Wii Fit Experiment Week 1 Review

If you want to check out my daily progress journal, click on the Wii Fit link in the Category sidebar.

Today and tomorrow I am giving my body a break so I can resume my progress on Monday.  So far things are going pretty well.  I’m starting to see a bit of a change in my stomach and my triceps feel a tad bigger.

Here is what my workout looks like as of the end of this week:

Deep Breathing
Torso Twist (6 reps) + Triangle
Jackknife (30 reps) + Bridge + Spinal Twist
Lunge (20 reps per leg) + Warrior
Single-Leg Extension (20 reps per leg) + Standing Knee + Dance
Sideways Leg-Lift (20 reps per leg) + Sun Salutation
Arm & Leg Lift (20 reps per arm and leg) + Shoulder Stand
Tricep Extension (20 reps per arm) + Palm Tree
Single-Leg Twist (20 reps per leg) + Half-Moon
Rowing Squat (45 reps) + Chair
Single-Arm Stand (20 reps per arm) + Tree
Push-Ups & Side Plank (10 reps*) + Downward-facing Dog
Plank (90 sec.) + Cobra
Deep Breathing
* – 20 reps has been unlocked, but I am not going to attempt this until Day 7
For those who like to see charts, here’s a chart of my progress this week:
Graph coming soon.  No point in making one for this week because there’s hardly any data.  It’s a very boring line graph to look at, trust me.
Off to work!

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