Work Hard, Date Hard

Sorry about not posting for the last 3 days.  My time was taken up by my date.  On Thursday evening I went out for dinner with Joe.  He’s 22, plays and teaches the fiddle, speaks 9 languages and performs across Canada.  He’s heading back to his hometown in a week where he will stay for a month or so.  Anyway, we went to a place called Hair of the Dog which was a pub on Church Street.  It was a long dinner over which we had calamari, a bottle of red, and an order of grilled chicken pasta with a very flavourful sauce for the each of us.  On Tuesday, he is taking me out to Byzantium in order to make up for the fact that I had to pay for the meal because he forgot his card (a tad sketchy).  From the restaurant we went to my house where we watched the Michael Jackson documentary where some other actor played MJ.  It was pretty creepy to watch.  The following day we chilled out in the backyard, he made an amazing pasta dish using up leftover wine chicken and a bunch of other veggies and he went home yesterday in the morning.

He’s an alright guy, but I know we’d be better off as friends.  I had flashbacks at one point to the evening of my very first date, which was really bizarre.  I guess it was a matter of time before I met another person that shared a similar characteristic to that guy.  Plus we discussed where things could go and he’s not expecting anyone to wait around for a month when he gets back, and I wasn’t expecting him to wait either.  So we’re going to be friends and maybe start a band.  On Wednesday we may hang out at Statler’s again and do a cover of Bjork’s Bachelorette (me on piano, him on fiddle, perhaps the two of us on vocals, who knows).  

I thought about the whole sailing thing and I don’t really want to go.  One of my friends at work said it best: “You’ve been working every day this week, have a day to yourself for once”.  I have things I need to do here at home: water the plants, cut the grass, do laundry, practice the piano for my lesson on Thursday, and maybe make cookies.  Tomorrow I have my physical with my doctor for school and I set up a coffee date with Starbucks Guy.  We will finally get to know each other for once instead of playing phone tag.  That should be interesting.  Plus I don’t work until Tuesday! Two days off?! How can that be? Time to get up and start doing stuff around the house.

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