Something about other people and 1-20 things about me

Sometimes the actions of other people astound me.  For example, just now, I found a book cover that my room-mate made  himself and decorated with stuff about sex rights.  On the front it says “Write for yourself, write for change”.  My room-mate is not the greatest writer in the world.  He always writes quotes that are about peace, love, acceptance, etc. and it comes across as promoting his stereotype.  My quotes are at least funny sometimes.  His hippie-ness skews his writing (and he spells the word “hippie” as “hippy”).  I learned that he plans on writing “random things that he believes in” in his book.  We’ll see where that goes.

I was reading through a blog and I found the customary blog meme “100 Things About Me”.  It reminded of me when I did that same meme a long time ago.  Too bad I can’t find it now, it would have been really interesting to compare the two.  Since this quiz has not graced the pages of this blog, I present to you my 100 Things About Me (Questions 1-20):

  1. I don’t doodle or draw all over things.  Right now, I’m using a laptop that my room-mate used to own (he was going to toss it out because the monitor didn’t work.  I fixed it by attaching a monitor cord to it) and he doodled all over the keyboard with sharpie.  I find doodling all over something makes it more ugly.
  2. I am spontaneous sometimes.  Not in the “Let’s pack our bags right now and go on a trip to Cuba for a week” spontaneous, but in the “I saw something that was so you that I just have to tell you about it and I haven’t talked to you in a while” kind of way.  I found a book sitting in the bookshelf a few seconds ago and it was Oscar Wilde’s classic The Picture of Dorian Gray.  I called Mik (who loves the book to death) to tell him that I found a copy and thought of him.  That, and to say hi.
  3. Poetry books are my guilty pleasure.  Some people have Nick Carter, others have watching bad soap operas, some may even have reading Perez Hilton (not guilty) at work, but mine is well written poetry.
  4. I am on a never-ending quest to create a wardrobe of my own that has clothes that are unique, interesting, and, of course, fashionable.
  5. Sad novels, movies, and pictures can make me tear up, but have never pushed me to crying.  Music, on the other hand, can and did, twice.
  6. If I am performing a song in public, I always make sure that I know the words the song.  There isn’t anything more embarrassing than forgetting the words to a song in front of an audience.
  7. I want to try para-sailing.
  8. If my skin was clearer, I would be insanely confident all the time.
  9. I enjoy all types of music.  I used to say that exact phrase and add in, “except honky-tonk country music”.  But then that wouldn’t be true, would it? Being here in the Prairies has allowed me to enjoy it a little.
  10. It irks me to see things spelled wrong (see earlier in the post with hippy and hippie).
  11. As I help out high-school students with their school work, I realize that their work isn’t so bad and it can be done relatively quickly if you just focus.  Why it took me two years of University and Katimavik for me to figure that out, I do not know.
  12. I yawn a lot.  When I think about yawning, or someone mentions it, it happens.  You aren’t boring me, I’m just lacking oxygen.
  13. My hands are almost always cold.  Cold hands, warm heart, my mother used to say.
  14. I was born 4 months pre-mature.  I should of been born in March, but I had other plans.
  15. Religion is fascinating to me, but I do not follow a certain one (unless Tolerance is a religion now).
  16. I know that I will inevitably become a full-time musician one day.  It is just a matter of when I have enough money to support myself while pursuing my dream.  For now though, I will be a gerontologist which is I love as well.
  17. I have seen sides of people that very few other people get to see.  I am easy to open up to and trust.  I keep confidentiality.
  18. I leave messages on phones and I am not very fond of texting (something that my parents have beat into me because texting is expensive, and words alone can be so impersonal and misinterpreted).  I would rather hear or see a person face-to-face than exchange pleasantries over the Internet.
  19. When I eat chocolate, I have to remind myself to savour the chocolate and not just bite down and finish it in 2 seconds.
  20. Sometimes I will write little witty notes on tests that I mark.  For instance, on a psych test I marked on Friday, a student wrote, “I don’t know, lol!”.  I wrote underneath, “lol, don’t write that.  It is bad form.  kthx.”

Et voila.  1-20 Things About Me.  The rest of the meme will follow in other posts.

3 thoughts on “Something about other people and 1-20 things about me

  1. Katlin Kerns says:

    Edward. I miss you, And I hope you never change. You are the most confident person I know, I don’t understand how you don’t see that. I hope your Katima adventure is still treating you well, and that maybe you have better weather in manitoba.
    Lots of Love;

  2. Edward says:

    Katie! I miss you too. Your baby’s almost 7 months along now, right? How is that going? Thanks for the confidence boost. I am super confident, and so are you. It took me a while when I was younger to become that way, but I think being friends with you in highschool really pushed me to be more confident and crazy and not care about what other people think.
    My Katima-adventure is going fantastically. The weather in Manitoba is snow but with sunny clouds. I’m hoping that Spring will rear its flowerful head soon.

    I love you!

  3. […] is the laptop I work on. As I have mentioned before, this laptop was given to me by my room-mate. He doodled all over it, but now the cave-man style […]

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