The Shorts Dilemma

How do the gays do it? How do we buy shorts that look good? I’m having such a hard time trying to find a pair of shorts that doesn’t have yards of excess fabric around the legs and crotch.  I’m not saying that I want tight shorts, but I would like it if I could not be able to shove 3 legs inside a 28 waist pair of shorts.  I’m hoping that it will be mild enough out tomorrow that I can get away with wearing jeans.  Jeff is going to come shopping with me tomorrow so I can find a pair of shorts.  Never hurts to have another pair of gay eyes helping you shop.

Tomorrow and Sunday I will be driving around Toronto (all pedestrians will tremble before me) and doing a promo for Rogers.  I am a little scared of driving in downtown TO.  I’m more scared of getting lost.  I don’t have the GPS on me because my father and my brother took it on their fishing trip to some random lake up north.  I’m Google Mapping everything in sight to make sure I don’t screw up tomorrow.

I visited a few palliative care centres today and I have a gig at one Independent Lifestyle Condo thing.  I’ll be performing on the piano (no microphones = no singing) on July 11th at 3.  If they like me, they’ll hire me and I’ll perform weekly and get some money.  But it’s no full time job.  The search continues…

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