Two Weeks Ago

Two weeks ago, I spent a Saturday being cultural and interesting. Nothing says cultural like going to the Museum of Manitoba and checking out the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Nothing says interesting like Rolo Hot Chocolates, bathrooms, tour guides, and frozen cheesecakes. I’ll explain what everything means as I go along.

For breakfast that morning I had the butt of a loaf of bread (the part that no one eats, but is perfectly fine if you toast it). As I learned later on in the day, it was not enough to defend my stomach from the impending doom that was to wreak havoc on my digestion system. We piled into the Katima-van at 10 AM and drove off to Winnipeg for the museum.

Along the way, our Project Leader decided to get gas at the re-opened Co-op. A few participants and I jumped out of the van and walked into the store to discover a Van Houte Hot Beverage Dispenser with lots of Flavour shots to shoot in at will! I was having flashbacks to my days at University of Windsor when edited the Residence Yearbook and I frequented the 7-11 for Monster energy drinks and Hot Chocolate with loads of cream, vanilla shots and chocolate chunks. We all paid for our drinks and snacks and then piled back into the van. As we were driving to Winnipeg, I felt fine. When we got out of the car and saw the Steinbech group, I felt fine. As soon as I walked into the Science exhibit, I did not feel fine.

My Rolo Hot Chocolate with a whole lot of extra sugar fixings was killing my stomach in a way that can only be described as a thousand pointy needles poking from the inside out. I toughed it out before the guided tour of the museum began, but soon after I had to leave for the washroom and sit for 45 minutes. Nothing came of it, but I did miss out on more than half of the tour (which would later work out to my advantage). My PL found me and I drank some water and we searched for the group.

We caught up with the group and I walked around with them for the rest of the tour. The tour guide was very informative and had quite the wit about him. When the tour finished, he told me that he was doing another tour and I was invited to come along. I told him that I would be there because I really wanted to learn about the history of Manitoba. For me, Manitoba is a link between Ontario and the Prairies. I didn’t know much about it until after that day. I quickly ate a vegan brownie and ran off to join the next tour of the museum.

The next tour group had only 3 people: the tour guide, Eli (who wanted to do a part of it again to make sure she understood everything, being French and all), and I. We walked through the exhibits, he pointed out the interesting articles and stated facts that I wouldn’t of known if I had not done the tour (did you know that the coloured pieces that are seen on Aboriginal outfits are actually porcupine quills? I most certainly did not). Since it was just us 3 on the tour, we got to ask more in-depth questions about the exhibits. We had a brief discussions on the Nonsuch, the Northern Lights, and Aboriginal Art. Eliane left the tour to go check out the Planetarium and catch up with the group, so we continued the tour, just the two of us.

We talked about Universities, interests, the exhibits, future careers, and other fun things.  At the end of our tour, an emergency exit was opened by accident and set off the alarm.  So I left the exhibit area while he found the source of the problem.  As I was walking towards the lobby, I saw a comment card box and I had an idea: I would get him to write down some of the things we talked about and we would exchange e-mail adresses.  So we did just that.  We have been co-responding by e-mail since then, and having very witty conversations about many random topics (our e-mails have gotten quite long too… it makes me want to turn it into a memoir).  We decided to go on have coffee on Friday, which I will discuss in a later post.

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra was amazing! The hi-light of the evening was when a violin soloist played with the orchestra for Bartok’s Concerto.  It was very intense and dramatic.  I loved every second of it.  The pre-show talk was interesting as well.  The conductor and a violinist (who is also a radio host) discussed the musical pieces of that night and they were very into what they were talking about.  So passionate and expressive in what they love.  A fantastic way to end the day.

On Sunday, I woke up at 8:30 and made Vegan Pancakes. The batter looked phenomenal, all fluffy and chock full of maple syrup goodness. The finished product however, did not look so fantastic. I blame this on the pans that are in the Katima-house, not on my ability to flip a pancake (which I am good at. Yet not as good as my chef Brother Bot #1 who can not use a spatula to flip). They are all garage sale hand-me-downs and warped from too much use. I eventually settled on using a cast-iron skillet to get the job done, and all was well.

Until we had our House Meeting.  It was a 3 hour house meeting that I ran and tensions ran high but ultimately it was a productive meeting.  The most tense moment was when we were discussing what to do with Earth Hour.  One hour a week, we turn off the power in our house to be more eco-friendly.  We used to have the power turned off on Friday, but some people didn’t like having it then because they wanted to relax after work.  Another issue with Earth Hour was how it was to be spent: alone, or with the group? It became clear after the discussion that it would be a personal choice, unless an activity was to come up that we would all agree to take part in.  We decided to move the Earth Hour to Monday in order to allow the group to have free time on Friday.  After this incident, we all learned that we needed to listen to one another (even more than usual) in order to avoid the pain of a 3 hour meeting.  I feel that some people in our group need to hear themselves speak or to say what has already been said in their own words.  If everyone understands each other, there should be no reason to reiterate what someone else has said, unless it is to review what was just discussed.

On Sunday we did a tour of Stonewall.  Here’s a slideshow dedicated to just that. Enjoy.

I have a lot more to write about, but that will come later on.  I’m sorry I’ve been procrastinating.  My blog is back.

One thought on “Two Weeks Ago

  1. Peter Southall says:

    That bell was wrung at 9 0clock every night and if you out past then you had to deal with the cops. what possessed you to go to stonewall anyways? I grew up there and couldnt wait to get out and now i want to go back, truly friendly there forsure. I used to cut the grass in half of those churches pics you took. Ie never been to church:) kinda funny in a town with so many churches.

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