Finishing Surveys and Taking Shifts

I’m going to be working every day for the next week.  I might be breaking a rule according to one of my managers.  Guess they don’t like it when someone works too much.  Shifts needed to be taken and I am taking what I can get.  I’m a gay college student! I live beyond my means! A champagne lifestyle on a beer budget!

Because of the financial woes that could potentially be on the horizon (college expenses), I’m going to have an allowance by drawing out a certain amount of money a week.  I can’t trust myself to write down all of my purchases for budgeting.  Starting tomorrow, I will take out a certain amount of money and spend it only for that week.  

Now that it’s on this blog, it is set in stone.  There’s not too much happening in this post, so let me do something exciting by finishing this meme.

81-100 Things About Me:

81. I only drink Coke or Pepsi when it is mixed with alcohol or in Slushie form.  

82. I enjoy natural silences in conversations.

83. Dying does not freak me out.  Since I worked at a Palliative Care Centre, it’s not such a scary thing anymore.

84. I cringe a little when I hear bones cracking.  It used to be much worse, but I became desensitized after someone cracked almost every bone in their body.

85. I can’t watch operations.

86. I’ve always enjoyed random shows on the History Channel, but I never turn on the TV to watch the History Channel.  Or Discovery.

87. When I study something, it is best done in a library.  If I have music on, I will listen to the music and not read my book.  My brain’s priority starts with music and works its way down.

88. I have a key chain, coin, and world instrument collection from when I was a child.  All of those things are collecting dust on my bookshelf and I wonder why I collected key chains.  I understand coins because that 2000 Millenium coin is going to be worth something some day, and the world instruments will come in handy should I need maracas or a bamboo flute on my album, but key chains?

89. I want to see Gone With The Wind but I still have not roused myself to do it.  I’m a terrible gay.  Yet I know exactly how fabulous Vivian Leigh was in that film thanks to the gay hype.

90. When I do have a music career, I am going to do whatever I can not to end up like this guy.  His first album title? Even The Ladies Love Him.  I only know about this because it was one of the gay CDs that I found in the Safe Space in Windsor.  I wonder who bought that CD in the first place…

91. My first job was at a dollar store.  Pretty exciting times.

92. I could wear Cabbage Patch Doll clothes when I was a baby.

93. I loved the movie Waking Life.

94. I have a hard time completing projects that I start.  Since I admitted that last year, it’s been easier for me to follow through.  Katimavik solidified that quality for me.

95. Our family used to have a rotary phone.  Now it’s collecting dust in a box somewhere.  But I know how to use it.  That gives me an edge over the people born in the ’90s.

96. My favorite show when I was a kid was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Who doesn’t know the theme song or seen one of the terribly awesome movies?

97. I have never said “Cowabunga” in my life.  Sounds kind of dirty.

98. Even though I’ve learned about how deja vu works, it still is interesting to me.

99. I usually think with my heart first and my head second.

100. I plan on traveling a lot throughout my life.

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