Work was busy.  ‘Nuff said.  

It was raining all day and now it has ceased.  The crickets sound happy.  Dad is going to take down the sun room tomorrow if the weather is nice. The project of having a dream backyard is now underway! After destroying the sun room, a new pool with a fiberglass liner will be placed in our coffin pool next week.  I’ll take before and after pictures and post ’em.

I recorded a short piano cover of aiko’s Star.  You can listen to it here.  Just enter the 3 letters you see in the top right corner and wait 30 seconds.  You can download it and listen to it on iTunes.  Enjoy!

Time to go study some hiragana.

Edit: Learned 4 sets: s-set, z-set, t-set and d-set.  First, the s-set: さ (sa), し (si or shi), す (su), せ (se), そ (so).  When ten-tens are added, it becomes the z-set: ざ (za), じ (ji), ず (zu), ぜ (ze), ぞ (zo).  Following that, I learned the t-set: た (ta), ち (ti or chi), つ (tu or tsu), て (te), と (to).  With ten-tens, the d-set: だ (da), ぢ (di or ji), づ (du or zu), で (de), ど (do).  I’ll study this for a while and maybe tackle the final set in the lesson: the n-set.

Now I’m going to work out and head to bed.

2 thoughts on “Lines

  1. renaye says:

    wow. backyard… i never had a garden in my whole life, let alone a backyard!! i stay in an apartment all my life. it must be awesome to have a garden in the backyard.

  2. Edward says:

    In the house our family used to live in 3 years ago, there was a huge backyard with trees and a lovely garden. Now we have concrete and a pool with a few potted plants and a tiny garden section. I’d say it’s a fair trade.

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