Back on track

Day 5
Weight: 135.4 (132.75)
BMI: 18.33 (Underweight) (17.98)
Wii Fit Age: 33 (27)
Amount of Time Exercised: 1:14
Wii Goal: +5.1 lbs away from goal (+7.7 lbs)
Notes: There we go! I’m back to the progress of reaching my goal, if you ignore my Wii Fit Age.  The 10 reps of Push-Ups and Side Plank are starting to feel easy now, which is great.  Maybe I’ll try 20 on Day 7.  I need to find something that will give me better traction for the Downward Dog pose.  My thin cotton bathrobe does not cut it and my hands slide off the Balance Board.  I survived 90 seconds of Plank! Apparently I’m a Couch Potato for doing it, but it’s hard to hold your core muscles for a minute and a half.
Best Exercise: Single-Arm Stand.  I did 20 reps of these today with each arm and I tested to see what the Wii Fit was measuring.  Turns out the game measures how close you can get your red line to match up with the blue line in the middle, which is pretty hard to do.  I didn’t hold the Wii-mote above my head like the trainer did, but I did get 68 points on the exercise and I was almost out of breath after standing up and lying down so much.
Worst Exercise: Palm Tree.  I have a hard time keeping my balance on my toes.  I do feel the stretch in my back and ankles sometimes though.
What I ate and drank today:
2 glasses of water during workout
1 1.5L bottle of water at work
Few handfuls of pecans for Lunch (shame)
Lemon Pepper Cod with stir-fried broccoli, yogurt, 500 ml of water for Dinner
I’m not working out tomorrow or Sunday, but I will be posting some charts with my progress for the week, as well as an updated list of my workout so far.

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