Almost Clean

Did you know that an HIV test takes three weeks to process since it has to go through the public health system? I’m pretty positive that I’m negative (tee hee).  I was negative for every test, so chances are good that it would be negative (hope I didn’t jinx it).  They would of called me within the first week if something came up.

I got an antibiotic cream and oral antibiotic for the bumps that appeared after waxing.  Turns out that it commonly happens in first time waxes.  It’ll be nice to see those disappear.  Enough about the disgusting aspects of me.  I’ve never had so many prescriptions at once (3 creams, 2 antibiotics, 1 multivitamin in a non-prescribed pear tree) in my life.  I’m sure if I was a piñata, prescription drugs and blood would gush out when a 5 year-old boy with Daddy issues bashes me in the head (or a Katimavik participant celebrating her 18th birthday).

There are two new concepts in the Women’s department at BR.  The pencil skirt is back (Woo hop! Up yours A-lines!) and we have tailor fit blouses (more room in the bust) again.  Other than that, the colours of Fall are: Raspberry, Azure, Black, Grey, Purple, and frothy Whites.  I have tomorrow off and I’m back in on Saturday at noon.  It’s Friends & Family from today until Sunday, so if you got a card, use it!

I have 2 scales, a study and a song to learn by next week on the piano.  I’m really glad that I’m back in the lesson saddle again.  I can enjoy sheet music and Royal Conservatory pieces again, which is fantastic because I am now mature enough to appreciate the nuances and stresses in music instead of just learning it because I have to pass some exam.  I can’t wait to start practicing (oh that sounded nerdy).

I hope my date won’t be upset… The subway is running slow today.  More on how that goes later…

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