Dangerous Typing

Oh my goodness.  I was feeling adventurous and I pressed the “Take me to a random blog, unentertaining internet!” and look what I stumbled upon! Hilarious!

I’ve sent out invitations to the event.  Now all I have to do is wait for the owner to call back.  Or I may just beat her to the punch and call her tomorrow while I’m on my break.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.  Let’s play the “Type whatever thought comes into your head game”.

My throat is a little hoarse.

That reminds me of my third grade teacher, Mrs. Livingston.  She always made jokes like that.  She also loved Ronno.  Lunchbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag, who knows when the lunchbag lizard will strike again? Classic stuff.

I couldn’t find anything on Ronno when I “wiki”ed him.  When I googled the lunchbag lizard, I got ebay items that weren’t in stock.  Who’s buying these things? Who likes Positively Singable Songs?!

Did that last point really need an interrobang? Why does my Mac think that interrobang is spelt wrong? Is it one “r” or two? Where’s that online dictionary… ah, it IS two.  Stick that in your CD-RW drive and smoke it.

Smoking is deal breaker for me.  I appreciate the courtesy guys give when they brush their teeth before making out with me (thanks for doing that all those times Mik), but I just can’t date a guy that smokes.  Not my scene…

… someone else’s scene.  Fashionable people doing questionable thiiiiiiiiings.  FASHIONABLE FASHIONABLE FASHIONABLE… PEOPLE.

Man, how I love Joel Plaskett.  I wonder what Courtney is up to… I see that her plants have grown a foot tall.  That’s pretty impressive.  I kind of reverted back to myself pre-Katimavik (oh, I just used a word that didn’t have the usual prefix.  You see that? Huh? Huh?!) after Katimavik was over.  My hair looks like it did before I left (thanks to the Spa Slaughter.  Never get a $7 haircut.  Wish I wasn’t blind by my parents need for me to save money), I’ve lost the toned stomach that I had during Katimavik, and I’m eating meat (mmm steak.  Not man meat).  

I forgot, my parents read this.  … Oh well.  Not like they haven’t seen anything before.

I’m really lucky that my parents love me for who I am.  I’m really glad that they caught me with gay porn when I was 15 and they weren’t so surprised when I told them I was gay during my 18th birthday lunch celebration at Applebee’s in Windsor.  It was a definite “A-DUUUUUH” moment I think (like when Xandir came out to his parents on Drawn Together).  Those Applebee’s “Tower o’ Appetizers” things are pretty good…

Why are mozzarella sticks so expensive? They only give you 6 or 8 for a serving.  That’s ridiculous.  

Oh man! What was the name of that comedian I saw in Montreal during the Just For Laughs Festival? Katima-people, help me out! (Hot pockets…)

Edgewood Dirk is trying to attack his own shadow.  Awwww… he’s so stupid and fluffy.

This post is getting a bit stupid.  

I’m not going to end it like I have the other posts.  The endings are just so… lame.  

Well, there’s an ending.  It’s 2 o’ clock and I have to work tomorrow at 10.  That, and my Dad just told me to go to bed.  I suppose that was bound to happen.  I AM sitting in the living room in only a house coat typing on a MacBook into my blog.  Off I go.

Good Night.

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