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I don’t know if there’s some event going on in Toronto this week, but there was a lot of British people in the store throughout the day.  Maybe it’s just a good time to visit? Shopping at Banana Republic in London is more expensive than shopping here because the Pound is so high.

There’s a beautiful sunset happening right now.  I can actually see it because my Paternal Unit has taken down the sun room.  We’re under construction in our backyard.  The new pool is going in tomorrow apparently.  Here are some pictures of the work in progress.

My hours at Coach are set and are very crazy.  I’m working 8-5 every weekday with training in the evening on two days.  The store opens on Friday.  I’m so excited!

Green Light

It’s official. I’m going to be working at Coach next Monday. I’m excited! How it all came about was a little stressful though. I started work today at 12, but before I left I got a text from Chad saying that he needs a decision from me today (I was planning on making a decision today anyway). So I went about my work day thinking about which job I want (my original plan was to work at BR in downtown TO and then work Coach on weekends, but it is a conflict of interest since BR sells handbags and messenger bags). I talked with a friend of mine who stopped in to exchange some stuff and we had a lovely lunch outside and discussed the pros and cons of each job. Talking with her really made me realize how much I enjoy working at BR but also how much of a poor college student I am. I’m sure Coach will be a fantastic place to work at as well.

At 6, I talked with my general manager about my dilemma and ended up handing in my resignation on good terms. All that is left now is to work my remaining shifts until next Monday and then I am free to work at Coach. To top it off, we had California’s Sandwiches for dinner. So good.

I tried to record some vocals today but it didn’t work out. I do have a piano track laid down for once song though. I also have a reggae version of Corinne Bailey Rae’s Like A Star that I may put up at some point. It needs some tweaking before I release it to the internets. Stay tuned!

Slowly Moving

Something interesting actually happened at work today.  My General Manager told me that a position at the Men’s Department in Toronto is promising.  This is bringing me one step closer to moving on to Coach and still working at Banana! I can have my cake and eat it too (I hope).  

Thanks to the rain, it is very cool outside.  Well, I mean, 19 degrees isn’t cool, but it feels like great fall weather in August.  Thanks Global Warming? Tomorrow will be another rainy day followed by a sunshine and cloudy period.  It will be nice to greet the sun when I walk in and out of work.

I’m starting to build a new site on NuTang.  It’s going to have this blog, my music, photos, lyrics, books I’m reading, and other fun things for everyone to enjoy.  It’s not complete yet, but check it out!


Work was busy.  ‘Nuff said.  

It was raining all day and now it has ceased.  The crickets sound happy.  Dad is going to take down the sun room tomorrow if the weather is nice. The project of having a dream backyard is now underway! After destroying the sun room, a new pool with a fiberglass liner will be placed in our coffin pool next week.  I’ll take before and after pictures and post ’em.

I recorded a short piano cover of aiko’s Star.  You can listen to it here.  Just enter the 3 letters you see in the top right corner and wait 30 seconds.  You can download it and listen to it on iTunes.  Enjoy!

Time to go study some hiragana.

Edit: Learned 4 sets: s-set, z-set, t-set and d-set.  First, the s-set: さ (sa), し (si or shi), す (su), せ (se), そ (so).  When ten-tens are added, it becomes the z-set: ざ (za), じ (ji), ず (zu), ぜ (ze), ぞ (zo).  Following that, I learned the t-set: た (ta), ち (ti or chi), つ (tu or tsu), て (te), と (to).  With ten-tens, the d-set: だ (da), ぢ (di or ji), づ (du or zu), で (de), ど (do).  I’ll study this for a while and maybe tackle the final set in the lesson: the n-set.

Now I’m going to work out and head to bed.

Finishing Surveys and Taking Shifts

I’m going to be working every day for the next week.  I might be breaking a rule according to one of my managers.  Guess they don’t like it when someone works too much.  Shifts needed to be taken and I am taking what I can get.  I’m a gay college student! I live beyond my means! A champagne lifestyle on a beer budget!

Because of the financial woes that could potentially be on the horizon (college expenses), I’m going to have an allowance by drawing out a certain amount of money a week.  I can’t trust myself to write down all of my purchases for budgeting.  Starting tomorrow, I will take out a certain amount of money and spend it only for that week.  

Now that it’s on this blog, it is set in stone.  There’s not too much happening in this post, so let me do something exciting by finishing this meme.

81-100 Things About Me:

81. I only drink Coke or Pepsi when it is mixed with alcohol or in Slushie form.  

82. I enjoy natural silences in conversations.

83. Dying does not freak me out.  Since I worked at a Palliative Care Centre, it’s not such a scary thing anymore.

84. I cringe a little when I hear bones cracking.  It used to be much worse, but I became desensitized after someone cracked almost every bone in their body.

85. I can’t watch operations.

86. I’ve always enjoyed random shows on the History Channel, but I never turn on the TV to watch the History Channel.  Or Discovery.

87. When I study something, it is best done in a library.  If I have music on, I will listen to the music and not read my book.  My brain’s priority starts with music and works its way down.

88. I have a key chain, coin, and world instrument collection from when I was a child.  All of those things are collecting dust on my bookshelf and I wonder why I collected key chains.  I understand coins because that 2000 Millenium coin is going to be worth something some day, and the world instruments will come in handy should I need maracas or a bamboo flute on my album, but key chains?

89. I want to see Gone With The Wind but I still have not roused myself to do it.  I’m a terrible gay.  Yet I know exactly how fabulous Vivian Leigh was in that film thanks to the gay hype.

90. When I do have a music career, I am going to do whatever I can not to end up like this guy.  His first album title? Even The Ladies Love Him.  I only know about this because it was one of the gay CDs that I found in the Safe Space in Windsor.  I wonder who bought that CD in the first place…

91. My first job was at a dollar store.  Pretty exciting times.

92. I could wear Cabbage Patch Doll clothes when I was a baby.

93. I loved the movie Waking Life.

94. I have a hard time completing projects that I start.  Since I admitted that last year, it’s been easier for me to follow through.  Katimavik solidified that quality for me.

95. Our family used to have a rotary phone.  Now it’s collecting dust in a box somewhere.  But I know how to use it.  That gives me an edge over the people born in the ’90s.

96. My favorite show when I was a kid was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Who doesn’t know the theme song or seen one of the terribly awesome movies?

97. I have never said “Cowabunga” in my life.  Sounds kind of dirty.

98. Even though I’ve learned about how deja vu works, it still is interesting to me.

99. I usually think with my heart first and my head second.

100. I plan on traveling a lot throughout my life.


I was about to go to bed when I decided on a whim to check Post Secret.  I found this secret and I just had to post it here:


Am I the only gay guy who isn't a whore?

Am I the only gay guy who isn't a whore?

No you are not.  I am a gay guy too and I am not a whore.

20 to 2

9:08 PM

The TTC Employee just told me in a harsh manner that “the subway leaves Bloor-Yonge station at 1:50 AM, the same every night.” I don’t think I’ll forget that for now on, just because of how it was said to me.  I remember in Psychology class that we remember more of how something is said as opposed to what is said.  Emotions play a strong role in our lives, whether we choose to admit it or not.

Today in vocal lessons I was told to write down everything that I like about myself and hand it to her next week.  My vocal teacher isn’t just a vocal teacher, she’s also like a life coach.  The voice is the most honest instrument.  To show the audience that you aren’t nervous or have bad feelings about yourself, you must start with good feelings about yourself.  It’s all about performing a service for the audience, to make them relaxed and comfortable.  Singing should appear relaxed and comfortable.  I love the lessons and learning how to improve my voice even more.

I’m so excited for my party.  My camera is charged and I’m definitely posting pictures when this is all done.  As I was driving to the station, I thought to myself, “I am so grown up.  I look classy and professional, I’m driving and listening to the Brad Mehaldu Trio and loving every second of it, and above all, I’m comfortable and so content with myself right now.  Life is great!”

Wow, this post is totally about me tooting my own horn.  I don’t write like this very often, but it is very nice to write about how good life is.  It will come in handy later when something bad happens.  For now, I’m just going to sit back and let the subway take me to my destination and enjoy this evening with my friends.

11:55 PM
I would like to thank Stella and Remi.  First, thank you Stella for showing up and having a few drinks and some much needed catch up time with me.  You’re a fantastic friend.  Second, thank you to Remi for being honest and letting me know that she was too tired to show up by letting me know.  I really appreciate it.  Lastly, I want to thank everyone that let me know that they may or may not show up depending on their schedules, or that they were sick, or they were going to a Backstreet Boys concert (that’s probably why none of my gay friends showed up).

I’m a bit dissapointed.  I learned tonight that life is like physics: what goes up must eventually come down.  At least I had some extremely well-made martinis with a good friend that I haven’t seen in a year.  That was pretty sweet.

Work, Japanese learning, piano and vocal practice tomorrow.  Back to the daily grind… but I have pictures of me II got to find my Mac software for my camera… if there is such a thing) thanks to Photo Booth! You can find them after the jump.  Night! Continue reading


An e-mail has been sent to the Eaton Centre.  Now to play the waiting game to see if they will take me on.  After work today I went on a little shopping spree.  I now have an outfit for the party tomorrow.  There is a little change in plans because after the party ends at midnight, I’ve decided to take whoever wants to come along to the Best Chest Contest at Woody’s.  Should be a lot of fun.  I intend on taking pictures!  

I tried to learn 10 new hiragana symbols today but my brain just wasn’t into it.  Since I have time tomorrow, I will learn those and maybe a few others.  It’s better to know them cold than to know them a little.  I’m set for my lessons tomorrow in vocals and piano.  Squee.  

Tomorrow’s post (or Friday’s) will be way more eventful than this.  In order to inject some excitement, I’m going to continue the 1-100 Random Things About Me Quiz that I stopped doing a long time ago! Here is 61-80!

61. I wore an argyle sweater today and was deemed by my co-workers that it was like I was being forced to wear it to Grandpa’s Christmas party.  It was kind of cute, but not my style.

62. I don’t do much layering in my fashion.  Usually it’s just a polo or a t-shirt or a button up shirt with nothing underneath.  I plan on changing that.  Maybe I won’t die from the cold as much.

63. Since I was born 4 months pre-mature, I don’t have any body fat which means I am very susceptible to cold (it’s super effective?)

64. I am a tad comma happy.  I like using compound sentences and conjunctions.

65. I like biographies.

66. When I look in the mirror, I get a surge of happiness.  I didn’t feel that way about myself until I started High School.  

67. I didn’t have the best Elementary School years.  Lemens Ill Pubic Scoo was not too kind to me.  I got picked on a lot ’cause I was scrawny (once again, lack of body fat).

68. I don’t talk much about my past because nothing exciting happened until I got to University.

69. I miss some people in Windsor, but I don’t miss the city.  As Mik once said, “It’s the city that smells like ass and roses.” I couldn’t agree more.  The Detroit River smells awful.  

70. I don’t consider my ex-boyfriends as ex-boyfriends.  I call them my friends because that’s what they are to me now.

71. I consider not being out to your parents (at least) or your immediate family to be a deal breaker.

72. I don’t watch Oprah or Tyra, although I do find them amusing if I’m really bored and happen to be in front of a television.  In fact, I don’t watch much TV anymore.  I used to when I was a child but I just don’t have the time (it’s all taken up by work and learning).

73. I spend most of my time on the Internet instead, watching television from there (ha!).  

74. I love my MacBook, but I wish the keyboard was built more ergonomically.

75. I love live bands, theatre, opera, orchestras, anything! I’d rather be there than watch it.

76. I’ve never had a jam session.

77. I’ve never performed with a band.  Only with an accompanist or as a duet.

78. I love fragrances.  My most recent purchase was Banana Republic’s Cordovan.  It came out last year and I love it.

79. I would like to create my own music box one day.

80. When I was a kid, I used to slide down the stairs steps because we weren’t allowed to slide down on the pole.

Uphill Battle

It’s a little sad that all I really have to talk about lately is this drama of my job.  But it’s something to write about, and write I shall.  I talked with the general manager (insert organ sound/thunder storm much like the sound in the middle of this song here) today and a transfer to the Men’s Dept. in the Eaton Centre is in the works.  Tomorrow I’m going to hand her my school schedule and hope for the best.  If not the Men’s, then the Women’s! If not the Women’s, then Bloor St.! If not Bloor St., then I don’t know! Coach or Banana Republic! Will the madness never end?

I learned the k- and g- set of hiragana tonight.  That includes か (ka), き (ki), く (ku), け (ke), こ (ko).  The same symbols with ten-tens added makes the g- set: が (ga), ぎ (gi), ぐ (gi), げ (gu), ご (go).  Tomorrow is the s- and z- set.  I also practiced Imagine, a bit of my RCM, and a few songs for my vocal lesson on Thursday.  Tomorrow I have to work from 1-6 and go to the clinic to get my second round of TB shots (for reals this time).  I was too lazy to get out of bed and go and get them done.  I have to do it or I’ll have no time and I won’t be able to do a placement in school (which means EPIC FAIL).  

My link to the Japanese Embassy came into work today.  I tried speaking a little Japanese to her and French came out instead.  I was informed that this will happen often.  2nd and 3rd languages will battle in your brain and while you may be thinking in one language, you will say another.  I sold a pair of jeans and a few shirts in French today.  A Quebecois family was visiting and wanted to get something for the father.  Must of been a business trip.  Languages rock.

Point of No Return

I told one of my managers about my job offer at Coach today and since I’m on probation period with the company (it’s 3 months long), it would appear that I’ll be going to Coach for sure since I have almost burned a bridge (I’d say the match is lit).  Tomorrow I’m discussing it with the head manager and going from there.  I also have to get my second TB test completed for school.

My Mom just popped her head in to comment on my progress in my lessons.  She says my vocals are amazing (before it was kinda ennnh… but now she loves it.  Even after one lesson I’m better), my technique in piano has improved (less sloppy!), and I’ve learned the basic 5 hiragana symbols: あ (a), い (i), う (u), え (e), お (o).  I’m taking baby steps with the writing and alphabet.  Tomorrow I’m going to learn the k and g sounds.  It’s pretty tough to write out hiragana with pen and it doesn’t look quite right now… but it’ll get better with practice.  Doing the exercises reminds me of when I was 4 and in pre-school.  I’d learn the English alphabet by tracing the letters and numbers on these sheets that my baby sitter would give me.  Then I’d learn a little bit of Tagalog, and as a reward, I’d play Dr. Mario or Super Mario Bros.  Ah, fun times.

I’m currently reading all about this 15 year-old (now 16) girl’s adventures in a year-long exchange program that she did in Japan.  Pretty fun stuff.  After this I’m going to do some physical exercise and then head to bed.