What I think about when I drink white tea

9:30 PM
Sitting here waiting for an half hour to pass is killer. Kind of need to go to the washroom too.  It’s funny, walking into the gay version of stores and shops.  You can feel all the eyes check you out.  Does everyone feel that way? Like you can feel the stares of lust or curiousity when you go places? Even as I type this, there’s an Asian guy checking me out.  Trying to act like he is not.

I’m sitting below a leaf-haired, sexualized Bob Marley painting.

I met a gay biker/soccer player a few minutes ago.  He’s going to bike from Toronto to Montreal for AIDS.  Pretty amazing.  “Where does the soccer part come in?” you ask.  Well, he also is apart of the gay soccer team.  They will be playing on a rooftop during Pride. His name is Simon.  It’s amazing what humans can do (that sounded a little Bai Ling, earthlings).

I don’t think this white tea will ever cool down, which is good, because I have to kill time. The barrista was nice enough to add in ice and some shots of (I think) lemon or vanilla.  I sucked it back pretty quickly after.

12:30 AM
The Polar Ice Vodka promo went really well, except when I mis-calculated a step and spilled a few samples.  Whoops! I worked with Leah and Kyle.  Kyle’s a writer (he has completed two novels and currently writing a liberetto for an opera called The Lionheart) as well as an actor and Leah is a crazy cat lady (and just awesome). They’re really cool people.  I was invited to go to the Harbourfront after work, but I’m visiting friends tomorrow in Cambridge.  Too bad, but I’m sure I’ll see them again.  Things to remember for next time:
1. Meet your contacts outside the establishment.
2. Wax instead of shave.
3. You can whatever you want to the destination as long as it’s classy (which I am always)

I really like promotional modelling a lot.  It’s easy, social, and so much fun! I’m very fourtunate that Reef Moxie picked me up.  I also like that I have time to write my blog entries while taking the subway home on my iPod Touch.

That’s all for now!

One thought on “What I think about when I drink white tea

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