The Katima-End, The New Beginning

Katimavik officially ended for me on June 4th, 2008 at 1 PM when I walked in the door of my house.  I had the same feeling when I left as I had when I arrived.  It didn’t hit me that I was finished Katimavik until I was walking in Toronto about to get on a subway.  I walked on and expected a rush of 10 people to follow me, but it didn’t happen.  That’s when I knew I wasn’t in Katimavik anymore.  

I can eat meat again (went vegetarian and later vegan while in the group because there was so many vegetarians in our group), I can get up at a reasonable time and not worry about managing a house (as much as I used to).  I can sleep in a Queen sized bed and on real honest-to-goodness mattresses without hearing a certain person snore! I don’t need to worry about getting sick because there’s another person in the house that is sick.  I can make more money than just $3 a day.  My life is not jam-packed with stuff to do.  I actually have time to sit and think about things.  I do miss having 10 people around me all the time though.

My mother has said to me that I should turn this blog into a book (and write more information in it… I’m looking at you, Stonewall trimester! There’s no posts in May!) and I think it’s a lovely idea.  It will definitely take time, but we’ll see how far it goes.  I have a lot of stuff going on right now in my real life.  The sooner I write it, the more fresh in my mind it will be.  

So far, my time has been spent job hunting.  I applied at a few clothing stores and I’m applying to a palliative care centre tomorrow.  I currently work as a promotional model in Toronto, which is really exciting.  I had a Polar Ice Vodka promo (that was last year, but that’s the uniform I wore except it’s now a tie instead of a bow tie) last Saturday at a classy resto-bar and it went very well.   I had a successful interview at Le Chateau Men’s Wear (I’m going to lose all of my paychecks if I work there) and they’ve sent me to a Ladies’ Department but I have yet to hear back from them.  I made some connections at Club Monaco and I’ve yet to hear back from them either.  

It’s funny, a bunch of people that used to be at Banana Republic (where I worked last year) all migrated to Coach (the store with amazing bags and $800 trench coats.  When one person left, I guess a few others followed suit.  I’ve pulled some strings there and a friend of mine is opening a new store in Square One in late July and he said that he would keep me in mind (thank you thank you thank you).

I was planning on performing at a restaurant, but that has turned out to be a bust.  The woman I keep trying to call never picks up. I’m thinking I’m gonna go down there and just start playing the piano and be all, “This is what you’re missing!” and then take my jar full of tips and leave.  Of course, I can’t get tips because I think they think I’m under the impression that I would do it for free (I love volunteering, but I’ve done that enough and I need money).  I know that Sassafraz has a piano… maybe they’ll take me in?

Speaking of music, I’m applying for busking license in August. It’s a competition/audition of sorts to be able to busk in Toronto.  I’m writing music and getting my songs together for that.  It makes sense that it would be an audition situation considering that Toronto is so large and touristy.  They need good musical representation.

Katimavik wanted me for an interview for being a Project Leader and I turned them down. School is my priority, and PLing is a full time job.  Maybe later on in life I’ll do it, but I am Katima-full right now.  FSWEP keeps bugging me, but to do jobs for them I would have to move (and not get my living covered by them), and I’d rather stay in Toronto right now and enjoy life.

Onto the new stuff.  I am now the owner of a MacBook, an iPod Touch (I’ve given my Dad the iPod Nano I got for Christmas as a Father’s Day present) and a Canon printer.  The last two items came with the MacBook (mail-in rebates… now I play the waiting game to get my money back) and I’ve never been happier (I’ve already got a printer, I’m selling the Canon one on eBay and the iPod Touch is AMAZING).  If you remember from a previous post, I said I would get a MacBook Pro.  I decided on the MacBook because I don’t need that much power for what I plan on doing.  I just need enough to do creative things (record songs, maybe play some games, word process) and I’ve found that in this laptop.  When I get another job in the mix, I plan on buying some recording equipment.

You have probably noticed the new look on my blog.  Since Katimavik is over, I decided (to quote Anna Olsen) to “switch it up” and make some cookie ice-cream sandwiches out of these cookies we just made change my layout to show a new chapter in my life.  So I’ve come up with the title “Not Killing Time, Just making it entertaining”.  When you read a blog, it’s not only a glimpse into someone else’s life, it’s also a time filler.  You have a few minutes, you check your blog.  You send a quick wall post on Facebook.  You finish off a reply you’ve been thinking about for days and e-mail it.  The web is a time killer, but hopefully it will be satisfying and not just mindless wandering.  I’m writing not just for me, I’ve got an audience and I hope that whoever reads this blog will enjoy what they read (or not.  Can’t have it all).

The photo that you see in the header is me, twice.  Here is how I got photo that you see on my blog.  The picture was taken by Eliane one day when we were working at Propulsion in Montreal.  I liked that photo so much I doctored it a little and made it arty (as you can see in the photo).  That mirror is in the elevator of Propulsion and it translates into “Here is the person who is responsible for your security”.  Pretty effective.

In addition to a new layout, I added a new widget: the meebo Message Board! Leave me a message and I’ll leave you one too.  You don’t need to sign up, just type in what you want to say and say it and I’ll reply on the board.

For my next post, I shall write a long overdue -Ing Thing and continue with “Random Things About Me”.  Stay tuned tomorrow! Speaking of tuning, a piano tuner is coming into the house in the morning to fix my baby.  It hasn’t been poked and prodded since the summer of 2005.  I’m looking forward to watching the process and having a perfectly tuned piano again.  Hmmm… piano tuning could be a job for me too…


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