The Internets say…

That a coffee shop is a bad place to have a date (according to  I present to you live from my iTouch at 7:45 PM, my thoughts:

Now I know why coffee is a bad place to start a date: you get checked out and think everyone is there to date you.  Oh god… I gave my number to a guy that’s balding?! What the hell is wrong with me? Please tell me the guy on the bike is not here for my coffee date! Oh… No he’s not.  He was just smiling at me and talking to some guy at Statlers.  Whew… While I was waiting, I had some Madelines and they were very very good.  Also the guy that just winked at me is very very good as well…

I think that was him in the green.  How terrible.  I don’t even remember what he looks like… Yup, the man in green.  Starbucks guy in all his glory.  Excuse me, I have a date to be on.

That was who I went on a date with tonight.  We started out having a chai latte for me and a tea for him and talking at a table for a while.  He’s an LGBT and English professor who has a lot of friends in high places.  He’s also done a lot of travelling (you name it, he’s probably been there).

After coffee, we had a drink at Hair of the Dog and I had potato skins (because my stomach was dying and it still doesn’t feel better).  He’s a vegetarian, which I have no problems with (thanks to Katimavik), and just a very interesting and respectful man.

I had a lovely evening with him and we kept running into people he knew from U of T, whether it be a colleague, someone he taught or a grad student in the LGBT group.  It was refreshing to see someone else be the mayor of somewhere for once (he would be the mayor of Church Street as I am the mayor of California’s).  I’m planning on seeing him again at some point, depending on how our schedules mesh.  Who knows what’s in store.

Towards the end of our evening I got a text from Chad saying he’ll call tomorrow to set up a meeting time for training, which means I’m going to have to write my 2 weeks notice for Banana very soon.  I’m a bit sad to leave this job again but Coach should be a better fit for me.  I just have to be careful not to burn any bridges.

I am so taking a pepto-bismal when I get home.  This pain reminds me of the dreaded Rolo Hot Chocolate I had before visiting the Manitoba Museum with my Katima-group.  Why does my stomach hate me so? 

P.S. We don’t have any Pepto in our house.  Water and a cat on the feet seem to work though.

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