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Japan Calling…

I’ve been reading a lot about Westerners who are currently living in Japan, and it’s so fascinating.  Reading about it makes me really want to do the JET Programme.  However, I’d prefer just to go down to Japan and work on my recording career, but if I have to teach English at the same time, so be it.  I think I’ll buy some books on the Japanese language and start studying those.  There’s a lot of kanji to learn… something like 2000 characters? Over time I’m sure it’ll become easier.  Starting is usually the hardest part when it comes to anything.

I had a Godiva Chocoelixir today and it was so good! The manager seemed to like me and asked if I could drop off my resume tomorrow… If I worked at Godiva Chocolates, I’d be eating all of the chocolate and there would be nothing to sell.  It is something to consider though.

Time to eat, rush off to my piano lesson and then come back to work and paint the store display walls.

Acquaintances to Acquaintances

Starbucks Guy sent me an e-mail this afternoon.  It turns out that he is in his late 30s and has offered me friendship instead of another date, which I gladly accepted.  He certainly did not look his age.  I was thinking late 20s… but I guess that you don’t become a successful professor after only being in the system for a few years, so it makes sense.  It would be like a student dating a professor… except I’m not going to his University.  Creepy, no? I wasn’t expecting much to come of it anyway, but at least I have a good acquaintance (and an extremely good resource for an LGBT research paper).  Nothing to complain about.

My work schedule next week is a whopping 38 hours with only Thursday (the day of my party) off.  I’m going to have to reschedule my vocal lesson next week to Thursday to make things work.  I wrote my 2 weeks notice letter and called my Mother to get some business advice on what to do with it.  The advice she gave was very sage: “Hold off until I come back and we can discuss this further.  No point in tossing in your notice if you don’t know what you’re getting into yet.” She’s right.  I won’t know completely what is going on with Coach until Friday and the Parental Units come back from their vacation on Sunday, so Monday would be a good day to hand it in (if I choose to do so).

Tomorrow I work from 2-6, go to a piano lesson at 7, come back to work at 8 dressed in paint gear and work until midnight.  I’m excited to paint something that isn’t a francophone’s apartment (I painted a client’s apartment with a fellow Katima-participant in Montreal.  It was hell.).  It should be a really easy job (and a lot of fun!).  

Now I’m going to watch some Drawn Together.  Toodles.

Knights in Shining Armor Don’t Wear White Anymore

They wear cobalt blue t-shirts.  Live from the TTC Bloor-Yonge Line, it’s Edward’s iTouch at 6:15 PM:

Tonight I have a date with Joe that I don’t really want to go to, but we made the plan before everything else happened, and he owes me since I paid for the first meal (because he forgot his wallet? Who does that?).  If it turns out that he doesn’t have money again, I’m going to do one of the two things:

1.  Politely bow out of the meal and pay only my portion, leaving him to flounder and wash dishes, or

2.  Throw a glass of water/wine in his face, cause a huge scene and not pay for any of it because I paid for all of it the first time and he’s cheap and trashy.

I’m hoping I don’t have to resort to the second option because that would mean stepping down to his level, and I’m a classy guy.  I’m going to try in all my power to pick option #1.  Or maybe he’ll surprise me and actually pay for all of it and we can move on with our lives.  We shall see what happens.  

As for other exciting things that happened today, I learned that I sold $25, 000 worth of merchandise last week at work.  Too bad I won’t be sticking around there.  I talked to Chad today about plans for Coach and it looks like I’m going to be sending in my two weeks notice tomorrow.

I got a flirtatious wave and smile from a cute passenger in a blue truck as I was driving to work this morning, which was a nice start to the day.  Let’s hope tonight ends well too.  

I did not get to use the two options tonight.  A third option appeared:

3.  Wait until 7:30 because Joe never showed up (not surprised.  I got a Facebook message saying he had to leave for his flight early after this whole ordeal) and be swept off my feet by someone who I would of not expected to be around: Jordan (AKA Hot Guy that I went out to the buffet with and learned that he was dating another guy that was way more appropriate for him! He gets a name now because he is a good friend!)

It was the weirdest thing: I’m sitting there finishing my drink and he walks through the door and says: “I came here to take a guy wearing a green shirt and sandals to dinner.” I told him about how Joe was a no show and that he couldn’t of had more perfect timing.  He was in the area for his haircut and he was going to go have some Thai food at this new restaurant called Xyclo (it’s only a job posting.  They need wait staff, but the service we got was excellent, even if they seem to have low numbers).

We ate pad Thai, free spring rolls (courtesy of the restaurant for being customers at their new place) and summer rolls.  All of it was very good and so filling.  I’m saving my leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and can’t wait to eat them.  We thought that Xyclo is an odd name for a Thai restaurant, so we asked about the name.  Turns out that it is named after a Vietnamese cycling cart (called a Cyclo).  I learned something today.

I still can’t believe what luck I had tonight.  A guy I had not seen in 2 weeks (busy with work and whatnot) and had pretty much forgotten about shows up out of the blue and saves me from a shitty night.  He’s going to Divers/cité tomorrow in Montréal for 5 days (OMG, I just saw the TV ad and Mado is going to be there! She’s a francophone drag-queen made entirely of sequins and awesome!).  He’s going to have so much fun! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous.  He’s also seeing this guy (different from the one he talked about last time) who he is over the moon about (and so is the guy… Who wouldn’t be?) and I am so happy for him!

He’s quite the catch and he deserves someone equally amazing.  He still kisses amazingly too.  I would say that that was the best part of the night but, the best part of the night goes to the that we got to catch up and have dinner together.  That will always win for me hands down.  Every time.

The Internets say…

That a coffee shop is a bad place to have a date (according to  I present to you live from my iTouch at 7:45 PM, my thoughts:

Now I know why coffee is a bad place to start a date: you get checked out and think everyone is there to date you.  Oh god… I gave my number to a guy that’s balding?! What the hell is wrong with me? Please tell me the guy on the bike is not here for my coffee date! Oh… No he’s not.  He was just smiling at me and talking to some guy at Statlers.  Whew… While I was waiting, I had some Madelines and they were very very good.  Also the guy that just winked at me is very very good as well…

I think that was him in the green.  How terrible.  I don’t even remember what he looks like… Yup, the man in green.  Starbucks guy in all his glory.  Excuse me, I have a date to be on.

That was who I went on a date with tonight.  We started out having a chai latte for me and a tea for him and talking at a table for a while.  He’s an LGBT and English professor who has a lot of friends in high places.  He’s also done a lot of travelling (you name it, he’s probably been there).

After coffee, we had a drink at Hair of the Dog and I had potato skins (because my stomach was dying and it still doesn’t feel better).  He’s a vegetarian, which I have no problems with (thanks to Katimavik), and just a very interesting and respectful man.

I had a lovely evening with him and we kept running into people he knew from U of T, whether it be a colleague, someone he taught or a grad student in the LGBT group.  It was refreshing to see someone else be the mayor of somewhere for once (he would be the mayor of Church Street as I am the mayor of California’s).  I’m planning on seeing him again at some point, depending on how our schedules mesh.  Who knows what’s in store.

Towards the end of our evening I got a text from Chad saying he’ll call tomorrow to set up a meeting time for training, which means I’m going to have to write my 2 weeks notice for Banana very soon.  I’m a bit sad to leave this job again but Coach should be a better fit for me.  I just have to be careful not to burn any bridges.

I am so taking a pepto-bismal when I get home.  This pain reminds me of the dreaded Rolo Hot Chocolate I had before visiting the Manitoba Museum with my Katima-group.  Why does my stomach hate me so? 

P.S. We don’t have any Pepto in our house.  Water and a cat on the feet seem to work though.

Future List

I was reading over the first post of my blog a few days ago and I noticed that I had made of list of things I wanted to do next summer after Katimavik:

Looking forward to next summer, I’m going to do the following:

– Take singing, alto sax, guitar, or dancing lessons, and possibly get my Grade 8 piano.

– Work out and gain an upper body.

– Improve on fashion more.

– Learn sign language and improve French.

– Post more in this blog.

– Find out what I want to do with my future career-wise: Music or Social Work?

– Visit friends in other towns more.

I can say that I have or am starting to accomplish most of those things in that list, except for the sign language (I’m going to be learning Italian, Spanish, or Japanese instead), and taking sax, guitar, or dancing lessons (I opted for vocals).  Everything else I’ve done during Katimavik and I am continuing to do now.  I’m doing exercises and becoming stronger and more filled out on the upper half of my body.  I’m even more aware of what’s in for next season in the Fall since coming back to Banana (structured jackets, all black, and panda eyes) and reading WhoWhatWear (love that site).  I made a commitment to post more back in September… but I’m definitely holding up my end of the bargain now at least.  I found out during Katimavik that Gerontology is what I want to do as a safety net for my music career.  I had a visit in London last night and I’ve been to Cambridge a few times over the summer so far.

The sub-conscious mind is a powerful thing.  I never thought about that list when I was setting out to complete these goals, I just wanted to learn or improve some skills.  May as well continue this idea and make a list of things to accomplish for next summer:

– Get a demo recorded with original songs

– Save money by only using so much cash a week

– Buy clothing that expresses individual style and has a fantastic price (I’m going to start buying sweaters and knits.  I don’t do much layering.)

– Get at least a 3.3 GPA in all of my classes

– Receive my Grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate

– Continue to exercise

– Learn another language (Spanish, Italian or Japanese)

– Network in Toronto to help music career

What about everyone else? How do you realize your future goals?

The extra “g” is for gayness

I only watered the plants today.  Tomorrow I shall cut the grass and practice diligently.  Instead of having a day to myself, I decided to travel to London to visit Mik.  I had a lovely dinner with him and his friends and we later watched drunken drag queen “binggo” (it was spelled like that.  I think she was drunk too).  The drag queen that was running the bingo had the worst makeup ever.  Her face was orange and the rest of her was a tan color.  You could see all of her pores.  It was pretty disgusting.  Her outfit was as well.  Red stockings pulled up to her belly button, with a black lace camisole and matching black panties.  The drag queen I was sitting next to was dressed fabulously in a snake-skin dress with a kick-ass tiara.  Plus her makeup was well blended.  Props to her.  It was lovely to hang out with Mik and get to know his friends a bit.  I can now say I’ve hung out with Mr. 7 (the club had a contest and he was crowned King… err… Queen? of the club during London Pride).  London Pride looked to be about the same size as Windsor Pride, but I was told that their parade was fabulous this year.  Everyone loves a good parade.

I love a good rest.  Good Night!

Work Hard, Date Hard

Sorry about not posting for the last 3 days.  My time was taken up by my date.  On Thursday evening I went out for dinner with Joe.  He’s 22, plays and teaches the fiddle, speaks 9 languages and performs across Canada.  He’s heading back to his hometown in a week where he will stay for a month or so.  Anyway, we went to a place called Hair of the Dog which was a pub on Church Street.  It was a long dinner over which we had calamari, a bottle of red, and an order of grilled chicken pasta with a very flavourful sauce for the each of us.  On Tuesday, he is taking me out to Byzantium in order to make up for the fact that I had to pay for the meal because he forgot his card (a tad sketchy).  From the restaurant we went to my house where we watched the Michael Jackson documentary where some other actor played MJ.  It was pretty creepy to watch.  The following day we chilled out in the backyard, he made an amazing pasta dish using up leftover wine chicken and a bunch of other veggies and he went home yesterday in the morning.

He’s an alright guy, but I know we’d be better off as friends.  I had flashbacks at one point to the evening of my very first date, which was really bizarre.  I guess it was a matter of time before I met another person that shared a similar characteristic to that guy.  Plus we discussed where things could go and he’s not expecting anyone to wait around for a month when he gets back, and I wasn’t expecting him to wait either.  So we’re going to be friends and maybe start a band.  On Wednesday we may hang out at Statler’s again and do a cover of Bjork’s Bachelorette (me on piano, him on fiddle, perhaps the two of us on vocals, who knows).  

I thought about the whole sailing thing and I don’t really want to go.  One of my friends at work said it best: “You’ve been working every day this week, have a day to yourself for once”.  I have things I need to do here at home: water the plants, cut the grass, do laundry, practice the piano for my lesson on Thursday, and maybe make cookies.  Tomorrow I have my physical with my doctor for school and I set up a coffee date with Starbucks Guy.  We will finally get to know each other for once instead of playing phone tag.  That should be interesting.  Plus I don’t work until Tuesday! Two days off?! How can that be? Time to get up and start doing stuff around the house.

Almost Clean

Did you know that an HIV test takes three weeks to process since it has to go through the public health system? I’m pretty positive that I’m negative (tee hee).  I was negative for every test, so chances are good that it would be negative (hope I didn’t jinx it).  They would of called me within the first week if something came up.

I got an antibiotic cream and oral antibiotic for the bumps that appeared after waxing.  Turns out that it commonly happens in first time waxes.  It’ll be nice to see those disappear.  Enough about the disgusting aspects of me.  I’ve never had so many prescriptions at once (3 creams, 2 antibiotics, 1 multivitamin in a non-prescribed pear tree) in my life.  I’m sure if I was a piñata, prescription drugs and blood would gush out when a 5 year-old boy with Daddy issues bashes me in the head (or a Katimavik participant celebrating her 18th birthday).

There are two new concepts in the Women’s department at BR.  The pencil skirt is back (Woo hop! Up yours A-lines!) and we have tailor fit blouses (more room in the bust) again.  Other than that, the colours of Fall are: Raspberry, Azure, Black, Grey, Purple, and frothy Whites.  I have tomorrow off and I’m back in on Saturday at noon.  It’s Friends & Family from today until Sunday, so if you got a card, use it!

I have 2 scales, a study and a song to learn by next week on the piano.  I’m really glad that I’m back in the lesson saddle again.  I can enjoy sheet music and Royal Conservatory pieces again, which is fantastic because I am now mature enough to appreciate the nuances and stresses in music instead of just learning it because I have to pass some exam.  I can’t wait to start practicing (oh that sounded nerdy).

I hope my date won’t be upset… The subway is running slow today.  More on how that goes later…

Surprising Night at Statlers

As I was getting ready to leave for my performance tonight, I discovered that I had a voice mail from an unexpected caller: Starbucks Guy! He works at U of T and he wanted to meet up with me for coffee.  I couldn’t get a hold of him, so I left him a voice mail message saying that I’d be performing at Statlers and he should come check me out.  I left for TO and never heard back from him all night.  Too bad ’cause he missed out on a great performance.  I didn’t end up playing my set list in the order I listed yesterday.  Instead I played the following:

  1. Blackwinged Bird by Emm Gryner
  2. (They Long To Be) Close To You by The Carpenters
  3. FAKE – Mika Nakashima (No vocal version)

It went really well and I think lots of people enjoyed it.  I made some new friends tonight too.  I shared a table with a woman for most of the night, befriended a Mexican named Johnathan, the guy sharing his table who’s name was Paul, a fiddler named Joe (who I am having dinner with tomorrow.  No dice, Starbucks Guy), and Richard, a man who owns a sailboat that invited Joe and I on a trip to Toronto Island (I don’t know if I’ll go yet…) on Sunday.  I’ll probably go back next Wednesday to perform again, or on Monday and make a bunch of connections with the Theatre folk.  It was so much fun and everyone was very friendly and singing along… It was fabulous.  I also had a half litre of wine bought for Joe and I by a man.  I was originally going to buy it to split between the two of us, but this guy insisted, so we got free red wine.

In addition to dinner tomorrow, I get my lab results and an examination of some bumps that have not left my legs since I got them waxed 2 weeks ago.  Plus I’ll get to check out the new Fall line at work! It’s going to be a good day.

Good Night!

P.S. I got my courses registered for College.  My schedule is going to be busy but fun.

1, 2, 3… Words!

Work was great.  I worked Men’s and Women’s today and made a killing (not that I get commission or anything.  I just sold a lot of stuff).  Tomorrow the new Fall Transition Line (or just Fall line) shows up! I can’t wait to see what new and exciting things they have in store.  

I’ve decided to wear the turquoise shirt with a pair of dark wash jeans and black shoes.  I was going to buy white pants but decided against it.  What if some drunken homo spills their bottle of Rev on me? It’ll look like a Smurf tried to jenk me.  Or if it’s the red flavor, it’ll look like I had a period.  Not cool.  Therefore, jeans all the way!

Off I go!