My body is like teflon when it comes to weight: it doesn’t stick.

Day 6
Weight: 132.1 (135.4)
BMI: 17.89 (Underweight) (18.33)
Wii Fit Age: 27 (33)
Amount of Time Exercised: 1:14
Wii Goal: +8.4 lbs away from goal (+5.1 lbs)
Notes: Apparently I lost a lot of weight on the weekend.  All I did was work on Saturday and hang out with my brother and tan on Sunday.  What gives? The Wii-Fit did give me a good tip to remind myself how to gain muscle mass.  Eat protein and sugars AFTER your workout to gain muscle.  I’ll have to start doing that, or I’ll never reach my goal.  Just for fun, I did the Deep Breathing exercises with my eyes closed.  I have a harder time keeping still when I don’t have anything to focus on.  I’ll keep doing it throughout the week to see if my balance becomes more stable.  Tomorrow I will do a challenge and attempt 20 reps of Pushups and Side Plank.
Best Exercise: Chair.  I killed it! I focused my energy on keeping my legs stable and using my abs to keep my balance and it worked.
Worst Exercise: Plank.  I failed it because my knees touched the ground.  Oh well, tomorrow I’ll do it and be less shaky too.  Maybe I didn’t so well on it because I haven’t worked out in 2 days?
What I ate and drank today:
2 glasses of water and a bowl of pecans during workout
A small plate of turkey for Lunch
A regular size cup of New York Fries
A double Big Mac with large fries and iced tea
710 ml of Green Tea Iced Tea
A very unhealthy day.  Although this may work out in my favor tomorrow if I can turn it into muscle.  Who knows?

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