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A four-week long experiment

The question: “Can Wii Fit make me stronger and more toned?”
The answer: “Give me four weeks to figure that out.”
It’s a lovely time of year for me once again.  I’m back in Toronto for the summer and I am working 40 hours a week as a Parking Attendant in the afternoons.  I am bored during the mornings before I go to work, so I have decided to do something about it.  I am going to do a Wii Fit Challenge.
For the next four weeks, Monday to Friday, I am going to work out only using the Wii Fit.  I used to do push-ups and sit-ups at home, however, I tend to lose motivation after a week of exercise.  The Wii Fit is a video game (which is a plus for a nerd like me) that works the body in many different ways so I can’t get bored easily.  I have read about other people using Wii Fit to lose weight and get in shape.  However, the story is a bit different for me.  Here are my goals:
1. To become stronger and more toned in my whole body.
2. To reach the BMI set by my Wii Fit.
3. To eat healthier (I eat a lot of junk food).
For my routine, I am going to do all of the Yoga and Strength Training exercises with Strength challenges thrown in at the 2nd week.  I am going to work out by using all the combinations used by Wii Fit for a full body workout.  The list is as follows:
Torso Twist (6 reps) + Triangle = Waistline
Jackknife (20 reps) + Bridge + Spinal Twist = Abdominals
Lunge (15 reps per leg) + Warrior = Hips/Thighs
Single-Leg Extension (10 reps per leg) + Standing Knee + Dance = Hips
Sideways Leg-Lift (10 reps per leg) + Sun Salutation = Side Abs/Shoulders
Arm & Leg Lift (20 reps per arm and leg) + Shoulder Stand = Shoulders/Hips
Tricep Extension (20 reps per arm) + Palm Tree = Ankles/Back/Triceps
Single-Leg Twist (20 reps per leg) + Half-Moon = Side Abs
Rowing Squat (30 reps) + Chair = Abs/Thighs/Back
Single-Arm Stand (20 reps per arm) + Tree = Legs/Back/Abs
Push-Ups & Side Plank (10 reps) + Downward-facing Dog = Arms/Chest/Shoulders
Plank (60 sec.) + Cobra = Core
Thanks to TheStarbird’s Wii Fit FAQ on
I will go through the list in order but start on the next exercise the following day.  For example, on the first day I will start with the Waistline and work through the training.  The next day I will start on Abdominals and so on.  Every day will begin with a Body Test and I’ll start and end my sessions with Deep Breathing.  In addition to working out, I am also going to track what I eat so I can achieve my 3rd goal.
Before I get to the first journal entry, here is what I look like now:
It’s Mii! (See what I did there?)
Let’s begin, shall we?

Hello! Have an unreadable ticket!

I was back in the exit area today and was hoping that there wouldn’t be anyone displaying the same amount of crazy as last time.  Luckily, that did not happen.  Today there was a woman who was lost (and she didn’t get killed).  She and her friend had been driving around the parking lot compound for half an hour, being thwarted by exit signs and janitors cleaning the concrete.  So they were a bit peeved and yelling at us to open the gate.  Of course, their ticket doesn’t read properly, so they have to come into the office and wait for us to work our magic to give them a new ticket.

That doesn’t help much for them, but it doesn’t help us either when you’re yelling at us to go faster.  We get it.  You’re tired, you want to go home, you’re frustrated that you have to get out of your car to fix your ticket when you already paid.  Just don’t think that you’re better than us and you can yell and scream like our machines are powered by loud noises, because you are humans too and our machines run on electricity.  The two women got their new ticket and drove off into the rainy night.


Guess he didn’t want his dollar after all

I worked in the valet section today.  I don’t get to drive the cars, but I get to admire rich people’s credit cards and nice vehicles and sometimes unwarranted self-importance.  Today’s angry customer was a man who was using the payment machines near by.  According to him, he inserted his ticket and had to pay $3.  Not a big deal.  So he inserted a $5 bill and only received a loonie back, but the ticket did not show his payment.  He thought this was odd, so he inserted his ticket again and put in $4 and got his $4 back because he had already paid, yet he did not realize this (probably wasn’t looking at the screen out of frustration).

After having enough of the machine beeping at him with instructions for taking his ticket because he has already paid his fee, he storms over to our counter and says, “The machine just beat me out of a dollar!” My co-worker looked at the ticket and then flipped it over with his payment showing on the opposite side, which solved one of his issues.  Our machines are pretty sensitive and go out of order if you look at them in a funny way.  However, it’s rare that he got short changed by the machine.  We thought this was odd, and before we had time to resolve the situation, he walked away with his ticket in disgust.


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any lower…

I thought the anger of yesterday’s customer was behind me, but today a woman came in and ushered in a new kind of anger: racism and assault.  Almost every person I work with is a different race than I am, which I am 110% fine with (it freaks me out when I’m in a town with just white people because that’s not how I grew up.  It’s an inverted culture shock), but some customers think that because they’re a different race they should be outside sweeping the concrete or going back to their own country.

Today a woman drove up to the gates and wondered why they didn’t open when she drove up (you need a ticket to open the gates, the machine gives it to you when you enter the parking compound).  A Middle-Eastern co-worker (who wears a hijab) and I went out to help her exit.  She reverses her car in anger and drives up to the gate and screams, “WHY WON’T THIS FUCKING GATE OPEN? I JUST WANT TO GET THE FUCK OUT!” I only said two words during this whole incident, my co-worker handled this ticking time bomb of unprofessionalism.  My co-worker said, “Ma’am, calm down.  Do you have your ticket?” “NO, WHY THE FUCK WOULD I NEED THAT, I LOST IT.  LET ME OUT! YOU SHOULD TAKE OFF THAT STUPID TURBAN, YOU’RE IN CANADA NOW!” (Sorry about the excessive caps, but she was really screaming this stuff.  Ridiculous.)

At this point my co-worker decides not to help her, and rightfully so.  She calls the supervisor and she asks me to get the license plate number so the supervisor can give her a new ticket when he gets to the station.  As this is going on, the crazy psycho woman sits on our counter with her jean miniskirt and rainbow bikini halter top, showcasing her star tattoos and tramp stamp on her back.  Classy.  She asks, “Why can’t YOU help me?” and I say, “I’m training (with an inward giggle).” I’m about halfway reading off the plate and the woman freaks out and slaps the pen out of my co-worker’s hand.  The pen goes flying across the room and we are both shocked at the display of anger this woman just displayed.

Shortly after this, the supervisor shows up with security and the woman becomes a completely different person because she knows she can get detained.  The supervisor gives her a new ticket and off she drives into the night.  I’m not sure what my co-worker has done about the assault, and it’s her prerogative as to whether she presses charges or not.  If that was me, I would of called police first thing, but different folks different strokes.  Should I ever see the crazy woman again, I won’t serve her, or write anything down near her.  Who knows what she’ll do.


I want 20 minutes of my life back

It’s my first day of being a parking attendant and already someone has become angry.  This man was upset because he got charged $32 for staying 3 hours and 40 minutes and  he only wanted to be charged for $28 because it took him 20 minutes to get to the exit apparently and we charge every 20 minutes.  The man’s face turned red with frustration as he told us that it was our fault that he got charged extra money for being so slow.  My co-worker and I looked at each other and we decided to refund the $5… very slowly (it is a long process anyway).  On the bright side, I got to learn how to refund cash! Halfway through the transaction the man realized how stupid he was and he calmed down and apologized.  Things moved a bit faster afterwards.