Back to negative square one

Day 4
Weight: 132.75 (134.9)
BMI: 17.98 (Underweight) (18.27)
Wii Fit Age: 27 (32)
Amount of Time Exercised: 1:10
Wii Goal: 7.7 lbs away from goal (+5.5 lbs)
Notes: Weight fluctuates between 2 lbs day to day, so this could just be a day when it’s really low… I hope.  I’m 2 pounds lower than my starting weight! At least I’m 5 years younger again.  I use a male trainer, but on my first exercise of the day (Single-Leg Extension), the female trainer filled in.  How odd.  Anyone know why this happened? I unlocked 20 reps of the Single-Arm Stand which I’ll start tomorrow, along with what I unlocked yesterday.  Holy crap! My Wii-Fit bank turned bronze (because I have a total of 10 hours accumulated in exercise)! It’s so shiny.
Best Exercise: Arm & Leg Lift.  I bought a book down with me while I was doing the exercise and the time just flew by.  The trainer tells me when my arm is dropping or going too high, so it’s the perfect solution.
Worst Exercise: Single-Arm Stand.  I don’t get it.  Is the game trying to measure if I can keep my balance with the blue line, or is it trying to keep my arm pointed straight in the air without it shaking? I think it’s the latter.
What I ate and drank today:
2 glasses of water and an expired protein bar (there was only two there, I’m contemplating buying more.  Fresh ones of course) during workout
(Starting clockwise from top) Egg roll, 1 drumstick (bad quality photo, behind the chicken balls), 2 chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce, chicken fried rice, chow mein, General Tao’s chicken, Beef stir-fry, a glass of water, 1 packet of plum sauce and soy sauce respectively, and a fortune cookie for Lunch.  I didn’t know how I was going to make Chinese takeout healthy, but I figure if I have a bit of everything, it shouldn’t be so bad.  Plus I could use the weight gain according to Wii-Fit.
Forecast for dinner will be Lemon-Pepper crusted cod with bell pepper stir-fry and water, of course.  I lied, it was actually chicken fried rice with a bit of General Tao and a can of Arizona Fruit Punch.  Hopefully tomorrow’s lunch and dinner will be better.
Right now the forecast is rain, which we desperately need.  I was called back into work tomorrow, so this is my only day off… and it’s raining.  I’ll just take the good with the bad.  Oh right, my fortune: “You are a practical person with your feet on the ground”… in bed.  Enh, that doesn’t work quite so well.

2 thoughts on “Back to negative square one

  1. renaye says:

    i kept saying i wanted to do exercise but never did though the park is just beside my condo. what a hypocrite i am.

    • Edward says:

      Seriously, the hard part is getting started. Now that I’ve done it for a few days, it’s starting to feel less like a chore and more like something I just do.

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