Knights in Shining Armor Don’t Wear White Anymore

They wear cobalt blue t-shirts.  Live from the TTC Bloor-Yonge Line, it’s Edward’s iTouch at 6:15 PM:

Tonight I have a date with Joe that I don’t really want to go to, but we made the plan before everything else happened, and he owes me since I paid for the first meal (because he forgot his wallet? Who does that?).  If it turns out that he doesn’t have money again, I’m going to do one of the two things:

1.  Politely bow out of the meal and pay only my portion, leaving him to flounder and wash dishes, or

2.  Throw a glass of water/wine in his face, cause a huge scene and not pay for any of it because I paid for all of it the first time and he’s cheap and trashy.

I’m hoping I don’t have to resort to the second option because that would mean stepping down to his level, and I’m a classy guy.  I’m going to try in all my power to pick option #1.  Or maybe he’ll surprise me and actually pay for all of it and we can move on with our lives.  We shall see what happens.  

As for other exciting things that happened today, I learned that I sold $25, 000 worth of merchandise last week at work.  Too bad I won’t be sticking around there.  I talked to Chad today about plans for Coach and it looks like I’m going to be sending in my two weeks notice tomorrow.

I got a flirtatious wave and smile from a cute passenger in a blue truck as I was driving to work this morning, which was a nice start to the day.  Let’s hope tonight ends well too.  

I did not get to use the two options tonight.  A third option appeared:

3.  Wait until 7:30 because Joe never showed up (not surprised.  I got a Facebook message saying he had to leave for his flight early after this whole ordeal) and be swept off my feet by someone who I would of not expected to be around: Jordan (AKA Hot Guy that I went out to the buffet with and learned that he was dating another guy that was way more appropriate for him! He gets a name now because he is a good friend!)

It was the weirdest thing: I’m sitting there finishing my drink and he walks through the door and says: “I came here to take a guy wearing a green shirt and sandals to dinner.” I told him about how Joe was a no show and that he couldn’t of had more perfect timing.  He was in the area for his haircut and he was going to go have some Thai food at this new restaurant called Xyclo (it’s only a job posting.  They need wait staff, but the service we got was excellent, even if they seem to have low numbers).

We ate pad Thai, free spring rolls (courtesy of the restaurant for being customers at their new place) and summer rolls.  All of it was very good and so filling.  I’m saving my leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and can’t wait to eat them.  We thought that Xyclo is an odd name for a Thai restaurant, so we asked about the name.  Turns out that it is named after a Vietnamese cycling cart (called a Cyclo).  I learned something today.

I still can’t believe what luck I had tonight.  A guy I had not seen in 2 weeks (busy with work and whatnot) and had pretty much forgotten about shows up out of the blue and saves me from a shitty night.  He’s going to Divers/cité tomorrow in Montréal for 5 days (OMG, I just saw the TV ad and Mado is going to be there! She’s a francophone drag-queen made entirely of sequins and awesome!).  He’s going to have so much fun! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous.  He’s also seeing this guy (different from the one he talked about last time) who he is over the moon about (and so is the guy… Who wouldn’t be?) and I am so happy for him!

He’s quite the catch and he deserves someone equally amazing.  He still kisses amazingly too.  I would say that that was the best part of the night but, the best part of the night goes to the that we got to catch up and have dinner together.  That will always win for me hands down.  Every time.

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