A Better Version of Me

What a terrible blogger I am.  No point in beating myself up about it though.  I have made some new commitments in my life that should kick the nasty habit of not updating my blog: I am going to write 100 words (at least) every day in this blog.  That ought to do something about the lack of posting that has been going on.  More on other new commitments I have made later.

First: the job(s).  I got my job back at Banana Republic, which is fantastic.  I’m glad to be back at that store.  I worked there last summer and they weren’t hiring at the beginning of the summer, but I pulled a few strings and now I’m back in the game.  Plus, my friend/ex-manager (Chad) of Banana Republic is opening a Coach store in  Square One and he has hired me on his team.  So come August, I’ll be selling extremely expensive purses and trench coats while wearing a classy and fitted suit.   

2 weeks ago, I had 2 amazing interviews with Parasuco, the Canadian company that has $150 jeans that the celebrities wear.  Parasuco didn’t work out.  I don’t quite get why this keeps happening… I have fantastic interviews with clients and then they never call back (am I terrible 3rd date?).  It’s probably because of whole “I want full time hours but I’m going to school in the fall but I’ll still take on evenings and weekends” thing.  I have a feeling that they just want someone who isn’t going back to school anytime soon.  That’s alright.  I have 2 jobs, which isn’t my usual 3, but I will be rolling in money soon enough.

I still have my job at Reef Moxie Promotions.  The first promotion I ever did was for Polar Ice Vodka about a month ago and that was sensational.  No pictures (sorry) were taken, but I was wearing black “booty shorts”, a vest, a tie, and black dress shoes with socks.  It was shockingly tame because the top covered up so much (even on my partner, who was ripped).  Plus the outfit wasn’t small enough, but I looked cute nonetheless.  

The following week (on June 21st and 22nd) I was a part of a promotion for Rogers (which I mentioned in my last post).  It was the promotion from hell because it was not well prepared or planned.  The style of the promotion was supposed to be guerrilla (we would go from place to place with our things and hand out promotional cards for Rogers saying, “Take photos all summer long and post them to the Rogers website to win some great prizes”).  We were supposed to go to a location and be a distraction (we hired 2 actors to do the lifeguard skit from SNL) in the middle of a street, a park, wherever.  This distraction involved many props: a rolling lifeguard chair, an inflatable kiddie pool, bottles of cooler water to fill the kiddie pool (which were not purchased beforehand and took time out of our schedule), the actor’s costumes and props (they were at the location), and the promo cards.  My team consisted of 2 people: myself and a fellow Reef Moxie person.  It is very difficult to carry all of that from a van to the location (especially when the van that you are driving is not a normal van as was discussed.  It was a cargo van.  They gave me a van that was just one row of seats short of being a Katima-van).  I was not good at driving that beast.  Streets were closed off, it’s a tad impossible to drive to 8 locations in 4 hours with the time it takes to find a parking spot, wheel everything to the location and set up.  By then, we may as well of moved on to the next location.  We were supposed to be at 16 locations that weekend, but we ended up getting to 4.  Our client was angry at us, my supervisor was angry at me, but she understood that it was pretty much impossible to do what the client had asked of us.  It was just a terrible weekend and a complete disaster.  Fortunately, my next promotion in that style went more smoothly, but I’ll get into that later.  

The next promotion that I did a promotion was a 2 day Microsoft Zune Pride promo (yes my American readers, it is now in Canada and it is like response to the iPod, but bear with me).  That was a blast and I got to work with a friend from another company, which was super cool.  Not only did I get to check out Pride for two days, I also got a date for that following week with an extremely hot guy (more on that later).  What a lovely promotion that was…

June 30th and Canada Day I handed out Sponge Towels (paper towels) and other assorted paper products in guerrilla style.  Pretty exciting (sarcasm) but the weather was nice and I got to keep the uniform (huge but good for days when I feel lazy and don’t want to go out of the house.  For some reason, I don’t think my company believes that I am actually a size 29 and XS.  They never have my size.  EVER).  This promotion was planned much better, but my team-mates were pretty sketchy… one of them was a pathological liar (couldn’t even look at me in the eye and did not listen at all.  Plus, he couldn’t get me or my team-mate’s name right, and we worked 16 hours together).  The other guy was alright, but a professional liar (that was his job, but at least he did his job.  

The first day went fine, Canada Day was a different story.  The pathological liar was supposed to pick me up at my house at 11 so we could get to our location at 11:30 (he wasn’t driving a giant white van).  I call him at 10:45 to make sure he got my directions and that he is on his way, and he tells me that he is EATING.  The hell?! You’ve got a job to do and I don’t want to be late, so what are you doing eating when you had time to do that before you left? I know that it would of taken him half an hour to get to my house, so there’s no excuse.  At 11:05, he was not at the house, so I took matters into my own hands and got to the location without him, leaving a message to let him know that I was on the way to the location.  At 11:20, I call him again to let him know which entrance I was at, and he is just leaving wherever he was eating at.  11:30 rolled around.  I was there, no one else was.  A friend of mine was doing another promo and we talked for a while to kill time.  At 12:30, the guy who was supposed to pick me up rolls into the parking lot and is all “Hey buddy, how’s it goin’?!”.  I wanted to kill him.  Our client wasn’t there, but I had informed the supervisor that we had not set up yet, in case the client did show up.  The normal team-mate was being picked up by a guy who had all of the supplies and was supposed to meet with us at 11:30 as well.  He didn’t show up until 1:30.  They got lost.  In order to avoid ripping their heads off, I promoted solo and got a lot more work done than they did.  

I will never choose to work with these two guys ever again.  I shouldn’t of gotten so angry at them because I’m not the client or the supervisor and I was getting paid 2 hours to sit and do nothing, but my hard work ethic and honesty got the better of me and wanted to kill the dishonesty and bullshit in my team-mates.  I forgot that in the Real World, not everyone is honest sunshine and hard working puppies.  There are lazy, lying and cheap people out there.  That was my reality check.  I had another one with the hot guy I met at Pride and went on a lunch date with that following Saturday.

We had lunch at Mother Tucker’s Buffet.  The previous night I had dinner at Mandarin, so I didn’t bother eating anything in between meals (jumping from buffet to buffet is good for the body).  It was a nice lunch and we later drove back to my house and had a little nap (he’s also built.  There’s something very relaxing about having a guy hold you in his arms).  At the beginning of the date, he alluded to the fact that he’s seeing other guys at the same time as me.  No problem, this was just a “getting to know you date” and at the worst I would have a new friend to hang out with.  I learned the following throughout our date: he’s 27, hot, not out to his parents (yet has a fantastic gay social life), works in property management, loves dogs and babies, his family is conservative (yet he was on the gay Liberal float at Pride), he’s Jewish, and the other guy he’s dating is 28, lives in Toronto (alone he added…), and is quite the catch.  So in short, he was trying to get into my pants.  Not how I roll.  We’re friends now (and both really busy, so I haven’t seen him since), and that’s all she wrote.  No other potential prospects have popped up yet, but I’m too busy to even have one anyway.

Speaking of prospects, my ex-boyfriend (now friend… seems weird to call him my ex, even though he is) Jeffrey found himself a boyfriend.  It’s pretty funny actually… this guy is 20 (so am I), from Cambridge (I’m from Cambridge until I moved to Mississauga 3 years ago), studying Composition Theory at U of T (I’m blessed in the music category and I’m also going to a Toronto post-secondary school), and their anniversary is on the same day that Jeff and I would of had ours.  His name is Craig, but I’m choosing to call him Bizzaro-Me (Craig sounds better).  What a weird coincidence eh? He seems like a nice fellow and I hope I’ll get to meet him some day.  Jeff tells me the similarities stop there, and I hope he’s right (if he looks like me, Lucy got some ‘splainin to do).  I’m glad things are going well for him and his boyfriend.  They were going to Renaissance in KW on Saturday, and I’m going to hear a full report tomorrow.  I’ve never been to the Ren, but I hear that it’s good (I hung out with a guy once who used to frequent the place… since he goes there, I guess it’s not as good as I think it is).

I, too, have been dabbling in parties.  A friend of mine from Windsor (known to my friends as German Ryan as he attempted to teach me German once and we tried to date and it didn’t work out) came up to Toronto with a friend of his from Germany (who spoke impeccable English).  We went out a couple bars, danced, and had a great time.  Two nights ago I went to Fly (the same bar that they turned into Babylon for the shooting of Queer As Folk) for Grapefruit Night, which is an event that happens on a Friday once a month where they play 80s music (and a little bit of old school 90s and 00s).  I hung out with Remi, her significant other, Chad, and the gay version of Sex and the City (Chad is totally Carrie… without the wearing of an acorn on his head).  It was so much fun! Dancing, watching Chad make out with a bewildered Asian guy who was there with his fag hag (who loooooooooved us), people watching in general, laughing at the classic dance moves, giving this random stranger the courage to go talk to a dancer who he found attractive and capping it off with a run to McDonald’s at 1 AM.  

I’m planning on throwing a party of my own in early August (I’m thinking August 2nd, a Saturday, or the 8th, the following Friday.  Or perhaps on some other random night of the week.  I would have it on August 9th, but that day is dedicated to my family reunion… maybe I could just throw the party after that day is over?).  I’m debating between getting a club, or having a house party… we aren’t going to have a swimming pool in at that time though, so I’m leaning more towards the club (everyone pitches in $20, which is what you would spend if you had to bring alcohol and we party it up with an open bar and a potential limo ride back to my house where the party would continue).  The liner in our coffin (err, pool) is being torn apart, and the new pool won’t be showing up until later on in August.  It’s quite the job to fill our pool because of the bizzare shape and the illegal depth in the centre of the pool… but it shall be done! My parental units are determined to have a pool with a fiberglass liner that you can walk around without having to duck to avoid the hedges and potentially fall in the pool (happened to me once).

As I stated at the beginning of this post, I’m going to write at least 100 word posts each day.  In addition to that, I’m also going to start taking better care of myself physically.  I’m booking a bunch of appointments with my doctor to get stuff tested (for school and for myself… hello Accutane! I’m going to finally accomplish something that I’ve strived to achieve yet never have for 5 years: have clear skin EVERYWHERE) and getting my teeth aligned again (it’s funny what happens when you don’t wear a retainer for a week and then it never fits again.  I’m thinking a perma-tainer).  Or perhaps I’ll get veneers… who knows.  I’m also growing out my hair again to Katima-length and NEVER getting it cut at a place that charges $7 for a haircut.  I am going to have sexy, longish hair.  I really miss it! I look back at my Katima-pictures and I loved how easy it was to manage.  Musically, I’m going to perform at Open Mics in Toronto and Mississauga to get my name out there.  There’s one bar in Toronto that I really want to perform at called Statlers.  It’s a piano bar (and gay) so it seems like it would be an easy place to get into.  More on that in later posts.  I’m going to get back on working out and buying some dumb-bells.  I stopped working out for a month and my toned body disappeared, I’ve become more prone to getting sick, I just feel less healthy in general.  

What better way to set a commitment in stone than to write in a place that I look at every day? Everyday, my blog greets me (lately it’s been with guilt because I haven’t been updating), and now I’ll be constantly reminded of the personal and physical changes that I am undertaking (sounds like puberty…).  This will keep me on track.  Here’s to a fresh start!

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