The extra “g” is for gayness

I only watered the plants today.  Tomorrow I shall cut the grass and practice diligently.  Instead of having a day to myself, I decided to travel to London to visit Mik.  I had a lovely dinner with him and his friends and we later watched drunken drag queen “binggo” (it was spelled like that.  I think she was drunk too).  The drag queen that was running the bingo had the worst makeup ever.  Her face was orange and the rest of her was a tan color.  You could see all of her pores.  It was pretty disgusting.  Her outfit was as well.  Red stockings pulled up to her belly button, with a black lace camisole and matching black panties.  The drag queen I was sitting next to was dressed fabulously in a snake-skin dress with a kick-ass tiara.  Plus her makeup was well blended.  Props to her.  It was lovely to hang out with Mik and get to know his friends a bit.  I can now say I’ve hung out with Mr. 7 (the club had a contest and he was crowned King… err… Queen? of the club during London Pride).  London Pride looked to be about the same size as Windsor Pride, but I was told that their parade was fabulous this year.  Everyone loves a good parade.

I love a good rest.  Good Night!

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