Surprising Night at Statlers

As I was getting ready to leave for my performance tonight, I discovered that I had a voice mail from an unexpected caller: Starbucks Guy! He works at U of T and he wanted to meet up with me for coffee.  I couldn’t get a hold of him, so I left him a voice mail message saying that I’d be performing at Statlers and he should come check me out.  I left for TO and never heard back from him all night.  Too bad ’cause he missed out on a great performance.  I didn’t end up playing my set list in the order I listed yesterday.  Instead I played the following:

  1. Blackwinged Bird by Emm Gryner
  2. (They Long To Be) Close To You by The Carpenters
  3. FAKE – Mika Nakashima (No vocal version)

It went really well and I think lots of people enjoyed it.  I made some new friends tonight too.  I shared a table with a woman for most of the night, befriended a Mexican named Johnathan, the guy sharing his table who’s name was Paul, a fiddler named Joe (who I am having dinner with tomorrow.  No dice, Starbucks Guy), and Richard, a man who owns a sailboat that invited Joe and I on a trip to Toronto Island (I don’t know if I’ll go yet…) on Sunday.  I’ll probably go back next Wednesday to perform again, or on Monday and make a bunch of connections with the Theatre folk.  It was so much fun and everyone was very friendly and singing along… It was fabulous.  I also had a half litre of wine bought for Joe and I by a man.  I was originally going to buy it to split between the two of us, but this guy insisted, so we got free red wine.

In addition to dinner tomorrow, I get my lab results and an examination of some bumps that have not left my legs since I got them waxed 2 weeks ago.  Plus I’ll get to check out the new Fall line at work! It’s going to be a good day.

Good Night!

P.S. I got my courses registered for College.  My schedule is going to be busy but fun.

One thought on “Surprising Night at Statlers

  1. […] last 3 days.  My time was taken up by my date.  On Thursday evening I went out for dinner with Joe.  He’s 22, plays and teaches the fiddle, speaks 9 languages and performs across Canada. […]

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