And just when you thought it couldn’t get any lower…

I thought the anger of yesterday’s customer was behind me, but today a woman came in and ushered in a new kind of anger: racism and assault.  Almost every person I work with is a different race than I am, which I am 110% fine with (it freaks me out when I’m in a town with just white people because that’s not how I grew up.  It’s an inverted culture shock), but some customers think that because they’re a different race they should be outside sweeping the concrete or going back to their own country.

Today a woman drove up to the gates and wondered why they didn’t open when she drove up (you need a ticket to open the gates, the machine gives it to you when you enter the parking compound).  A Middle-Eastern co-worker (who wears a hijab) and I went out to help her exit.  She reverses her car in anger and drives up to the gate and screams, “WHY WON’T THIS FUCKING GATE OPEN? I JUST WANT TO GET THE FUCK OUT!” I only said two words during this whole incident, my co-worker handled this ticking time bomb of unprofessionalism.  My co-worker said, “Ma’am, calm down.  Do you have your ticket?” “NO, WHY THE FUCK WOULD I NEED THAT, I LOST IT.  LET ME OUT! YOU SHOULD TAKE OFF THAT STUPID TURBAN, YOU’RE IN CANADA NOW!” (Sorry about the excessive caps, but she was really screaming this stuff.  Ridiculous.)

At this point my co-worker decides not to help her, and rightfully so.  She calls the supervisor and she asks me to get the license plate number so the supervisor can give her a new ticket when he gets to the station.  As this is going on, the crazy psycho woman sits on our counter with her jean miniskirt and rainbow bikini halter top, showcasing her star tattoos and tramp stamp on her back.  Classy.  She asks, “Why can’t YOU help me?” and I say, “I’m training (with an inward giggle).” I’m about halfway reading off the plate and the woman freaks out and slaps the pen out of my co-worker’s hand.  The pen goes flying across the room and we are both shocked at the display of anger this woman just displayed.

Shortly after this, the supervisor shows up with security and the woman becomes a completely different person because she knows she can get detained.  The supervisor gives her a new ticket and off she drives into the night.  I’m not sure what my co-worker has done about the assault, and it’s her prerogative as to whether she presses charges or not.  If that was me, I would of called police first thing, but different folks different strokes.  Should I ever see the crazy woman again, I won’t serve her, or write anything down near her.  Who knows what she’ll do.


One thought on “And just when you thought it couldn’t get any lower…

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