I resurrected my Zire 71, and now my photo function works again! I guess when you don’t use it for a year, it crashes and then reboots itself. When I used to use the photo ability, the screen would freeze and I would always have to soft reset my Palm. Not anymore! So, in celebration I give you a photo post! (In medium size. Click on the pictures if you want to see it all a bit bigger).

Me at a window, not photoshopped at all.

This is me at a window. I did not “shop” this in any way. I just happened to be near a window. I guess being gay also makes rainbows appear, doesn’t it.

The laptop of scribbles

This is the laptop I work on. As I have mentioned before, this laptop was given to me by my room-mate. He doodled all over it, but now the cave-man style sharpie has faded into a blog writing machine. “Why is the screen black?” you ask?

The Monitor and the Laptop.  BFF.

Because it is hooked up to the monitor of the Katima-house. The participant computer is so slow and tedious that we all just use our laptops and the internet cable to use the computer. I use the monitor because this laptop’s screen has a tendency to shut off every 5 seconds.

Now for a tour of the Katima-house!

When you leave the computer room, you come to this:

The room with the yellow chair in it is the room we just came from. The blue room with the clothes hanging is (you guessed it) the laundry room. Our washer leaks a little. If our dryer and the Montréal dryer were to get into a fight, this dryer would win, hands down. The dryer in Montréal had a make-shift clothes hanger that we used as a handle and it didn’t always dry our clothes. To the left of the laundry room is…

The Downstairs Bathroom

The downstairs bathroom. I like this bathroom better because of the stall style of the shower. But the upstairs bathroom has something that this bathroom does not. We’ll get into that in a bit.

Top of the Stairs to ya!

This is the stairs that leads down to the downstairs. If you look in the room in the bottom of the stairs, you will find the Project Leader’s computer and a bunch of musical instruments, such as:

The Nintendo Organ I Must Steal

The Nintendo Organ! It’s so awesome. I love it to death. I plan on stealing it when I get home.

The Accordion

The Accordion! It rhymes with Nintendo Organ (kind of)! It’s like a polka party in an instrument.

Rockin\' out with my Glock out

The Glocken(Rockin’)spiel! If you want to pretend you’re in a marching band or you want to pretend you’re 5 again, play this and be transported back to that magical moment!

When you walk up the stairs, you will be in…

Kitchen sink

… the kitchen. This is the kitchen sink, with dishes that are drying in a haphazard kind of way. Here’s what you can see from the window:

The View From The Sink

That’s our Katima-van. It’s a 12 seater and missing letters. If you do an about face of the sink, you will see…

Le Menu du Semaine!

The fridge, with the menu of the week on it. As you can see, we like our short forms: D. Squares (Date Squares) , scalla(oped potatoes), rata(oulie), patate (au four et autre choses). Next to the fridge is the stove with tonight’s dinner cooking on it.

Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower Soup! It tasted pretty good. In Katimavik, we don’t buy bread. We bake it ourselves (whole wheat with extra grains all the way). Fresh bread and Katimavik go hand in hand.

A Homemade Katima-loaf

Sometimes a participant will receive counterfeit Katima-food from her work placement. Why is it counterfeit?

Counterfeit Katima-dogs!

It isn’t because of the meat (even though we all eat vegetarian meals). It is the bun that is Katima-illegal. We can make the buns ourselves (and we have. For Black Bean Burgers and wraps and loads of other baked goods) and it tastes better than the processed white bread that you can buy in stores.

If you turn to the left, you will see our dining room/living room:

Dining Room and Living Room

All of the furniture that you see in this house is donated or picked up at a Salvation Army. Katima-folk are frugal. Here’s what the kitchen looks like:

Dining Room and Kitchen

If you look to your right, you will see a hallway. This is where our bedrooms and another bathroom is located. Let’s have a look at the upstairs bathroom, shall we?

The Upstairs Bathroom

If you look closely at the tub, you will see nozzles. This is a jacuzzi bathtub AND shower. Total craziness! Sometimes in Katima-houses you will find stickers randomly placed throughout the house. Sometimes they are to remind people to compost, or to label things in French. Or they are for promoting a movie:

The Lightswitch and Jacuzzi Knob

Evan Almighty was produced with eco-friendly equipment, I think. That’s why it’s there. Or maybe Morgan Freeman just cares about the Earth. The last stop on the Katima-tour is my room:

I sleep on the bottom bunk to the left. My room-mate sleeps on the bottom bunk to the right. My room-mate was having a nap, snoring as usual when I took this picture. I have an edge over him though:

*gasp* A REAL Matress?!

I sleep on a REAL mattress! Most Katima-beds have plastic mattresses stuffed with paper in them. They are only made bearable by piling on the sheets. I, however, found a real mattress in the house. I was so happy that day.

That concludes this tour of the Stonewall Katima-house. I hope you all enjoyed it. Please enjoy the rest of the exhibits today, and be sure to take part in our weekly Earth Hour, held each Friday. We will be having a bonfire outside, featuring yours truly on the guitar. There will be more picture posts now that I have a camera that can be uploaded to the computer. Stay tuned as always.

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