Guess he didn’t want his dollar after all

I worked in the valet section today.  I don’t get to drive the cars, but I get to admire rich people’s credit cards and nice vehicles and sometimes unwarranted self-importance.  Today’s angry customer was a man who was using the payment machines near by.  According to him, he inserted his ticket and had to pay $3.  Not a big deal.  So he inserted a $5 bill and only received a loonie back, but the ticket did not show his payment.  He thought this was odd, so he inserted his ticket again and put in $4 and got his $4 back because he had already paid, yet he did not realize this (probably wasn’t looking at the screen out of frustration).

After having enough of the machine beeping at him with instructions for taking his ticket because he has already paid his fee, he storms over to our counter and says, “The machine just beat me out of a dollar!” My co-worker looked at the ticket and then flipped it over with his payment showing on the opposite side, which solved one of his issues.  Our machines are pretty sensitive and go out of order if you look at them in a funny way.  However, it’s rare that he got short changed by the machine.  We thought this was odd, and before we had time to resolve the situation, he walked away with his ticket in disgust.


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