Relationships and Phones

It’s amazing what time can do in the ways of healing. Jeff and I mutually separated because our futures were going to drive us apart in the fall (school in different areas, could be another Katimavik-esque situation where we can’t see each other because our schedules conflict) and there was too much pressure looming over us when the summer arrives. I must admit that it was a bit weird to not call him every night last week (we agreed not to so we could have room to breathe), and now that we are calling each other again, everything is fine. We will still always love each other and now we are friends, so that’s wonderful.

Speaking of cell phones, I felt the wrath of my parental units yesterday when I opened an e-mail. My cell phone bill was ludicrously high last month ($150+). I’m not looking forward to next month. When someone runs out of exclamation points to use in an e-mail to illustrate their frustrations, you know that there is serious business afoot. The moral of my story and my high cell phone bill? Go buy phone cards, stat.

I shall finish Day 2 of the Do It Yourself Festival and talk about my lovely work placement tomorrow.

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