Skunk Rampage

For the last couple of nights I have heard the lovely guttural sounds of a dog and some unknown animal fighting in a nearby yard.  As I was driving home tonight after an extended painting session with Remi (the front store now looks amazing in this smashing grey color), I found the culprit hiding under my neighbour’s vehicle (which is a really weird word to spell by the way): a skunk.  I recognized it by the white puffiness in its tail and it’s beady little eyes glinting at my SUV in fear.  

It turns out that it is a skunk that has been terrorizing animals and mildly amusing me before bed time.  I wonder if something is going to be done about it before someone gets hurt (or sprayed).  They say if you grab a skunk’s tail and lift it up off the ground it cannot spray you because it needs to plant its feet into the ground in order to release the stench we all know as skunk.  I’m not about to go out there and try it, but it may come in handy one day.

I was invited by Remi to a fundraiser for AIDS at the Buddies In Bad Times Theatre tomorrow night and I think I will go.  It’s $5 a ticket and it should be fun (in bad) times.  I don’t know what will go on when I get there, but something gay will definitely happen.  Tomorrow I also get some information on Coach, I work, and I have my first vocal lesson (I had to cancel last week because of work scheduling me in).  I’m very excited for the lesson! Bring on the learning!

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