Green Light

It’s official. I’m going to be working at Coach next Monday. I’m excited! How it all came about was a little stressful though. I started work today at 12, but before I left I got a text from Chad saying that he needs a decision from me today (I was planning on making a decision today anyway). So I went about my work day thinking about which job I want (my original plan was to work at BR in downtown TO and then work Coach on weekends, but it is a conflict of interest since BR sells handbags and messenger bags). I talked with a friend of mine who stopped in to exchange some stuff and we had a lovely lunch outside and discussed the pros and cons of each job. Talking with her really made me realize how much I enjoy working at BR but also how much of a poor college student I am. I’m sure Coach will be a fantastic place to work at as well.

At 6, I talked with my general manager about my dilemma and ended up handing in my resignation on good terms. All that is left now is to work my remaining shifts until next Monday and then I am free to work at Coach. To top it off, we had California’s Sandwiches for dinner. So good.

I tried to record some vocals today but it didn’t work out. I do have a piano track laid down for once song though. I also have a reggae version of Corinne Bailey Rae’s Like A Star that I may put up at some point. It needs some tweaking before I release it to the internets. Stay tuned!

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