Acquaintances to Acquaintances

Starbucks Guy sent me an e-mail this afternoon.  It turns out that he is in his late 30s and has offered me friendship instead of another date, which I gladly accepted.  He certainly did not look his age.  I was thinking late 20s… but I guess that you don’t become a successful professor after only being in the system for a few years, so it makes sense.  It would be like a student dating a professor… except I’m not going to his University.  Creepy, no? I wasn’t expecting much to come of it anyway, but at least I have a good acquaintance (and an extremely good resource for an LGBT research paper).  Nothing to complain about.

My work schedule next week is a whopping 38 hours with only Thursday (the day of my party) off.  I’m going to have to reschedule my vocal lesson next week to Thursday to make things work.  I wrote my 2 weeks notice letter and called my Mother to get some business advice on what to do with it.  The advice she gave was very sage: “Hold off until I come back and we can discuss this further.  No point in tossing in your notice if you don’t know what you’re getting into yet.” She’s right.  I won’t know completely what is going on with Coach until Friday and the Parental Units come back from their vacation on Sunday, so Monday would be a good day to hand it in (if I choose to do so).

Tomorrow I work from 2-6, go to a piano lesson at 7, come back to work at 8 dressed in paint gear and work until midnight.  I’m excited to paint something that isn’t a francophone’s apartment (I painted a client’s apartment with a fellow Katima-participant in Montreal.  It was hell.).  It should be a really easy job (and a lot of fun!).  

Now I’m going to watch some Drawn Together.  Toodles.

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