Is expired protein still protein?

Day 3
Weight: 134.9 (134.75)
BMI: 18.27 (Underweight) (18.24)
Wii Fit Age: 32 (29)
Amount of Time Exercised: 1:06
Wii Goal: 5.5 lbs away from goal (+5.7 lbs)
Notes: This morning I made a note to put food in my stomach half an hour before hopping on that white balance board I’m going to come to love/hate.  So I ate a protein bar… that was best before 09/09.  Does it still work if it’s 8 months after it’s best before date? It tasted fine, a bit chalky, but nothing terrible.  I always get to the last round on the basic balance test (you have to shift your balance to the blue areas and hold it for three seconds) and run out of time.  I’ll get you next time, Basic Balance Test! NEXT TIME! I unlocked 20 reps of Single-Leg Extension and Sideways Leg Lift.  I used to have a hard time keeping balance with these two exercises, but after doing all of these yoga poses and balance tests for the last two days, I can move on to 20 reps and it can become an actual exercise.  I also unlocked 20 reps of Push-Up and Side Plank as well as 90 seconds of Plank, but I’m going to stick with 10 reps and 60 seconds until it doesn’t feel like a challenge.
This is my updated list for today with the new reps in bold:
Torso Twist (6 reps) + Triangle = Waistline
Jackknife (30 reps) + Bridge + Spinal Twist = Abdominals
Lunge (20 reps per leg) + Warrior = Hips/Thighs
Single-Leg Extension (10 reps per leg) + Standing Knee + Dance = Hips
Sideways Leg-Lift (10 reps per leg) + Sun Salutation = Side Abs/Shoulders
Arm & Leg Lift (20 reps per arm and leg) + Shoulder Stand = Shoulders/Hips
Tricep Extension (20 reps per arm) + Palm Tree = Ankles/Back/Triceps
Single-Leg Twist (20 reps per leg) + Half-Moon = Side Abs
Rowing Squat (45 reps) + Chair = Abs/Thighs/Back
Single-Arm Stand (10 reps per arm) + Tree = Legs/Back/Abs
Push-Ups & Side Plank (10 reps) + Downward-facing Dog = Arms/Chest/Shoulders
Plank (60 sec.) + Cobra = Core
Best Exercise: Sun Salutation.  This felt really good to do and I could feel my whole body work at keeping my center of balance.  Usually it just feels like going through the motions.
Worst Exercise: Not so much the worst exercise, just boring: Arm & Leg Lift.  It’s 6 minutes of raising one arm and one leg while on all fours.  I should get a book to read while I’m doing that exercise.  It’ll make time go way faster I think.
What I ate and drank today:
One expired protein bar and a glass of water
2 glasses of water during workout
Penne with roasted vegetables, a glass of water for Lunch
Chicken, Rice, Yogurt, 710 ml bottle of water (again.  I accidentally ate my dinner as my lunch) for Dinner
2 710 ml bottle of water at work
I have tomorrow off from work, but not from this experiment! Stay tuned!

One thought on “Is expired protein still protein?

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