Future List

I was reading over the first post of my blog a few days ago and I noticed that I had made of list of things I wanted to do next summer after Katimavik:

Looking forward to next summer, I’m going to do the following:

– Take singing, alto sax, guitar, or dancing lessons, and possibly get my Grade 8 piano.

– Work out and gain an upper body.

– Improve on fashion more.

– Learn sign language and improve French.

– Post more in this blog.

– Find out what I want to do with my future career-wise: Music or Social Work?

– Visit friends in other towns more.

I can say that I have or am starting to accomplish most of those things in that list, except for the sign language (I’m going to be learning Italian, Spanish, or Japanese instead), and taking sax, guitar, or dancing lessons (I opted for vocals).  Everything else I’ve done during Katimavik and I am continuing to do now.  I’m doing exercises and becoming stronger and more filled out on the upper half of my body.  I’m even more aware of what’s in for next season in the Fall since coming back to Banana (structured jackets, all black, and panda eyes) and reading WhoWhatWear (love that site).  I made a commitment to post more back in September… but I’m definitely holding up my end of the bargain now at least.  I found out during Katimavik that Gerontology is what I want to do as a safety net for my music career.  I had a visit in London last night and I’ve been to Cambridge a few times over the summer so far.

The sub-conscious mind is a powerful thing.  I never thought about that list when I was setting out to complete these goals, I just wanted to learn or improve some skills.  May as well continue this idea and make a list of things to accomplish for next summer:

– Get a demo recorded with original songs

– Save money by only using so much cash a week

– Buy clothing that expresses individual style and has a fantastic price (I’m going to start buying sweaters and knits.  I don’t do much layering.)

– Get at least a 3.3 GPA in all of my classes

– Receive my Grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate

– Continue to exercise

– Learn another language (Spanish, Italian or Japanese)

– Network in Toronto to help music career

What about everyone else? How do you realize your future goals?

2 thoughts on “Future List

  1. radiantdawn says:

    What a nice little goal list. O:

    You should cross them out once you’ve done one. x3


  2. Edward says:

    Good idea. If I remember that it’s here, that is. I generally leave these lists around and then I’ll forget about them until I get bored one day and start reading previous posts and discover them again and think, “Heeeeeey, this would make a good post!”. Then what you see up above happens.

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