Cashews = Lifesaver

Day 2
(Yesterday’s results are in brackets)
Weight: 134.75 (134.5)
BMI: 18.24 (Underweight) (18.21)
Wii Fit Age: 29 (35)
Amount of Time Exercised: 1:03
Wii Goal: 5.7 lbs away from goal (+6.0 lbs)
Notes: Oh good, I unlocked the 30 reps for Jackknife, 20 reps for Lunges, 45 for Rowing Squats.  Looks like I’ll be starting those tomorrow.  I forgot to eat something before working out and I was dying near the end of my single arm and leg raise, so I took a break at the half hour mark to grab something to put in my stomach before continuing.  Note to self: EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU EXERCISE.  All I could find was salted and roasted cashews.  Too bad they weren’t unseasoned, or I would of felt a lot better about eating them.  The important thing is that I didn’t die on my second day of the experiment.  I made it through the 60 second Plank today.
Best Exercise: Tricep Extension.  I really felt the burn today around my 7th extension in my right arm and around the 6th on my left.  It was great!
Worst Exercise: Dance.  I find it’s hard to keep my balance when I hold my back leg and stretch it out.  I guess it’s a practice thing.
What I ate and drank today:
1 cup of salted and roasted cashews
2 glasses of water during workout
Omelette with cheese, two slices of whole grain toast, and a glass of water for Lunch
2 710 ml bottles of water during work
Chicken, Rice, 710 ml of water, 4 pack of cookies, and a butter tart (there was a lot of leftover chicken) for Dinner
Tomorrow is another day.  Night!

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