Hello! Have an unreadable ticket!

I was back in the exit area today and was hoping that there wouldn’t be anyone displaying the same amount of crazy as last time.  Luckily, that did not happen.  Today there was a woman who was lost (and she didn’t get killed).  She and her friend had been driving around the parking lot compound for half an hour, being thwarted by exit signs and janitors cleaning the concrete.  So they were a bit peeved and yelling at us to open the gate.  Of course, their ticket doesn’t read properly, so they have to come into the office and wait for us to work our magic to give them a new ticket.

That doesn’t help much for them, but it doesn’t help us either when you’re yelling at us to go faster.  We get it.  You’re tired, you want to go home, you’re frustrated that you have to get out of your car to fix your ticket when you already paid.  Just don’t think that you’re better than us and you can yell and scream like our machines are powered by loud noises, because you are humans too and our machines run on electricity.  The two women got their new ticket and drove off into the rainy night.


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