“I told you, I DON’T NEED PANTS!”

Work today was pretty quiet.  Except when this Scottish grandma showed up in one of the fitting rooms (subject line brought to you by her).  By showed up, I mean she just walked into a room that I had reserved for another customer.  It was even closed and had clothing hanging on it, which clearly means RESERVED (guess I should of locked it).  She didn’t quite seem to get that, or how to let me in when she was fully clothed to get the clothing for the other customer out.  After a little explanation, I tried being my usual self by asking if she needed any sizes for the pants she was trying on.  I guess I hit a nerve because she started to get angry at me and telling me that she was fine and didn’t need no sizes, or pants for that matter.  Yet I only asked once.  A simple “No, thank you” would of sufficed, not a mini-conniption fit.  If you didn’t need pants, why try on pants (Why Pants? would be a good indie band name).  She ended up buying a shirt from me (score one for me).  Usually the elderly have no problem with me (I’m going into Gerontology after all)… I wonder if there’s a full moon coming up? Old people and tides are affected by the moon in weird ways.

Aside from the odd angry old person, Mondays are great days to go shopping.  It’s so quiet, there are only Moms with sleeping babies to contend with, and as long as you don’t fall into a Baby Gap or accidentally walk into a Please Mum, you’ll never see or hear them.  What else is great? Our store is receiving the new Fall Transition Line ’08 Wednesday night, which means come Thursday morning, we will have fabulous new clothes all ready for the Friends and Family weekend.  Banana Republic is bringing back their size 29 for Men’s in all types of pants (not just dress), so perhaps there will be something that fits me properly now.  I can dream…

I’ve found a potential piano teacher and a potential vocal teacher for this week.  I’m interested to find out what I can learn and improve upon.  I’m especially excited for learning vocals as the teacher seems to be extremely qualified and eager to help me out.  I need to pick a vocal style to start on though… I was thinking pop, because that’s where everyone starts, but it’s a tad boring to sing pop songs… so I’m going to explore Jazz first, since I love the different stresses on notes, the improvisation, and those lovely 7th chords.

I learned how to start a lawnmower today.  By next week I will be lacking at least a finger, according to my brother.  We’ll see who laughs last when I invite him over to help me make a Bloody Mary… oh, that joke would of been so much better if it was me under the lawnmower instead of my brother (being straight and all).  So what if I can’t cut a lawn properly? I can make desserts better than he can, and he’s the chef of the family.  His specialty lies in cooking, not in baking.  And as of now at the restaurant he works at, it also lies in some lobster dish.

Tomorrow will not be exciting.  Parents leave at 5 AM, I work 12-6.  I’m going to make a picture post.  Maybe I’ll even change my Facebook profile picture to something more current instead of 2 months ago (usually I’m good for changing up my profile pic, but I’ve been slacking).  The next day will be an Open Mic performance at Statlers! J’ai hate (I have the excitement, not I have hate)!

3 thoughts on ““I told you, I DON’T NEED PANTS!”

  1. radiantdawn says:

    I noticed that someone clicked on my blog through here, and I read some of your stuff and it’s really interesting. So I added you to my blogroll. :]

    -Ethan from Radiant Dawn

  2. Edward says:

    Aw, thanks. I enjoy your J-pop reviews and the variety of artists you choose to put on your site. I also enjoy the fact that you have the guts to post download links on WordPress and not get in trouble for it.

  3. […] 22, 2008 Posted by Edward in George Brown, Life, Rants. trackback Contrary to what I said in my last post, I did not work until 6 today.  I was reminded by my supervisor and my iTouch that I was working […]

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