.4 lbs)
Notes: 25 is my youngest age yet with this experiment! I’m still not entirely back on track towards my goal, but I’m not below my starting weight.  Every day the Plank exercise gets a little easier to do.  I was still unstable, yet I made it through.  I wonder if there are more reps for the Torso Twist.  6 each for horizontal and vertical seems too easy.
Best Exercise: Cobra.  I felt an amazing stretch in my legs and in my back.  It was much needed after the Push-ups and Plank.
Worst Exercise: Tree.  I was one shaky tree today.  I tried the 20 reps of Push-ups & Side Plank and failed.  I could only do 10 and then I had to half-ass the rest of them.  I’m going back to 10 tomorrow until it feels effortless.  At least I tried.
What I ate and drank today:
1 glass of water during workout
3 spring rolls, 3 phyllo-wrapped sausages, a breaded chicken cutlet, and 2 pot stickers for Lunch
Chicken breast, green beans and carrots, 4 cookies, and 750 ml of water for Dinner
1 1.5 L of water during work

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